Organizing My CD’s….

Cleaning anything out is going to trigger memories. That’s just a straight-up fact, whether those memories are good, bad, or make you ask yourself what on earth you were thinking when you bought that thing.

About two weeks ago I decided to take a deep breath and deal with the monster hiding under my bed…three big bins of CD’s. Yes, the 90’s and early 2000’s called and want their CD’s back, but I personally love having a tangible album. Now that everything is downloaded, streamed and virtual, we have lost what it’s like to have an album in our hands and look through the booklet of art as we listen to its disc. I just don’t feel that instant gratification by simply buying a song off of iTunes. I feel as though I am missing out on so much more.

My music obsession is something I get from my father. We both love it. He is the real reason why I have all these CD’s in the first place. When iTunes came along, my mom and I began a long journey of burning each of his albums into iTunes, but we ended up losing track of where we had left off real quick. We were going through some renovations in our living room at the time and had to remove the shelves these albums sat on, so we ended up storing the albums in bins and told ourselves we would return to this project as soon as our living room was finished. That day never came.

Ever heard of the saying “out of sight, out of mind” ? That’s exactly what happened when we moved these bins under my bed.

My mom is not very into music. She can listen to the radio, hear a song she absolutely loves, yet not really care about finding out who the artist is. WHAT THE HELL MAN.

While she forgot all about the CD’s, I forgot all about iTunes. I kept the CD’s in my room and started listening to them randomly with my golden CD player. I KNOW THE EARLY 2000’s CALLED AND WANT THEIR CD PLAYER BACK, BUT I LOVE IT OKAY??

I have been on a Silverchair craze this whole month and put their album, “Frogstomp” in my CD player. From there, I dug up the bins from under my bed and got to work. It took me 2 days to organize all the albums. I wanted them alphabetized by artist and album title, but I also wanted the third bin to be dedicated to just the Spanish and Country albums. That was my goal until I realized we had more rock albums than I thought. The third bin is mainly Spanish and country, but some rock albums had to go in there because not everything fit!

I came across some old favorites and wanted to show you guys them.

System Of A Down – Toxicity

I hear from many people that they listened to this album nonstop when it first came out in 2001. Everyone who said this also mentioned that they were in college at the time. Trust me, people who are in college even now, are still listening to this album non-stop.


Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Oh yeah, this is the deluxe edition! I love the art that truly went into this album. It is one of the best masterpieces of 1995. My father bought it at a CD store and it still plays as good as new without any scratches.

My Silverchair craze….I just bought their album “Freakshow” but it is in my car and I am too lazy to get it and photograph it. I am missing their album, “Diorama” and “Young Modern” but one day I’ll have them all. None of their albums sound the same. By the time you hear “Young Modern”, you have the hardest time believing it’s the same angry band you heard when “Frogstomp” came out.


I also attended River City Rockfest this past Saturday, and while Stone Temple Pilots do not have their original frontman (RIP Scott Weiland) they still managed to amaze me. I really never thought I would enjoy them so much with Scott gone, but I did. They played a lot of songs from these two albums.


Lastly, I have The Cure’s “Join The Dots” which ranges everything from 1978-2001. It has four CD’s in it and in the center there is a booklet with commentary and photos of the band. My father has ALL of their albums. Just thinking from the top of my head, we have all albums of The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Tori Amos, and PJ Harvey.



I can go on and on about my hidden gems, but then this blog would never end! Do you still have CD’s? Let me know and stay stylish!


How To Take Better Outfit Pictures

I was asked through Instagram’s, “Ask Me A Question” feature some time ago on what advice I had for anyone who wanted to start taking outfit pictures. I answered simply, but wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to how to take great outfit pictures!

Here are my top 5 tips on how to make an outfit photo shoot successful!

Be Happy! – I know you’re wondering what that has to really do with anything about making sure your photos are on point, but if you’re in a crappy mood, you’re pictures are going to show that. If you’re just not feeling yourself and what you’re doing, you’re not going to look good. It doesn’t even matter if you’re aiming to do a fierce look. There is a fine line between looking fierce and just looking like you’re upset. If you want to be fierce, you have to go out there feeling good about yourself!


Practice Posing In Front Of A Mirror – You’re going to feel a little silly at first, but after doing this so many times, it really comes in handy when you’re out there in a public place and don’t have to second guess yourself in front of a whole bunch of people. I recently hung an over-the-door mirror in my room to help me practice some poses. The more you do it, the more natural you’ll feel out there.


