Interning For A Magazine!?

Even if I have not been uploading videos on my YouTube channel, it does not mean that I haven’t kept myself busy this year. I wanted to make a blog post about something that ties into my personal life because it starts an exciting chapter for me and I want you all to come along with me!

So, if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you know that I am a college student with a fascination for style and beauty and that I have been going to school to study communications. Although communications is a very broad field, I love everything about it no matter which direction I explore. I’m happy to finally let you guys know that the real reason I haven’t touched YouTube in a while is because of the demands of school (which is coming to an end this fall!) as well as the demands of my part-time job and personal life, but also my internship with a magazine!

I haven’t said anything about this because I usually keep quiet about my personal life, but I want to share with you guys a magazine that is all about the arts less traveled and that is 71 Magazine. I’m talking fashion, music, film, science and technology (yes, there is art in even the things you do not think there is!) and I would really appreciate it if you guys would take some time out of your day to visit our website and read up on any of our issues.

music issue

Today we released our music issue and singer-songwriter and musician, KT Tunstall is on the cover! I will not tell you guys the other artists featured in our issue because I want you guys to see for yourselves. It would mean so much to me if you all can go to our website during your spare time and look through our work. We are a bi-monthly, digital magazine, but if you would like, you can always order a hard copy!

Please let me know what you all think about the magazine if you get a chance to look at it and don’t forget to visit here and nominate 71 Magazine for Magazine of the Year. It is an honor just to be considered and it does not take long to register and it is FREE!!

I know I just poured a whole bunch of information at you, but I am so excited to finally let you all know a little bit more about where I’ve been and what I’ve been working on. I am not done with YouTube. I am just occupied with this new endeavor and that actually involves video editing for the magazine on top of my own personal endeavors. I will be back on YouTube as soon as I can, but until then…

I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay stylish!


My Updated Skin Care Routine

Don’t you hate when your skin looks greasy or too dry? Me too.

My skin usually begins to feel different when the weather changes. When it is warm outside, my skin gets greasy. When it is cold, my skin dries up. It does not matter if you have oily, dry or combination skin, you are probably familiar with the tosses and turns of skin care when the seasons come and go. I wanted to blog about my skin care routine in the summer and the changes I have to make on rainy days.

We have been getting some rain here in Texas. If you’re unfamiliar with Texas rain, it is the kind of rain that lasts for about 45 minutes and completely comes out of nowhere full force. After it stops, the sun appears and it makes hair frizz, makeup melt, the air hard to breathe in, your glasses develop a thick layer of fog and you pretty much just feel nasty the entire time. Sometimes the humidity is so horrible that we even feel sticky indoors and showering only resolves that sticky feeling for so long.

I am going to break down my skin care routine by morning, makeup, and night time. As you read along you will see what my skin goes through daily.

In the Morning

The first thing that I have been doing since the beginning of summer is simply drink a cup of water. The more water you drink, the better your skin will look and feel.

Secondly, I visit the bathroom to rinse off my face with luke warm water. I do not use any products yet. From there I brush my teeth and once I rinse off the toothpaste from my tooth brush, I brush my lips. The reason I’m mentioning lips is because lip care is skin care too. The skin on your lips is one of the most sensitive parts of your skin so do not neglect them if you are looking to improve your skin! Once I gently brush my lips, I rinse off my toothbrush and apply lip balm by Sun Bum. My personal favorite is the watermelon one. Oh! and it has SPF 30.

lip balm

Once I do my basic wash up and finish checking my emails, I do my morning workout routine. I have heard that sweat is supposed to be good for your skin, but now that my workout routine is making me sweat more, I noticed that I was starting to breakout like crazy. Here are some things that helped me fix that issue:

First, always make sure your hair is off your face. If you have any type of bangs, you know that sometimes your hair frees itself at the worst possible time during your ab routine. Bobby pins with ridges and elastic headbands with teeth for grip are your best bet. Hair mixed with skin produces unwanted oil. When that oil develops pimples, trust me, it takes forever for that pimple to go away.

