A Short Girl’s Quick Guide To Maxi Dresses!

For a long time I did not ever, ever, ever want to wear long dresses or skirts. When I was shopping one day at NTY Clothing Exchange, I decided to give maxi dresses another try after seeing a strapless maxi dress I thought was beautiful. To my surprise, I actually liked it! This gave me an idea to share with you all the top 3 things that every short girl should think about when shopping for a maxi dress or skirt.

  1. Stick To Simple Patterns – I know that this may sound boring, but one of the reasons why short girls do not like wearing maxi dresses or skirts is because they just feel like it is just “way too much” on their small figures. You can avoid feeling this way by sticking to solids or a very simple pattern. Simple patterns do not have to be boring! Take a look at this cute and simple maxi from Fashion Novasimple
  2. Show Some Leg! Who says that maxi dresses and skirts need to hide your legs? NOBODY. Showing your legs while wearing a long skirt can actually give the illusion of longer legs. It helps when you can find a maxi dress that does this and is also available in Petite size. Heels are no brainer on making your legs look longer too, but I just wanted to share with you guys a way you can wear a maxi without worrying about heels! I like this one from Asos because it is exactly how I described, which is being available in petite size, shows off your legs, and is a simple solid. petitemaxi
  3. Do Not Forget Your Waist – Ladies, I know that sweatshirt dress looks awesome on the model, but it completely hides the shape of your body and you do not want that. Add a belt around your waist so that no one loses sight of your figure. Maxi dresses and skirts should not be hiding this! I think that this dress from Lulus paired with a belt really ties the whole look together. waist2

I am 5 ft 2 in and now I’m happy to have maxi skirts and dresses as an option. I hope that with the help of these 3 quick tips you can give maxi skirts and dresses another chance if you are also vertically challenged.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and stay stylish!


To Have Loved and Lost

“If you love something, set it free; If it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”


There are many days where I stop in my tracks and recall the day of my Quinceanera.

It rained that day, but I was so used to having rainy birthdays. I called it a curse since I had always dreamed about an outdoor party, but my special day was no exception. I am the only daughter in my family so my parents were willing to throw a beautiful party for me. Other than the party itself, what I enjoyed the most about it was being able to pick out all the details. I felt important.

One day my mom and I went shopping for red heels to wear with my dress and we came across a kiosk that sold jewelry sets. A set of beautiful rose earrings caught my eye and it wasn’t until I walked up closer that I noticed a matching necklace to go with it. My mom purchased the set for me since we knew it was perfect for my dress. We left the mall that day without any luck for finding red shoes, but we came back with beautiful jewelry.

I loved the jewelry so much that even after I had my special day, I would wear my necklace or earrings wherever I went. I wore mostly black in high school so I always got so many compliments when there was a touch of red. I had just come back home from school with my brother and as we were both walking through the front door, there my mom was with her arms wide open. My brother had the keys so he stepped in first and was met by my mom’s arms. I followed right after him with the mail in my hands and my heavy duty backpack on one shoulder (bad, I know) and saw my mom’s face drop when she saw me. She grabbed my earlobe with one hand and brushed my bangs behind my other ear with her other hand.

“What happened to your earring?”

I know I have big eyes, but my eyes opened even bigger the second those words came out of her mouth. I ran to the nearest mirror and to my horror, one of my dangling red rose earrings was gone.

I looked in my backpack, I looked in my brother’s car, I looked in my pockets, I retraced my steps and never found it. I lost count of how many days I looked for my missing earring in school. I would go in super early just to retrace my steps over and over again. I went to the Lost and Found area everyday and always saw new items every day. Books, jackets, keys, hats, combs, binders and everything imaginable. Many students would walk up with fear in their eyes since they knew that the Lost and Found area was their last hope. Whenever someone would be reunited with what was lost, the employees would say, “Today’s your lucky day!”

My lucky day never came.

I graduated high school. I graduated community college. I forgot about the sadness I had of losing something I loved so much from time to time. But seeing the matching necklace would make me feel sad all over again.