Know Your Lighting – Natural light is the best light. This is why so many of my photos are taken outdoors. I also recommend taking photos early in the morning or around 6 p.m. Any photo taken during the middle of the day or at night can get tricky. Natural light is the way to go. It also makes editing a lot less time consuming.

Natural Light

Understand Your Clothing’s Behavior – If you want to wear something that wrinkles quickly and easily, make sure you iron it and take photos wearing that outfit first. In my photo shoots, I pack multiple outfits. I take about 4-5 outfits on the road with me and I always model the one that I know will wrinkle if I fold it and pack it away for later. If your outfit looks messy and not cared for, your viewers may find that distracting and unpleasant.


Have A Good Relationship With Your Photographer – I am beyond grateful that my boyfriend takes my photos. Taking photos can already be nerve wrecking, so don’t make it harder on yourself by not feeling completely comfortable with your photographer. This will just make you feel like you have to hold yourself back. Blogging and taking outfit pictures taps into self-expression and the last thing you need is to feel like you have to hold back. If someone you know is not willing to take your photos, ask around for photographer recommendations in your local area. If you find one you’re interested in, contact them and see if by just talking to them they are someone you can be yourself around. Take a friend with you the first time you meet if that makes you feel safer. There are many photographers that are aching for someone to give them a chance and help build their portfolio.

Those are the best tips I can give anyone who wants to start taking more photos. Whether you’re interested in fashion photography, taking band pictures, or simply just want some Instagram worthy photos, these are the 5 basic things I recommend for you.

I hope you keep these 5 tips in mind the next time you are planning a photo shoot. Let me know if this helps you and thank you so much for reading. Stay Stylish!



Rainy Weather Music

I took a mini vacation, but I am back in time for another music themed blog post!

The nation has been experiencing some heavy rain with Hurricane Florence and in Texas, it is no different. We have been experiencing some road closures, floods and of course, power outages and cancellations of plans that require sunny weather. While natural causes effect our daily schedules and sometimes cause fear in our lives, the one thing that can bring us all back together and feeling okay again is music. At least, that’s what I firmly believe.

As a millennial living in this era of digital dependency, I am always making sure that my phone and iPod are charging in case the power goes out. I am perfectly fine if we lose power. I could live without TV and internet, but I cannot live without listening to music. Screw that. I remember being so desperate to listen to music that I snuck into the family car just to turn on the radio for a few minutes in the middle of a storm. Not the brightest idea, but like I said, I was desperate.

Talking about rain has everything to do with today’s blog theme which is going to revolve around my rainy day playlist. Before I get into that, the magazine I’m interning with, 71 Magazine, actually creates a Spotify playlist to go along with each issue’s theme! Our previous issue’s theme was Music, and we had a photo feature with images taken by storm photographer, Mike Mezeul II. His stormy photography inspired us to create a stormy weather playlist on Spotify! You can listen to it here

Also, do not forget to vote for us as ‘Magazine of the Year!’ Do that here

Seriously, onto my personal rainy day playlist:

Travis – Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

This song has been on repeat for me. It is my favorite rainy day song. It’s catchy, yet not mainstream and I love it. Such an underrated band to be honest.


Like A Sparrow – Smile

This song starts with the sound of thunder. No, that is not the main reason I am putting it on here. This song has a deep meaning to it. It makes you think about that one person who has changed. The rain makes us get into that trance and I think this song is perfect for that. This is a local band and I want to introduce you all to local talent! Always support your local artists and businesses!


The Lumineers – Ophelia

Watch the video. This guy is dancing most of the time and you can tell it was just raining a while ago. It kind of makes you want to do the same thing!


Blind Melon – No Rain

Have you seen the movie, Without A Paddle? Seth Green, Dax Shephard and Matthew Lillard star in it and it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. I always watch it when I need a good laugh. This song plays when they are remembering the good ol’ days. When the weather is making me feel super gloomy, I play this song to make me feel happy again. The video is also adorable!


Violent Femmes – Color Me Once

If you’ve seen the original movie, The Crow, you know that the film has that dark, gloomy and rainy feel throughout the whole film. In my opinion, the soundtrack matches that feeling. This is one of my favorite songs from that album. I was listening to it in my car earlier when I was driving home from work.