Secondly, after I would workout, I would want to hop in the shower right away. Do not do this. Cool down and let your skin wind down with your body temperature. One of the ways I physically react to working out is that my blood tends to rush to my face and make me appear super red. I am not light complected, but despite my medium toned skin, rosacea still runs in my family and there’s nothing I can do to change that. I allow myself to cool off for about 10 minutes and drink water. I also do not just let the sweat sit on my skin, I get a small towel and gently pat off the sweat. Finally, I get in the shower and use Burt Bee’s Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin (with cotton extract). It would take forever for me to wait for the redness in my face to go away completely, so I use a cleanser that is gentle. This cleanser is also great if you have eczema.

facial cleanser

After I get out of the shower and fix my hair, I apply 2 drops of No. 7’s Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil and let it sit on my skin for a few minutes before adding foundation.

This is what I do every morning. My makeup routine is the only thing that changes depending on the weather. In this blog I’m just going to be showing you all what I do when it’s raining and humid and when it is sunny.


For rainy days, the foundation I use is Stila’s Stay All Day Foundation. My shade is Honey. This lightweight foundation has good coverage and it never makes me feel or look cakey. The foundation has a matted finish and even if I am going through a humid day, hardly any oil or grease forms on my skin with this foundation.


For sunny days, I grab a powder foundation and the one I use is Kat Von D’s Lock-It Powder Foundation. I am shade 53 and what I love about this option is that the powder has great coverage and I never feel the need to pack any little oil absorbent wipes with me the whole day. This foundation looks like foundation with translucent powder on top for the entire day. Give it a try if you are curious about powder foundation.

Powder Foundation

As a setting spray, I use Milani’s Make It Last and I am in love with it. I do not use this spray daily, but I always use this spray to top off my makeup look when I know I am going to do a photo shoot. I feel like this spray brings the look together and gives you that healthy looking glow. It’s also very affordable and you can put this on rain or shine.

Setting Spray

If you ever want to be extra glowy in your photos and the weather is bright and sunny, I recommend mixing some of Josie Maran’s Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer with your foundation or using it as a high lighter. The pump releases quite a bit of product, but you can also use a little of this on your chest or of the top of your shoulders if you are wearing an off-the-shoulder or strapless top. I think this really adds that beautiful glow to your skin.


Night Time

Okay, now that I have to remove my makeup, the first thing that I usually like to remove is my mascara. I usually put lots of mascara on because I love the long lash look, yet hate using false lashes. I use coconut oil to remove my eye makeup first and my favorite one to use is Vita Coco Coconut Oil

I love that this oil does not feel harsh on my skin and never gives me that stinging feeling like makeup wipes with alcohol would. Plus coconut oil smells so really good and softens your skin after a long day.

coconut oil

If my skin feels super dry, I will apply more of No. 7’s replenishing oil, but if I feel okay, I will end my day with a face cleaned by coconut oil and some more lip balm on my lips to help me recover from wearing that matte lipstick all day.

If you read my skin care routine this far, thank you so much for your support. I love being able to enlighten others about style and beauty. I am thinking of also blogging about music too since it plays such a huge role in who I am and I really think it will help me attract new bloggers. It is definitely on my mind!

I hope you learned something new today and yes, these products on here are all cruelty free options. I am getting used to not using any products from companies that test on animals because I do not believe that an innocent animal should have to endure experiments in order for us to have another eye shadow or lipstick option. I believe that true beauty begins by acting ethically and not bringing harm to others.

Thank you all so, so, much for reading and stay stylish!





“Grown Up Bags”

Picture this:

My mom and I are walking inside of Dillards and I spy the cutest Betsey Johnson clutch purse. What makes it so adorable is the fact that it looked like an old school camera. If you know me, I usually like to purchase clothing and accessories that make me happy when I see it. There has to be something special about it. It has to be a beautiful print or color and unique, so it’s no wonder I was drooling over a camera looking clutch.

I immediately scurried to the nearest a mirror and started posing with this quirky clutch hanging next to my right hip. My mom slowly walked her way over to me with her eyebrows raised and her arms crossed. I couldn’t help but notice and turned around to face her. This is when she said a little something like this:

“Don’t you think you have too many quirky things like that? I think it’s time you started investing in grown-up bags…”

I was confounded by her response. Clearly she did not think that this camera purse was all that great the way that I did. I want to blog about a transitional time in my fashion selection. Yes, it’s true what my mom said. I really do need to start investing in more professional bags. I really do need to start buying more blazers and slacks instead of skirts and quirky accessories…but what she said to me was such a killjoy and I honestly didn’t feel like my chirpy self the rest of the time we were at the mall.