Here I am now at 22 years old antique shopping with my boyfriend in Boerne, TX. We entered our first store that sold manly vintage home decor. I want to get new furniture for my room and we walked in to look at some dressers. As we were making our way out, there was a corner with clothes, lotions, candles, and accessories. Being a shopaholic, I practically ran over there and started browsing. That’s when my life changed.

Okay, I’m being dramatic, but mira!!!!


The same earrings. After a few years, I was reunited with the earrings that I wore on my special day. I still love them the same way I did when I first saw them at the kiosk. I still have so many clothes in my closet that will look nice with these earrings. Reuniting with these earrings made that day one of the happiest this year.

Have you been reunited with something you lost?

Is there something that you have lost that you wish you will one day find again?

Let me know! Stay stylish.




My Experience With Swimwear

Fashion bloggers keep up with all the seasons and the trends that go with it. If you follow fashion bloggers on here or on any other social media platforms, you may see the topic of bathing suits creeping up on ya. Love it or hate it, people are going to be talking about it. I guess today is my turn.

I am going to get personal. I am not the tallest girl. In fact, my height is about 5 ft 2 in and I am a dress size 6. I know that there are women out there that would be completely confident walking out in a two piece swimsuit if they were my size, but the truth is, I am still that girl who refuses to take off her swim shorts whenever she goes to the beach or pool. While fashion bloggers are strutting their stuff at the beach, I will be walking right next to them in swim shorts! Proudly.

Here is the thing, I am happy with my body. No, it is not the fittest and I am not at my target goal, but I refuse to ditch my swim shorts. I went to the pool with some friends this past Sunday and I need to be honest, if my boyfriend was not with me, I wouldn’t have ever taken off my swim shorts. In the almost 3 years we’ve been together, I think this was our second time going swimming. The last time my family and I went swimming was in Port Aransas about a year before Harvey hit. I remember wearing my two-piece swimsuit underneath swim shorts and a Guitar Hero t-shirt that I did not take off the entire time we were there. I have had my bathing suit since I started high school. Yeah, and it still looks good as new since it has been protected from the sun all these years.


Swimwear is meant for swimming. It’s a plus if you look good in it, but it is also not the end of the world if you’re not completely comfortable in it. This is why I want to introduce you guys to some swim shorts that I am LOVING right now!

  1. SwimOutlet.com has some really good swimshorts if you are tired of seeing nothing but black swim shorts and really want a brighter color, I recommend the Sporti Active Swim Short Bottom  because they have a tie around them for waves at the beach and they range from size XS-XL. Here is what the bright blue color looks like. They are on sale right now at $16.99-$19.95 from $26 and have a 4.5 star rating. It’s no wonder that they are a best seller.swim 1
  2. Also from Swim Outlet is a good option if you really want black swim shorts that are a little longer in length is the Speedo Women’s Vaporplus Swim Short Keep in mind that longer length shorts may be pricier simply because the product requires more material. These are on sale for $34 from $69-$72 swim 2
  3. I really like the way that the colorful bands on the hip area pop out in these shorts I found on JCPenny’s website. They are the Free Country Swim Shorts on sale for $23.52 from $49 right now. These are also available in plus size for $25.92 from $54! If you cannot find the size and color that you want, these shorts are also available at Kohls for $29.99. swim 3
  4. If you are yawning at the shorts that I’ve been showing here, I am looking at these two shorts from Roxy.com because I am moving my way from trunk-like shorts to shorter shorts. I am hoping that one day whether my boyfriend is there with me or not, that I will be completely okay in walking around in swim bottoms without shorts covering them! 