Silverchair – Abuse Me

This is the kind of song that would play during that movie scene where the couple breaks up and they know it’s for the best, but can’t help but want to be back into that unhealthy relationship. I included a song like that in my rainy playlist. I LOVE Silverchair.


Beck – Guess I’m Doing Fine

I had to put the live version of this. It is just as great as the album version. Beck just puts so much heart in this song. It’s a sad song, but it’s very moving and you can feel it in your soul. Enjoy.


Live – Lightning Crashes

This is one of the few songs that I hear on my local rock station that doesn’t annoy me or feel overrated. I love everything about this song. Again, there’s so much hear that goes into it. It’s one of those songs that make you stop what you’re doing and appreciate it.


The Silver Seas – Imaginary Girl

Everyone needs a catchy tune to jump in puddles to. Other than “Ophelia,” this is another song on this list you can do that to. I love the innocence of this song. This guy has written a song for his dream girl, hence, “imaginary girl.” Gotta love it.


Corey Taylor – From Can To Can’t

Corey Taylor, frontman of Slipknot and Stone Sour, was featured in Dave Grohl’s film, ‘Sound City’ and on that film’s soundtrack is his song, ‘From Can to Can’t’ and it really struck a chord with me. I only really listen to it on a gloomy day. I feel like you hear pain and hopelessness here. Still badass though!


I hope you all enjoy this blog post. I know it is bed time, but we are still expecting rain for the next few days, so consider playing my rainy day playlist or listening to the magazine’s stormy weather playlist!

Thank you for reading, stay safe out there and stay stylish!

My Favorite Guitar Players

On this day, August 27th, we lost an outstanding guitar player named Stevie Ray Vaughan back in 1990. Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of those musicians that someone would feel welcomed by if they walked up to him. He never had a negative or intimidating demeanor, but you can tell that he loved what he did. Stevie’s main guitar was a Fender Stratocaster that shows its character from years of practices, writing and performances throughout the years of Stevie’s career.


The day of Stevie’s passing inspired me to write my next music blog about my favorite guitar players of all time. Stevie Ray Vaughan is definitely one of those guitar players. Seeing him play his guitar can stop you in your tracks and forget about whatever the hell you’re going through. From the first to last strum, Stevie is able to possess your full attention. I love that he also sticks to his ol’ faithful six string versus switching between multiple guitars. There is not one dull performance of Stevie’s and he will forever be missed, but never forgotten. It is thanks to him that a lot of aspiring guitar players are playing with their own bands today.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite guitar players.

Randy Rhodes – Combine Randy’s guitar skills with the voice of the prince of darkness, and you have timeless hits that continue to shape heavy metal for eternity. 25 years is not a long life to live. It’s crazy to know how fragile life is, even for a person who plays some pretty extreme music. I am listening to Ozzy Osbourne’s, “Crazy Train” where Randy’s guitar is the rhythm any person needs to hum in order for any person to recognize it.

Image result for Randy Rhoads

Lita Ford – Do you guys know the first thing Lita Ford sings in her song, “Kiss Me Deadly” ?

“I went to a party last Saturday night, I didn’t get laid. I got in a fight. Uh huh, it ain’t no big thing.”

Ever since I heard her sing that, I had to know who she was. Lita Ford found fame as the lead guitarist in the all female band, The Runaways. Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Cherie Currie and Sandy West all in one band. Joan and Lita went on to do their own solo projects and Lita has always been a badass to me. There was just always something about her that can make any girl to want to pick up a guitar.



Carlos Santana – This is the only guitar player on this list that can cross between Spanish and English rock. I love this man. He’s the guitar player everyone wants to write a song with a collaborate with. I don’t blame the world. Carlos Santana is a generous man who loves to work with different types of artists and expand his guitar skills even more. I can’t wait to read his book. I’m sure he has had one hell of a ride in the music world and I want to hear all about it. If you’re a musician, singer, artist…working with Carlos Santana just automatically makes you cooler. Period.


Tom Morello – Rap-Rock at its best is Rage Against The Machine, but one of the most distinct things that make RATM stand out so much is the way Tom Morello plays that guitar! Wow, you would think that he was scratching records by the way that it sounds, but it is the way that the man plays those strings. It is unbelievable, but it is what has made Tom Morello stand out and fit in with RATM at the same time. He is the most unique guitar player on my list.