I am 22 years old which isn’t old at all. Even though I love to look my best each day, I try to find fun ways to do it so that I never see it as a chore. When I can inspire someone else to dress up, it makes my soul insanely happy. I am not a fashion blogger that looks like she is ready to go to the office. I am not a fashion blogger that buys the latest styles and trends as soon as they come out. I look for what makes me happy and what is affordable. Often, the “grown-up” handbags that my mom wants me to buy rarely go on sale. Oh, and even when they are on sale, it is still outside of my budget. I have lots of purses, but I do not have a purse that doesn’t have at least one detail that makes it stand out.


If any of you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I sold some name brand purses to NTY Clothing Exchange and you’re wondering why I’m making a post of not having grown-up bags, when I clearly had a Guess and Michael Kors bag in my possession. The truth is, those bags were not originally mine. They were given to me by my boyfriend’s boss’s wife who was cleaning out her closet. You may think that I’m pretty dumb for giving them away, but that’s fine with me. The truth is, I can’t hold on to something that I know that I will not wear. Ever.

I knew the value of these purses and as NTY’s brand representative, I knew that selling it to them was the best thing I could do. NTY Clothing Exchange is a reseller store that invests in name brand clothing and accessories and they sell them at 70% retail price. I was happy to help them receive new additions to their hand bag family. Was my mom sad to see me give these bags away? Yes. But that’s okay. I will stick to my quirky purse collection. I am not saying that I will never invest in a bag that is more professional, what I’m saying is that I will one day find a bag that both my mom and I can come to an agreement on. For now, I will continue walking the world with my lightning bolt, cookie, calavera, fringy, and crazy printed purses!

Be happy with what you have right now and don’t forget about the things that make you YOU! I hope you all are having a great weekend. Stay Stylish!




Becoming A Brand Rep

Being a brand rep is a pretty big deal to me and I want to share what it’s like with you all in today’s blog! I also have a new video waiting for you all to see on my YouTube channel! Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and give my video a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching it!

So I am a brand rep for the resale store NTY Clothing Exchange. As of right now, these stores only have 5 locations which are in San Antonio, TX., Knoxville, TN., Minnetonka, MN., Clay, NY., and Rochester, NY. I am looking at my DM’s in my Instagram account and the first message I sent to them was back on January 10th this year. I told them that I was going to be going to their store for the first time because I had some name brand clothing that I wanted to sale. They were very friendly in the response and although it was quite a drive from my house, I made my way over to not only sell my clothes, but take a look around their store.

I had heard about NTY on the Great Day SA show and thought that it was a wonderful thing to sale name brand clothing in great condition for an affordable price. I am all about affordability, but don’t get me wrong, I will splurge every now and then because life is too short! For the most part, I really try to stretch my dollar. Ever since hearing about the store, I wanted to go. And mind you, I saw them on TV before I even created my fashion account. Alamo City Sara was not even thought about. I was still camera shy and hated being photographed, but the outfit compliments never stopped coming my way.

Fast-forward a few months later, on March 5, the store sent me a message asking if I would be interested in being a brand rep for their store. I think I read that message a hundred times just to make sure it wasn’t just a pigment of my imagination. From there I had my first meeting with the store and associates on March 26. I spent a good 2 hours there picking out outfits with Easter and Fiesta in mind and ended up modeling about 5 different outfits. You can see some outfits and video on their Instagram account or even check out my Instagram account.

First Outfit I Put Together Inside NTY’s Dressing Room

I ended up making some purchases from the store so I can mix and match some of their pieces with things that I already own and I am so happy that I was given an opportunity to truly help my fashion forward family promote and find clothes and accessories that are name brand, great quality, and affordable.

I am not sure when my next meeting with the store will be, but my Instagram and Snapchat family will be the first to know about it! So hint, hint…FOLLOW ME 😀

Don’t forget to watch my YouTube video, enjoy the rest of your week and stay stylish!

