Work With What You’ve Got!

Your closet is already full of possibilities…



Work with what you've got

The Instagram fashion account of AlamoCitySara is not even a month old. Just the other day I changed my minor from English to Business. I could have graduated by next spring had I not changed my mind. However, I learned not to apologize for making my own decisions if I really believe that it is the best choice for myself. I bring this up because I have applied this state of mind to the world of fashion.

With not even a month into my fashion blogging, I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I had become with online shopping and trying to keep up in the materialistic world. I want to look just as great as those with thousands of followers, but the truth is, I am a college student who is still learning. After constantly searching for deals, figuring out how to get over my camera shyness, juggling work and school, and waking up in the middle of the night thinking of that dress, I decided that I will learn to work with what is already inside my closet. Time to get creative.

But then…the emails will show up in my inbox. Fifty-five percent off! One night only! Entire site half-off! Get it now! Sale ends at midnight! So what did I do? I would be telling lies if I said I stayed strong and deleted these emails, but instead, I went browsing to every single sale. I’m a bargain shopper. It never fails that I always get sucked into a good deal. I found the perfect gold dress for my anniversary next month on a site I had never shopped in before, it was a great deal so I happily pulled my card out of my wallet.

Then it happened.Card declined.

Initially, I do not take no for an answer, so I tried again. No luck. I checked to see how much I had, but to my surprise, the amount was sufficient enough to buy what I wanted, so why couldn’t I do it? I decided to take it as a sign that I needed to save money, but the next day I found myself trying to buy something else. Hold on, this was different…I shopped at this site before and I had been wanting that blazer for a while. I happily began to punch my card number when I got that declined message yet again. What was going on?

I eventually called my bank and they told me that there was a hold on my card due to suspicious activity. My heart sank.

We got it all figured out and I was able to surpass the hold, but even though my card was okay to use, I still didn’t go back for that dress or that blazer. After all the trouble, I realized it was not worth it and that I will not online shop until my next pay day when I felt that I deserved it. I got off the internet and turned my attention to my closet. I am now pleased to say that I have come up with more outfits, have taken more photos, and am happier working with what I’ve got instead of obsessing over online shopping.

My closet is full of ideas. Some people will say that it is not enough, but it’s what I’ve got.

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