Related image

Darrell Dimebag – RIP Darrell Dimebag. I miss you and your spunk and seek and destroy type of attitude. You were so amazing in Pantera and one of my favorite moments in my life is standing next to a guitar signed by you at the Hard Rock Cafe in my hometown. Listening to “Piss” by Pantera helps me keep your guitar skills alive. You rule. You rock.

Related image

Synyster Gates & Papa Gates – Okay,, who does not love to see their child take on music because they were inspired by their good ol’ pop to be a rockstar? Papa Gates, father of Synyster Gates, the lead guitarist of the rock band, Avenged Sevenfold. That’s right, we would not have Synyster Gates if it wasn’t for Papa Gates to introduce him to the world of guitar. While Synyster Gates went off to be in a hard rock band, his father plays more blues/rock guitar. Regardless, both are amazing guitar players!

Image result for Papa Gates

Devin Townsend – Old picture, but Heavy Devy just looks the most wicked and heavy with his long locks. I dig him bald too surprisingly. Devin Townsend is a freak of nature. He went to rehab for a few years after Strapping Young Lad and came out stronger than a damn tornado with the Devin Townsend Project. He has a strong voice that can sing beautifully, yet he can scream! I wanted to also show you guys his signature guitar that he calls the Stormbender below:

Image result for Devin Townsend long hair

Image result for Devin Townsend signature guitar

Devin Townsend tells us all about this guitar in this video here:


Image result for Orianthi

Holy…..that girl can shred. I have no words to describe how insane Orianthi is at guitar. She is a guitar goddess who reigns the world of rock n’ roll. You hear her and you get weak in the knees. You hear her and you can’t turn away. You hear her and you are literally blown away. Wow. I am going to leave this video of her with Steve Vai here:

I hope I did not upset anyone for not mentioning Jimi Hendrix, but I also didn’t mention a lot of other guitar players. I am just sharing with you guys my favorite guitar players that pop into my head first and that I have loved and admired for a very long time already. Feel free to comment some of your favorite guitar players! I am all ears and would love to know some of your personal picks!

Thank you so much for reading and stay stylish!

Underwear Every Woman Needs!

Beauty is difficult to define because it’s highly subjective. I’m sure we’ve all heard that a person can look beautiful on the outside, yet be ugly on the inside. Although we may all have our own opinions on what makes a person beautiful, I fully stand by the fact that a person’s physical appearance can only go so far if they possess a rotten soul. This got me thinking about the clothes we buy, and how much we pay attention to how our clothes look on the outside, but always neglect what stands between us and our beautiful clothes….yeah, our underwear.

Today is going to be a blog post all about the types of underwear every woman needs! I never thought I would write about how serious it is to have the right type of underwear, but today is the day!

Go to your closet and think about your personal choices for a minute. Is there a certain trend that you are seeing in your closet? Do you own a lot of clothing in the same color? Are most of your clothes more flowy or form fitting? Make a mental note, and now go look inside your underwear drawer and see if you notice a lot of the same type of underwear. Are they all bikinis? Are they all briefs? Are they colorful or neutral? Cotton or lacey? Think about this.

Now be honest with yourself…does it look like the underwear you have right now has seen better days? Aside from that, do they look like they are good matches for the types of clothes you wear? If you’re not sure how to answer that, please keep reading!

I broke the types of underwear you need in 3 categories. If you wear the right underwear for the right things, you’ll be amazed by how it can improve your appearance, slim you down and benefit your personal hygiene.

The Best Underwear For Jeans

The Problem: Jeans and pants in general have earned themselves a love/hate relationship and one of the main reasons is because they make us aware that we have gained a little weight. There has been times where I have put on a pair of pants and they feel a little snug. Automatically my day is ruined and I second guess all my eating choices for the day because my self esteem just got lowered when I struggled to button my pants. Every time this happened, I would step back and look at myself in the mirror and start looking at my “hip dips” and muffin top and I would feel like my jeans emphasized that.

If that muffin top sounds like something you can relate to, I’m going to tell you that it’s not your jeans fault, it’s your underwear’s!

The Solution: Look at where the waistline of your jeans hit, and plan accordingly!

The lower the rise of your jeans, the more it looks like you have a muffin top. Stick to mid-rise bottoms and make sure that your underwear is also mid-rise!

