My Updated Skin Care Routine

Don’t you hate when your skin looks greasy or too dry? Me too.

My skin usually begins to feel different when the weather changes. When it is warm outside, my skin gets greasy. When it is cold, my skin dries up. It does not matter if you have oily, dry or combination skin, you are probably familiar with the tosses and turns of skin care when the seasons come and go. I wanted to blog about my skin care routine in the summer and the changes I have to make on rainy days.

We have been getting some rain here in Texas. If you’re unfamiliar with Texas rain, it is the kind of rain that lasts for about 45 minutes and completely comes out of nowhere full force. After it stops, the sun appears and it makes hair frizz, makeup melt, the air hard to breathe in, your glasses develop a thick layer of fog and you pretty much just feel nasty the entire time. Sometimes the humidity is so horrible that we even feel sticky indoors and showering only resolves that sticky feeling for so long.

I am going to break down my skin care routine by morning, makeup, and night time. As you read along you will see what my skin goes through daily.

In the Morning

The first thing that I have been doing since the beginning of summer is simply drink a cup of water. The more water you drink, the better your skin will look and feel.

Secondly, I visit the bathroom to rinse off my face with luke warm water. I do not use any products yet. From there I brush my teeth and once I rinse off the toothpaste from my tooth brush, I brush my lips. The reason I’m mentioning lips is because lip care is skin care too. The skin on your lips is one of the most sensitive parts of your skin so do not neglect them if you are looking to improve your skin! Once I gently brush my lips, I rinse off my toothbrush and apply lip balm by Sun Bum. My personal favorite is the watermelon one. Oh! and it has SPF 30.

lip balm

Once I do my basic wash up and finish checking my emails, I do my morning workout routine. I have heard that sweat is supposed to be good for your skin, but now that my workout routine is making me sweat more, I noticed that I was starting to breakout like crazy. Here are some things that helped me fix that issue:

First, always make sure your hair is off your face. If you have any type of bangs, you know that sometimes your hair frees itself at the worst possible time during your ab routine. Bobby pins with ridges and elastic headbands with teeth for grip are your best bet. Hair mixed with skin produces unwanted oil. When that oil develops pimples, trust me, it takes forever for that pimple to go away.

Secondly, after I would workout, I would want to hop in the shower right away. Do not do this. Cool down and let your skin wind down with your body temperature. One of the ways I physically react to working out is that my blood tends to rush to my face and make me appear super red. I am not light complected, but despite my medium toned skin, rosacea still runs in my family and there’s nothing I can do to change that. I allow myself to cool off for about 10 minutes and drink water. I also do not just let the sweat sit on my skin, I get a small towel and gently pat off the sweat. Finally, I get in the shower and use Burt Bee’s Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin (with cotton extract). It would take forever for me to wait for the redness in my face to go away completely, so I use a cleanser that is gentle. This cleanser is also great if you have eczema.

facial cleanser

After I get out of the shower and fix my hair, I apply 2 drops of No. 7’s Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil and let it sit on my skin for a few minutes before adding foundation.

This is what I do every morning. My makeup routine is the only thing that changes depending on the weather. In this blog I’m just going to be showing you all what I do when it’s raining and humid and when it is sunny.


For rainy days, the foundation I use is Stila’s Stay All Day Foundation. My shade is Honey. This lightweight foundation has good coverage and it never makes me feel or look cakey. The foundation has a matted finish and even if I am going through a humid day, hardly any oil or grease forms on my skin with this foundation.


For sunny days, I grab a powder foundation and the one I use is Kat Von D’s Lock-It Powder Foundation. I am shade 53 and what I love about this option is that the powder has great coverage and I never feel the need to pack any little oil absorbent wipes with me the whole day. This foundation looks like foundation with translucent powder on top for the entire day. Give it a try if you are curious about powder foundation.

Powder Foundation

As a setting spray, I use Milani’s Make It Last and I am in love with it. I do not use this spray daily, but I always use this spray to top off my makeup look when I know I am going to do a photo shoot. I feel like this spray brings the look together and gives you that healthy looking glow. It’s also very affordable and you can put this on rain or shine.