I know there are many ways to be at the pool or beach sporting a much more covered up swimsuit, but I have no experience with swim dresses or swim covers so I’m not credible enough to mention them in this blog. However, I do know what it is to be the only girl wearing swim shorts at the pool party. To be ragged on by friends to “lose the trunks” or be welcomed by silly chants with fists in the air saying “take it off! take it off!” To not being able to free myself away from the fear of my swim bottoms being taken off by the ocean’s waves. To wear swim shorts simply because I didn’t like my thighs. To wear swim shorts because I couldn’t break away from being just one of the guys (I grew up with nothing but guys so transitioning from a tomboy to the girly lady I am now was rocky).

I also know that other women out there may have gone through this too and have their own reasons why they gravitate towards swim shorts. Security? Comfort? Cellulite? I hear you, because I have listened to my mom and tias (aunts) talk about that so, so much. Whatever your reason, swim wear is meant for swimming more than it is for fashion. There are many beautiful options for one piece and two piece bathing suits, but I also want to keep things practical here. I want to be able to actually get in the water and not worry about sequins falling out, or my boob slipping out, or the material getting bad. That’s just my opinion. If you want to rock your swim suit and lounge around looking great at the beach, go for it. No one is here to stop you. In fact, we admire you!

I hope this post wasn’t long and boring for you all, but I know that not a lot of bloggers are going to give much attention to swim shorts so I decided to do something about that!

Stay safe at the beach/pool this summer and stay stylish!


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Updated Hair Care Routine

A week ago I went to get my hair touched up and if you’ve been following me for a while, you understand that since I have a darker red color, my hair will look brunette whenever I take photographs indoors. Some of my followers were asking me if I had let go of my red locks and went back to my natural hair color. NEVER.

After taking pictures and snaps with my hair in sunlight, it was obvious that my red locks were still on and looking better than ever now that I have an updated hair care routine! This blog is going to be dedicated to telling you all about a new product I have been using that has really worked wonders for my hair and it is currently on sale at Ulta right now until June 2nd!

Here are some basic things about my hair care routine that have made a very big difference for the overall health of my hair:

  1. Cutting an inch off when I go to the salon as opposed to just a trim.
  2. Wearing caps and sunhats outside. The sun will definitely fade red hair.
  3. Using a heat protection spray before curling or straightening
  4. Combing my hair BEFORE I shower.
  5. Putting conditioner at the ends of my hair first and then shampooing my scalp.

I’m not going to lie, I rarely wear my hair natural. If you want an idea of what my hair naturally looks like, just look at this picture of Eddie Vedder 

Anyways, I want to talk about that new product that you can get on sale at Ulta right now that has really helped the lifespan of my red hair last way longer in between salon visits!


Joico is a hair care brand that specializes colored treated hair. It is the perfect brand for anyone who may have alternative hair colors such as red, blonde, pink, purple, blue, green…you name it! Ulta’s sale on these products which is normally $16.99 per bottle, is on sale at 2 for $20!

Here is how I use this product: I wash my hair every 4 days, so generally twice a week. Every other wash is with this shampoo as opposed to my Sexy Hair Shampoo which is also on sale for 2 for $20!

The reason that I only use it every other time is because the Joico shampoo is very strong and can sometimes dry out your hair if you use it too frequently. You have been warned! Whether you have red hair, purple hair, pink hair or rainbow colored hair, really think about investing in this brand. It has not let me down and my hair is really looking more vibrant than ever!

It is always a good thing to adjust your hair routine as the weather changes and since we are about to go into much hotter weather and endless days with a happy yet merciless sun, I thought it would be a good idea to blog about an update summer hair care routine. I also want to quickly mention this hair sunscreen I am trying right now that has impressed me so far: Sun Bum’s 3 in 1 Leave In Conditioning Treatment. It is a spray that really works wonders and yes, this brand sells skin care treatments. All their products smell heavenly and I am really obsessed with this brand!



That’s all I have for you guys, let me know what you think of this post and I just want to say, have a great weekend and stay stylish!



Grand Opening + Discount Code!

Yes. I have my very first discount code ever!

You can thank Lenette’s Shop + Sip Boutique for that!