Mid-rise bottoms sit right below the belly button, so I recommend investing in HipstersĀ  underwear. You can find these just about anywhere. I personally get mines from Target, but another great place to go is Bare Necessities. They sell all types of underwear here and I prefer them over Victoria’s Secret when it comes to underwear that is used for every day wear. Here is how Hipsters underwear sits on your hips. Hipsters underwear also covers your butt cheeks because you also want to avoid showing your panty line. My plus size readers, check out the site, Woman Within to see great underwear options.

The Best Underwear For Athletics

Cotton. If you are going to do any physical activity, please make sure that your underwear is cotton material. At this point, the fit does not matter as much as the material. This is going to get personal for a second, but it must…if you are a woman who shaves down there, you know that in-grown hairs can get bad if you are not careful when you shave. However, in-grown hairs can get worse with the help of your sweat. They will hurt more, cause an itch, and last longer!

If you are not someone who shaves there, please still make sure you wear cotton underwear. When you are working up a sweat, you still need to allow her to breathe down there. Any underwear that is polyester or micro fiber, will not allow her to breathe. This means that over time she can build up an odor that not only you will smell. I’m serious. I have been surrounded by other girls at the gym and I can smell them. I do not mean to make anyone feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, but I really do not want you to be that person.

For athletics, buy Fruit of The Loom or Hanes underwear packs that are 100% cotton. I just bought myself some Hanes ones from Target. Click to shop my personal favoriteĀ here

This image below is from Woman Within. A great cotton option for plus size.

The Best Underwear For Dresses

Is your dress form fitting or flowy?

For flowy dresses, your biggest concern is that a gust of wind is going to blow and your skirt is going to go up. Make sure that your underwear matches the main color that is on your dress and are either briefs, hipsters or boyshorts. Remember earlier how I said you need to make sure that your underwear covers your cheeks? You want to make sure your cheeks are covered when wearing any flowy skirt. I personally wear boy shorts for flowy bottoms like these from Aerie.


For form-fitting dresses, you need underwear that is light weight, a neutral color and a higher rise. This is when it is okay to wear polyester underwear. The material is thin and no one will be able to see the outline of it which will make you look flawless! This is the type of underwear that is perfect for form fitting dresses. I’m totally against spanx so this is a much more comfy and practical option. Body Toner Smoothing underwear pack was bought at Target.


If the dress material is super thin, ALWAYS wear underwear that matches your skin tone. Especially if you plan on having pictures taken. The flash will show the world your hot pink underwear that’s underneath your black dress! Don’t be that person.

I hope you all learned something today and that you keep these things in mind the next time you need to go underwear shopping. Thank you to everyone that read this far.

Happy Saturday and stay stylish!





My Favorite Spanish Artists

If you saw my picture of pan dulce on Sunday morning, that was probably a huge giveaway on the fact that soy Latina. I know my last name is not said on my Instagram, but I want you all to know that I am a Mexican American. No, I do not speak Spanish, but yes, today’s blog post will be about my favorite top 5 bands and musicians that sing in Spanish!

I love that music blogging allows me to show you all my personality more and understand a little more of who I am, so I figured that I would not only tell you all more about my music taste, but also let you all know that I am a second generation Mexican American woman ready to take on da world!

My parents and grandparents speak Spanish, so it’s no surprise that I grew up listening to both Spanish and English music. The more I get older, the more I love listening to Spanish music even though I do not understand what they are singing half the time…or all the time…ANYWAYS, here are my top 5 favorite Spanish artists.

5. Cafe Tacuba – Ruben Allbaran is an entertaining performer. I love how he gets so into what he’s doing on stage. When he sings, he feels. I love watching their live performances because it really makes me feel like I am there in that crowd watching them in their unplugged performance. Cafe Tacuba is a wacky band, you’re either going to love them or hate them. I love them, and my favorite song is Esa Noche. I even got my boyfriend into this song. Oh, and no, I do not know what is up with Ruben’s hair! Haha

4. Julieta Venegas – Alrighty, so Julieta is someone who I think has a voice that you cannot mistake for someone else’s. She found fame with her voice and accordion and I think she is such an underrated artist in the Spanish music industry. I hope to shed more light on her unique sound and hopefully you enjoy it. This is one of my favorite songs, Lento. This means ‘Slow’ in English.