Setting Spray

If you ever want to be extra glowy in your photos and the weather is bright and sunny, I recommend mixing some of Josie Maran’s Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer with your foundation or using it as a high lighter. The pump releases quite a bit of product, but you can also use a little of this on your chest or of the top of your shoulders if you are wearing an off-the-shoulder or strapless top. I think this really adds that beautiful glow to your skin.


Night Time

Okay, now that I have to remove my makeup, the first thing that I usually like to remove is my mascara. I usually put lots of mascara on because I love the long lash look, yet hate using false lashes. I use coconut oil to remove my eye makeup first and my favorite one to use is Vita Coco Coconut Oil

I love that this oil does not feel harsh on my skin and never gives me that stinging feeling like makeup wipes with alcohol would. Plus coconut oil smells so really good and softens your skin after a long day.

coconut oil

If my skin feels super dry, I will apply more of No. 7’s replenishing oil, but if I feel okay, I will end my day with a face cleaned by coconut oil and some more lip balm on my lips to help me recover from wearing that matte lipstick all day.

If you read my skin care routine this far, thank you so much for your support. I love being able to enlighten others about style and beauty. I am thinking of also blogging about music too since it plays such a huge role in who I am and I really think it will help me attract new bloggers. It is definitely on my mind!

I hope you learned something new today and yes, these products on here are all cruelty free options. I am getting used to not using any products from companies that test on animals because I do not believe that an innocent animal should have to endure experiments in order for us to have another eye shadow or lipstick option. I believe that true beauty begins by acting ethically and not bringing harm to others.

Thank you all so, so, much for reading and stay stylish!






A Short Girl’s Quick Guide To Maxi Dresses!

For a long time I did not ever, ever, ever want to wear long dresses or skirts. When I was shopping one day at NTY Clothing Exchange, I decided to give maxi dresses another try after seeing a strapless maxi dress I thought was beautiful. To my surprise, I actually liked it! This gave me an idea to share with you all the top 3 things that every short girl should think about when shopping for a maxi dress or skirt.

  1. Stick To Simple Patterns – I know that this may sound boring, but one of the reasons why short girls do not like wearing maxi dresses or skirts is because they just feel like it is just “way too much” on their small figures. You can avoid feeling this way by sticking to solids or a very simple pattern. Simple patterns do not have to be boring! Take a look at this cute and simple maxi from Fashion Novasimple
  2. Show Some Leg! Who says that maxi dresses and skirts need to hide your legs? NOBODY. Showing your legs while wearing a long skirt can actually give the illusion of longer legs. It helps when you can find a maxi dress that does this and is also available in Petite size. Heels are no brainer on making your legs look longer too, but I just wanted to share with you guys a way you can wear a maxi without worrying about heels! I like this one from Asos because it is exactly how I described, which is being available in petite size, shows off your legs, and is a simple solid. petitemaxi
  3. Do Not Forget Your Waist – Ladies, I know that sweatshirt dress looks awesome on the model, but it completely hides the shape of your body and you do not want that. Add a belt around your waist so that no one loses sight of your figure. Maxi dresses and skirts should not be hiding this! I think that this dress from Lulus paired with a belt really ties the whole look together. waist2

I am 5 ft 2 in and now I’m happy to have maxi skirts and dresses as an option. I hope that with the help of these 3 quick tips you can give maxi skirts and dresses another chance if you are also vertically challenged.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and stay stylish!

To Have Loved and Lost

“If you love something, set it free; If it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”


There are many days where I stop in my tracks and recall the day of my Quinceanera.

It rained that day, but I was so used to having rainy birthdays. I called it a curse since I had always dreamed about an outdoor party, but my special day was no exception. I am the only daughter in my family so my parents were willing to throw a beautiful party for me. Other than the party itself, what I enjoyed the most about it was being able to pick out all the details. I felt important.

One day my mom and I went shopping for red heels to wear with my dress and we came across a kiosk that sold jewelry sets. A set of beautiful rose earrings caught my eye and it wasn’t until I walked up closer that I noticed a matching necklace to go with it. My mom purchased the set for me since we knew it was perfect for my dress. We left the mall that day without any luck for finding red shoes, but we came back with beautiful jewelry.