Spring Selections

Online shopping is taking over traditional in-store shopping, but I’m sure this is not new news to you isn’t it?

While taking a marketing course last summer, I learned that the most popular online shopping day out of the week is Wednesday while the most popular for traditional shopping is on Saturday.

In my last blog post I talked a little about my cat having to go to the vet and how this really devastated me and my family. Since then, I realized that I have been coping with the devastation by browsing through online shops, yet not really making many purchases. Instead, I have been looking through spring shops which has been getting me excited for spring time which officially starts March 20th.

Just looking at all the bright and pastel colors, floral prints, more dresses and fun shoes, I realized that this has changed my mood. Since I am a college student who needs to save more money, I started to mix and match items in my closet and have made subtle changes that will help me get ready for spring! It’s almost as if I’m “window shopping” but through online stores.

If you want to look at some stores online with really good deals and style selections, here are my favorite places to shop for that:

New York & Company has so many deals and so many colorful clothing that you really don’t want to miss out on what they have to offer. This is a good place to shop when you want spring essentials that are still suitable to wear in the workplace.

Boohoo  has stores located in several countries. The link I provided may send you directly to the U.S. site, but you can easily change it to a country you prefer by clicking the drop down arrow (see image below) next to the flag in the top left. I love that this store even has a men’s line too so they can shop as well!


Lulus has a page dedicated to spring styles which makes your shopping process easier. I know many fashion sites also dedicates a spring section as well, but the clothing on this site was more eye-catching to me than its competitors. If this shop is above your price range, I recommend the spring section in Love Culture

Give these sites a visit if you are wondering how you can prepare your wardrobe for spring. I am not encouraging you to spend all your money on trends, I’m just letting you all know where there are some good places to find some inspiration. I will be releasing a YouTube video next week on simple ways you can make your outfits more spring appropriate. If you haven’t already, visit my channel and subscribe so you can see outfit inspiration and get fashion tips when I make any video uploads! I post content on my YouTube channel that I do not post here and vice versa. My most recent video is all about my go-to hairstyle, so if you are interested in that, visit my channel and check it out!

I hope you all have a happy Friday and stay stylish!


Where I’ve Been & What’s On My Mind

So it’s been a while, but I uploaded a YouTube video on what to wear when it is humid and rainy. I already have a video on what to wear when it is cold and rainy on my channel and since it has been raining non-stop here in Texas, I was inspired to make a different kind of rainy video. If you haven’t already, please watch my latest video on what to wear when it is humid and rainy.

The point of this blog post is to share with you all on where I’ve been and some possible future video ideas. So first off, if you’ve been following me for a while and also have me on other social media, you know that I am a full-time student and part-time employee. This semester I am a student journalist since I am enrolled in a Reporting course. I have been working my butt off trying to find the next story, grab connections, schedule interviews, re-schedule interviews, and remember that I have 3 other classes that I also need to worry about. I am pleased to say that I am going to have one of my stories published on the online publication at my school! This is a big deal for me because I’ve never had work published before and I know that I could now include this in my resume! But you probably do not want to talk too much about resumes do you? Lets talk about pets instead.

About a week ago, my 15-year-old cat fell from the top of the table and landed pretty badly on the floor. He appeared to be having a seizure and was rushed to the vet immediately by my parents. The good news is that the kitty is fine, but my family must respect his age and keep a closer eye on him. He will not jump up to high places anymore, but my family is perfectly fine with that. We love our cat so much.


As for my fashion blogging endeavors, I am working on doing more photo shoots once this rainy weather slows down a bit and I am also looking for other bloggers and businesses to collaborate with. I am sticking to local and small businesses for now, but one day I hope that I could collab with others on a more national level because I know all of you are from very different places and I would love it if we can all share our fashion sense and recommend place we can all go to look, feel and do our best.