3. La Oreja de Van Gogh – This band’s name translated in English is literally, The Ear of Van Gogh. If you are not familiar with the artist, Vincent Van Gogh, cut off his ear around Christmas time back in 1888 and nearly bled to death. Well, there is a band named after that! But no, they aren’t anything you would think based on their name and the infamous story of Van Gogh. This band is fronted by a woman with a beautiful voice named Amaia Montero. I always wanted to be able to sing like her. This is one of my favorite songs by them called La Playa, in English that means, The Beach.

2. Juanes – Okay, I do not remember not knowing who Juanes was. My favorite song by him is Es Por Ti. It’s an old song, but I love it! Whenever I hear it on the radio or it comes up on my iPod, I just have to sit down and enjoy it. Most songs make me want to get up and dance or um, headbang and destroy things, but this has always just been one of those songs that make me get the hearts in my eyes. Plus, who doesn’t love a man who can play guitar and be a dreamy badass? I prefer Juanes with long hair, but that’s besides the point! Hear my favorite song here:

Caifanes – Okay, these guys were like the Mexican version of The Cure with their song Viento, and at that moment, I knew that they would always be my favorite. I love just about every song by Caifanes. It is so hard to pick just one to show you guys, but the song that I am listening to them right now is called, La Vida No Es Eterna, which means that ‘life if not eternal.’ I love that their songs are catchy and just straight up rock with Saul Hernandez’s voice. A band that almost made my list was Jaguares, but then I remembered that it is fronted by the same man. He is my favorite voice in Spanish rock, the same way that Maynard James Keenan is my favorite voice in English rock/metal. Below is one of Caifanes’ live performance with their song, No Dejes Que

If you would also like to hear Saul in his other band Jaguares, listen to his band’s take on Juan Gabriel’s original song, Te Lo Pido Por Favor.

Are there any artists you like listening to? Any genres of music people may not know that you enjoy? Let me know! Also, don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading! Thank you so much and stay stylish!

Essence Cosmetics ‘I’m With The Band’ Review

Tonight’s beauty blog is a late-night read, so I will keep it short and sweet.

Tonight I will tell you all my own personal review on Essence’s ‘I’m With The Band’ eyeshadow palette. I went crazy when I saw how each of these shades were named after a song by various artists like Metallica, No Doubt, Nirvana, Oasis and so forth. The price was about $10 and Essence is a brand that does not test on animals. YAY!!!

I wore this palette all week and I showed you all 2 different looks I had with this palette on my Instagram. If you’re not following me already, find me by simply searching, alamocitysara and you will get all the beauty and fashion inspiration from me even before I post on here!

Shades from top to bottom: What’s My Age Again, The One That Saves Me, Say My Name

Image 2 (top to bottom): Hard Knock Life, Under The Bridge, Chasing Waterfalls, Wannabe, Jump Around

Image 3 (top to bottom): Where Is My Mind, Wonderwall, Don’t Speak, Best Days of My Life, Purple Rain


What I liked about this palette:

  • The shades are beautiful
  • It is easy to remove at the end of the day
  • The palette is not big or bulky
  • The palette is affordable and cruelty-free
  • 3 shades can be used as highlighter!

My critiques on this palette:

  • Certain shades look very similar when you put them on
  • Most shades cater to cool-toned skin versus warm-toned skin

I overall give this palette an 4 out of 5 stars. The reason it did not get a 5 other than my 2 critiques is that the palette did not have a neutral shade to use as a base. Enter Sandman could have been this shade, but it is super light and shimmery so it is more suitable as a highlighter or inner corner shine. I would have also liked to have seen each shade get a name from a different band. ‘Californication’ and ‘Under The Bridge’ are both Red Hot Chili Pepper songs and I wish that one of these songs could have been replaced by another band. I want each shade to have its own band. If you’re not a music junkie like me, this probably wouldn’t matter to you as much, but as a music lover, I would have loved to see more of a variety.

Shades in this image from top to bottom: Enter Sandman, Teen Spirit, Californication


Let me know if you try out this palette and your thoughts on it. My favorite shades were ‘Don’t Speak’ and ‘Wonderwall’ and I would love to hear what you all think about it as well as the looks you guys come up with while using this.

Thank you so much for reading and stay stylish!