I loved the jewelry so much that even after I had my special day, I would wear my necklace or earrings wherever I went. I wore mostly black in high school so I always got so many compliments when there was a touch of red. I had just come back home from school with my brother and as we were both walking through the front door, there my mom was with her arms wide open. My brother had the keys so he stepped in first and was met by my mom’s arms. I followed right after him with the mail in my hands and my heavy duty backpack on one shoulder (bad, I know) and saw my mom’s face drop when she saw me. She grabbed my earlobe with one hand and brushed my bangs behind my other ear with her other hand.

“What happened to your earring?”

I know I have big eyes, but my eyes opened even bigger the second those words came out of her mouth. I ran to the nearest mirror and to my horror, one of my dangling red rose earrings was gone.

I looked in my backpack, I looked in my brother’s car, I looked in my pockets, I retraced my steps and never found it. I lost count of how many days I looked for my missing earring in school. I would go in super early just to retrace my steps over and over again. I went to the Lost and Found area everyday and always saw new items every day. Books, jackets, keys, hats, combs, binders and everything imaginable. Many students would walk up with fear in their eyes since they knew that the Lost and Found area was their last hope. Whenever someone would be reunited with what was lost, the employees would say, “Today’s your lucky day!”

My lucky day never came.

I graduated high school. I graduated community college. I forgot about the sadness I had of losing something I loved so much from time to time. But seeing the matching necklace would make me feel sad all over again.

Here I am now at 22 years old antique shopping with my boyfriend in Boerne, TX. We entered our first store that sold manly vintage home decor. I want to get new furniture for my room and we walked in to look at some dressers. As we were making our way out, there was a corner with clothes, lotions, candles, and accessories. Being a shopaholic, I practically ran over there and started browsing. That’s when my life changed.

Okay, I’m being dramatic, but mira!!!!


The same earrings. After a few years, I was reunited with the earrings that I wore on my special day. I still love them the same way I did when I first saw them at the kiosk. I still have so many clothes in my closet that will look nice with these earrings. Reuniting with these earrings made that day one of the happiest this year.

Have you been reunited with something you lost?

Is there something that you have lost that you wish you will one day find again?

Let me know! Stay stylish.




Shopping Spree With Mom Part 1

Mother’s Day is in less than one week already. I have been thinking of the perfect Mother’s Day gift and asked about 20 different moms what is it that they really want on this day that is dedicated to acknowledging them in our lives and celebrating their significant roles in our lives. According to a poll I did on my social media, moms just want to be able to spend time with their loved ones. They want to be able to sit across from their children and catch up with them. The flowers, food, and gifts are all just a plus. I started this blog by mentioning Mother’s Day because I went on a mini shopping spree with my mom the other day and wanted to share a little bit about what we saw while shopping.

So I get my bargain shopping from my mom and since she started getting more into makeup, she has also been actively searching for makeup brushes. We both get our makeup brushes from mainly Wet n’ Wild, an affordable drug store brand that sells both cosmetic products and brushes. While shopping, my mom and I went to Marshall’s because we also noticed that they also sell makeup brushes at a great discounted price.

I don’t know about you all, but I have been wanting to buy colorful makeup brushes ever since the whole unicorn and mermaid trends starting appearing. I finally got a bunch of makeup brushes and yes, I washed them before I used them. They actually work very well and I was so happy to have new brushes added to my beauty collection that were affordable and actually work!

Red Brushespurple brushes

As far as actual makeup products go, I steer clear of purchasing any of them at Marshalls. I think it’s ridiculous how they sell makeup that has been poorly protected and is in horrible condition. Yes, it’s discounted for as low as $3 but I honestly wouldn’t even spend a quarter on it.


Not only do shoppers open makeup packages and swatch them, they also drop them. Kids also touch and probably drop theses makeup palettes too. It is no wonder that after a while they look so insanely abused like the ones in the images. This doesn’t only happen to makeup at Marshalls but also lotions, bath bombs and other beauty products. My mom and I couldn’t believe how hectic the whole beauty section was. Would you pay $3 for makeup products that looked like this?