Right in the home of Helotes, TX is this beautiful treasure where you can shop and even enjoy a some wine. Lenette’s Shop + Sip Boutique just had its grand opening this past Saturday and I was invited to come check it out along with other local bloggers. Starting at 6 p.m. was the ribbon cutting ceremony and I was honored to be a part of the experience. Although my live video I did through Instagram has expired, I did take a lot of photos so I can show you all the beautiful decor that was inside the shop and the apparel waiting inside.




This boutique was so gorgeous and everyone was so welcoming. It was a bit intimidating going by myself, but a lot of bloggers attended independently and once I started talking to them, I felt better about being there. I snapped a few pictures before the big rush came in and I ate about 3 different cupcakes while I was there. I would have totally had more if I wasn’t being constantly chatted with and shopping around.


I had never been invited to anything like this, but it was nice to be recognized as a fashion blogger and I am so happy that there are many more exciting things happening. Since I did not know what to expect, I wanted to wear something that was trendy, yet not over the top. I wanted to be taken seriously and be approachable so I went for my gingham printed shorts that I got at Old Navy and my new denim shirt from there as well. The white heels made this casual outfit appear dressier and I topped it off with a cute pink necklace that I got from Starfish Project. It is the Sara short triangle necklace.


Aside from meeting local bloggers, I really enjoyed being able to be surrounded by fun, laughter and cupcakes. I hope that I can attend more events and continue making a name for myself. Speaking of which…

You do not have to be in San Antonio to enjoy this cute new boutique! In store or online, you can definitely use my 15% off discount code: alamocitysara when you are about to make your purchase between now and MAY 31, 2018 at Lenette’s Shop + Sip Boutique 

Get this beautiful dress at 15% off with my discount code: alamocitysara


Happy Shopping and Stay Stylish!


Shopping Spree With MomPart 2

I promised you all that I would blog about my second shopping spree adventure with my mom so here it is!

I’m not going to lie, one of the main reasons I wanted to do this was because I wanted to pay close attention to what she liked so I could get it for her for Mother’s Day. Normally I like to go shopping for her and pick a gift that I think she will like, but this time my finals ended later than usual and I didn’t realize how close the big day was already. My bad. I know this may be a cop out kind of thing to do, but my mom was all for it! Yes, I ended up admitting to her my entire plan.

We are both silly with one another and honestly, I was just going to buy her her gifts and give them to her the day we went shopping, but she decided to make things more interesting by letting me hold onto it so I can wrap it and give it to her on Mother’s Day. She even told me, “I’ll just act surprised and the boys (my dad and brother) will never know!” I honestly didn’t think my mom would be willing to play along with my plan so well. Gotta love her!

So we went to the same little shopping center since we had seen some things we liked and wanted to take advantage of our coupons and sales. Our first stop was Marshalls again because my mom had heard that they were going to be carrying some Anastasia products, but we could not find any. Yes, we were one of the first customers there that morning and we still could not find what we were looking for. Some things are just so hot that by the time you blink, they are gone!

Anyways, here is what we did find…20180512_174526-01

  1. Ross: Black Flats for $9.99 – I have been desperately needing black flats. I did that closet cleanout video earlier this year and ended up tossing my old, worn-out shoes and unfortunately this included all of my black flats. My mom always told me to never get rid of something that I do not have a replacement for. I guess she was right. Oh, and I had store credit so that’s always a great reason to visit a certain store!
  2. Old Navy: A denim top, grey jeans, and a dress- Okay, so my bill ended up being $95 which is crazy for a broke college student, but I decided to live a little and bought some things I have been specifically looking for. I know that I really don’t need more dresses but I couldn’t pass up this yellow one that was 40% off!
  3. My Mom’s Mother’s Day Gifts! – Okay, so I had more store credit from Ross and I bought my mom more makeup brushes. She has a lot of makeup and brushes, but this cute set came with a bag and it had brushes for the eyes, cheeks and face and I thought it would be a good buy for my mom. At Old Navy, I saw a dress that was hanging next to mine that I knew my mom would love because it had oranges on it. A little back story, my mom and I see lemon printed clothing everywhere. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we actually have our own orange trees in our back yard that we have been growing so oranges hold a special place in our hearts. Plus, don’t hate us…but we prefer tea over lemonade. But we love strawberry lemonade! I feel like an idiot for wrapping her gift before taking pictures of what I got her, but you can see the dress I got my mom here
  4. Panda Express: Could have been 2 plates, but it was 2 bowls- My mom and I were really hungry after our outing, and we were very close to getting plates which is 2 different meats and a side of rice or chow mein. We get to the Panda Express and see that their drive thru was closed so we were forced to order inside and take it to go. The thing is, we get inside and talked ourselves to just getting the bowls instead. We are both trying to portion control our meals more and I know we could have shared a plate, but I prefer chow mein and my mom prefers the fried rice. We took it to go because we wanted to watch a movie while we ate lunch.