Lastly, I want to bring up a major change in my makeup. Personally, my favorite makeup products are lipstick and mascara. I cannot go a day without wearing, or thinking of wearing them. Although my favorite mascara has always been Telescopic by L’Oreal, I am going to no longer use this mascara since L’Oreal, is one of the many cosmetic companies that have remained silent when PETA did research on which cosmetic companies do or do not test on animals at some point of the process. By just that alone, something doesn’t seem right. In fact, makeup has really been on my mind lately, and when I heard all the reports about ULTA reselling used makeup, I started to really think about makeup even more. There are some unethical things behind the scenes that I am not sure about. Therefore I am going to be making some changes in my beauty bag.

These are just a few updates on where I’ve been, and what has been on my mind. What have you lovely people been up to? Let’s talk! Comment below or visit my contact page, find my email and email me!

Stay Stylish!


5 Other Ways To Get Over A Bad Day/Setbacks

I left my house at 7:30 a.m. and came back home almost 12 hours later. I kept reflecting on my day and the more I thought of it, the more defeated I realized I felt. How could I wake up feeling so confident, yet feel so down within the same day? Many of you know that a lot can happen in a day. A LOT.

I am a whole lot better now because I realized that there is no use crying over spilled milk and that my setbacks will never ever, overpower my comebacks. Aside from the first 5 things I do to recover that you saw in my video, here are the other 5 ways to make your comeback stronger than any of your set backs. These are different than the first 5 because it now involves others rather than just yourself.

6. Take ownership of your mistake, but keep your dignity.

Oh man. That already sounds hard, but accidents happen! Sometimes our own setbacks happen because we mess up on our end. Maybe we missed a deadline or maybe we accidentally did or said something we shouldn’t have. Whatever happened, if you know you were in the wrong, take a deep breath and take ownership of your mistake. Address it, apologize, whatever it was…do not let pride prevent you from making things right. However, keep your dignity! Do not cry, beg or blame. Remain professional. You’re a sophisticated individual who is better than making a scene like a child. This is probably the hardest step out of the 5, but it is the first thing you need to do in order for the others to work out.

7. Clear Things Out

I mean this in various ways. First off, GET ORGANIZED. Clean out that desk at work, your room, your car, your purse and even your backpack if you’re a student. Sometimes mess in itself can cause us to be overwhelmed so get organized! Keep what you need, and toss what you don’t need. Secondly and more importantly, communication. Clear out what you have been holding inside. Just say it. If there was a big misunderstanding, make it known so that it is prevented again in the future.

8. Ask For Help

If you’re anything like me, you dread asking others for help. Maybe it’s because you feel like you’re interrupting them, or maybe you feel like they’ll think you’re dumb for asking a certain question, but you need to free yourself from those thoughts. In this life, we are all here to learn. Take it upon yourself to seek knowledge. Everyone benefits in the end.

9. Don’t Be Close Minded

I know that the public can sometimes have rocky relationships with the media, but I want you to think of a journalist for a moment. Journalist often have to report stories and try their best to capture both sides of the story. A good journalist is able to do this fine, but a great journalist is able to do this in a way that both sides have a clear voice in the story and neither one of those voices is the journalist! What I’m saying is, to be neutral. Do not judge and pick sides, especially in the work place! Hear others out and try to understand them. This also ties into seeking knowledge. Know when to be a team player and when it’s best to remain neutral.

10. Get Involved.

Listen here, we can all say those four words, “I don’t have time,” but it’s a fact that we can always make time for things that need to get done. Like work, school, homework and all that serious stuff, but don’t forget about the things that make you happy! The things that you naturally gravitate towards. For me, it’s fashion blogging. If I had the “I don’t have time,” mentality, I would not be writing this and I would not be making YouTube videos or have my fashion account on Instagram. I also would have never gotten over my camera shyness! Or gotten the chance to meet interesting people and I know that I probably wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy right now. By doing what you love, you will find yourself getting involved in a community of like-minded individuals who will give you advice, support you and even be friends with! In the process, you may even learn more things about yourself.

Alrighty everyone, I hope that my video and blog motivate you on your own recovery process of going through a bad day. Just remember that your mistakes do not define who you are. Just like my statement in the beginning of my video says, you know who you are. Life is full of setbacks. There are going to be days where the world acts like it’s against you and nothing is going according to plan, but that shouldn’t leave you defeated forever. Life is hard, but that fact shouldn’t stop you from living it!

Keep going and stay stylish.

10 Ways