Secondly, we bought some care products for our makeup brushes. We bought some sprays that you spray onto your brush, and then rub the brush on a napkin to remove the makeup from it. It also dries insanely fast too! We purchased a makeup removing spray from IT Cosmetics and a spray from Sonia Kashuk  and tested out both of these sprays as soon as we got home. To see how they worked, follow me on Instagram and make sure you look at my stories because my mom shot a little video of me trying both of these sprays out!

We went to other stores, but did not want to purchase anything until the dates on our coupons approached later this week. We tried some clothes on and made mental notes of what we wanted to come back for and now we are eagerly waiting for our next outing together. I haven’t been out with my mom in a long time and while this only lasted for about two hours, I had a good time. With that said, I think that I am going to buy my mom’s Mother’s Day gift the next time that we go out together. That way, I know exactly what she wants and I also get to spend more time with her. I will also blog about our next shopping spree too.

What are you planning on getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments and stay stylish!



My Sunscreen Picks


No matter what you wear, how beautiful you smell, how nice your hair looks and so forth, if you have sunburn, everyone is going to zero in on that. Let’s look at how Donna and Jackie figured that out…



BURN!!!!! I love that scene. These ladies are trying to look their hottest, but apparently, there is an issue with being too much of a hottie. Today’s blog is going to be all about sunscreen. I want to be able to take better care of my skin this summer and well, for the rest of my life, so I think that the best place to start is sunscreen. If you’re anything like me, you are a person who is constantly on the go. You go for that makeup that will last you all day because you need it to. You keep a pair of flats in your car in case you need to switch out of your heels later. You need the strongest hairspray so that your hairstyle can survive the whole day and you try not to let the little things slow you down.

I found 5 sunscreens that work really well and I wanted to share it with you all. These sunscreens are primarily used for your face, but I recommend applying sunscreen on your chest if you are wearing a low cut blouse and even applying some on your shoulders if you are wearing a tank top. Another important place to put sunscreen on is the top of your hands. We want our skin to look young and healthy for as long as possible, but the skin on top of your hands can also give away your age! Start protecting the top of your hands now and lets get to it!

#1 Sun Bum Face Lotion SPF 50 for $12.99 at Ulta

Yes, this is a cruelty-free product. No, that is not the main reason I recommend it. This sunscreen will not leave you greasy. I personally have combination skin and I liked the way that this product felt on me. It is very light too, so if you fear that wearing sunscreen under your makeup will make you feel and look cakey, you do not have to worry about that with this product. I recommend this mainly for those of you who may have combination to oily skin.


#2 Emme Diane Tinted Mineral Sunscreen $46 at Emme Diane

Okay, you probably want to skip to number 3 after seeing the price of this one, but if you want sunscreen you can use daily, this is it. The minerals in here are what really help protect your skin from those harmful UVA and UVB rays. I am not sure if I recommend wearing it under your makeup like the Sun Bum one, but this one is great for anyone who still wants to protect their skin, even if they are having a no makeup day.


#3 Juice Beauty’s SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen $16 at Juice Beauty

This is a very new product to me, but I have been impressed. I normally use this one right before I go running. I run around the evening time when it is about 80 degrees outside. The weather in Texas is only going to get hotter though! I wish this came in a bigger size, but I recommend this for anyone with dry to combination skin.


#4 Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen $8.31 at WalMart.

I was desparate to get a sunscreen specifically for my evening running trips while shopping at Walmart with a friend of mines and we picked up this sunscreen. She is also a college student on a budget so we decided to try this one and appreciated a sunscreen spray that wasn’t scented and stayed on a long time before we felt the need to re-apply it. She and I will buy it again. I think this spray is good to have if you are planning on going to a theme park or festival all day. Sprays are always easier to apply for days like that and since this one is unscented, you will not attract any bees!


#5 Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care $19.99 at Amazon

This sunscreen has a nice scent to it in my opinion. I liked that this one also did not make me feel greasy and that I was able to also wear this one under my makeup. This product does have beeswax in it for those of you wondering if it’s another cruelty-free and vegan product. You can also find this one at the official Mad Hippie website if you want to further look at reviews and their other products. I overall give it a thumbs up and I don’t really have any complaints about it.