We would have gone to DSW, but we still have plenty of time to use our coupon and we also just ran out of money. Yes, we always have a budget. Let’s not get too crazy!

I hope you all have a great weekend and to all my mom followers, Happy Mother’s Day! Stay stylish!




Shopping Spree With Mom Part 1

Mother’s Day is in less than one week already. I have been thinking of the perfect Mother’s Day gift and asked about 20 different moms what is it that they really want on this day that is dedicated to acknowledging them in our lives and celebrating their significant roles in our lives. According to a poll I did on my social media, moms just want to be able to spend time with their loved ones. They want to be able to sit across from their children and catch up with them. The flowers, food, and gifts are all just a plus. I started this blog by mentioning Mother’s Day because I went on a mini shopping spree with my mom the other day and wanted to share a little bit about what we saw while shopping.

So I get my bargain shopping from my mom and since she started getting more into makeup, she has also been actively searching for makeup brushes. We both get our makeup brushes from mainly Wet n’ Wild, an affordable drug store brand that sells both cosmetic products and brushes. While shopping, my mom and I went to Marshall’s because we also noticed that they also sell makeup brushes at a great discounted price.

I don’t know about you all, but I have been wanting to buy colorful makeup brushes ever since the whole unicorn and mermaid trends starting appearing. I finally got a bunch of makeup brushes and yes, I washed them before I used them. They actually work very well and I was so happy to have new brushes added to my beauty collection that were affordable and actually work!

Red Brushespurple brushes

As far as actual makeup products go, I steer clear of purchasing any of them at Marshalls. I think it’s ridiculous how they sell makeup that has been poorly protected and is in horrible condition. Yes, it’s discounted for as low as $3 but I honestly wouldn’t even spend a quarter on it.


Not only do shoppers open makeup packages and swatch them, they also drop them. Kids also touch and probably drop theses makeup palettes too. It is no wonder that after a while they look so insanely abused like the ones in the images. This doesn’t only happen to makeup at Marshalls but also lotions, bath bombs and other beauty products. My mom and I couldn’t believe how hectic the whole beauty section was. Would you pay $3 for makeup products that looked like this?

Secondly, we bought some care products for our makeup brushes. We bought some sprays that you spray onto your brush, and then rub the brush on a napkin to remove the makeup from it. It also dries insanely fast too! We purchased a makeup removing spray from IT Cosmetics and a spray from Sonia Kashuk  and tested out both of these sprays as soon as we got home. To see how they worked, follow me on Instagram and make sure you look at my stories because my mom shot a little video of me trying both of these sprays out!

We went to other stores, but did not want to purchase anything until the dates on our coupons approached later this week. We tried some clothes on and made mental notes of what we wanted to come back for and now we are eagerly waiting for our next outing together. I haven’t been out with my mom in a long time and while this only lasted for about two hours, I had a good time. With that said, I think that I am going to buy my mom’s Mother’s Day gift the next time that we go out together. That way, I know exactly what she wants and I also get to spend more time with her. I will also blog about our next shopping spree too.

What are you planning on getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments and stay stylish!