The next sunscreen that I really want to try and I hear so many good things about is Coola’s Classic Face SPF30 Cucumber $32 at Ulta

I love the scent of cucumber, but if you do not, fear not! They also have this same product with the white tea scent and even an unscented option. The reason I am wanting to try the cucumber one is because I think it smells good and I also really like the cooling effect that cucumber or mint products give me.


I want to hear from you all now…what are your favorite sunscreens? Have you tried any of these listed here? Do you have a sunburn horror story you want to share? By the way, I have yet to experience being sun burned but hopefully that won’t ever happen!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and stay stylish!





Mini Makeup Haul

Wow, I prevailed another week of school. Man, I am so ready for this semester to be over with! I cannot wait to put my focus back on my blog and YouTube channel. This morning my mom and I went to Ulta to go shopping and I knew I wanted to give you all an update on how moving on to strictly cruelty-free and vegan friendly cosmetics products only and I am happy to say that I treated myself to four things today that I can add to my new and improved makeup list.

Stila: Glittery Shadow Stick in Kitten Karma

The name Kitten Karma is adorable! This is a much more glittery version that their Kitten shade and I know that I am going to have so much fun with this new eye shadow!


Anastasia liquid lipstick: American Doll

I have only had Anastasia’s brow products, but if a makeup line wants me to keep buying their products, then they really need to impress me with their lipsticks. I am a lipstick kind of girl! I love all things red so I went for a classic red shade and I love how it didn’t budge even after I ate some Mediterranean dinner! No reapplication is needed.


Essence Gel nail polish and mascara:

Even though this mascara says extreme volume and curl, it is a pretty good mascara for those of you who want length in your lashes. I think this is a very good alternative to L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara and it is very easy to apply and gets each lash coated really well so I highly recommend this mascara. I wore it all day today! The nail polish colors are all pretty, but the one I bought was in the shade Dreaming About Love. I love that it dries super fast and you only need one coat.

Although I didn’t need shampoo at the moment, Sexy Hair was having a sale on their shampoos, conditioners and sprays which is my favorite to use for my red hair so I decided to take advantage of the sale and treat myself to my favorite shampoo and a much needed heat protection spray.

I don’t normally treat myself to beauty products unless I’m running out of them, but today I just wanted to live a little and have one on one time with my mom. We all deserve girl time every now and then. What are your favorite beauty products? Leave me a comment below because I would love to know! I hope you all continue to have a great weekend and stay stylish!

My Flower Vault Experience

I started my fashion blog not even one year ago. My life before the blog never included taking any pictures or constantly thinking of places to go that would be great for photo shoots. I’m sure I’ve talked about being camera shy before on here and sometimes I still need to muster up the courage to get in front of the camera, but my fear was consumed by excitement when I saw a new hotspot in my hometown that is dedicated to taking Instagram pictures! This place became a hit in a matter of days and features 5 different rooms with flowers that people can go into and snap photos. This place looked adorable and was featured on some local news stations. You can read more about it here.

I took tons of pictures here and unknowingly encountered some other local fashion bloggers (I saw their photos on my Instagram feed and recognized them) which was crazy to say the least. I took 2 different outfits and tried to pick clothes with prints that would not compete with the floral decor backgrounds and I really liked the way the photos came out! My favorite room is the pink rose one with the chair but I think that the photos in the orange flower room (right below) had the best natural lighting. There were different people that went to enjoy this cute place. Babies, fashion bloggers, couples, bffs and families. You’re guaranteed to be asked by strangers if you could take their pictures so be kind to others and don’t be afraid to ask someone to take your photo too! This is a place a great interaction and fun for everyone!

This was also my first time in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio and it was so gorgeous! I really love exploring my hometown. It is still growing and there is always some event going on that brings people together. If I ever leave San Antonio, it would be pretty hard because I love it here so much, but life is given to us to take us places so we might as well embrace it!


flowervault4.5flowervault4Comment below and let me know what you guys think!