My First Photo Shoot

My fashion account on Instagram was born June 4th, 2017. Just five days after its birth, I did my very first photo shoot at a park. I had chosen three different outfits and of course, my boyfriend was my photographer. I decided to talk about this today because I know a lot of you may be fashion bloggers or fashion lovers who see a lot of people on social media looking flawless all the time and may wonder how a person could be so photogenic and great looking all the time.

I did my very first photo shoot on June 9th and had to find my strength to not run away from the camera. All my life I believed that I just wasn’t photogenic and that I could never stand in front of a camera. EVER.


On the other hand, people complimenting my outfits would spark a voice in the back of my head that would tell me that I should try becoming a fashion blogger. I always ignored it because I told myself that I would never be like the fashion bloggers or beauty gurus I see on YouTube or Instagram and that my pictures would suck and that no one would follow me, yadda, yadda.

Then I had to take my Portfolio and Professional Development class earlier this summer.

My professor wanted us to create a digital portfolio to display what we wanted to do as a career. Even though I am studying Communications, I still have no idea what I truly want out of it. It seemed like all my classmates were ahead of the game and soon I was intimidated by photographers who had their own work to display, journalist who had articles they had written and then there was me. I had nothing to really show for myself and I found myself waking up in the middle of the night believing that I wasn’t good at anything.


I then decided, what the hell? Who am I living for? Why am I here feeling sorry for myself? I am pretty great at dressing up. I know this may sound very arrogant, but sometimes you have to toot your own horn. It worked for me because soon I found myself activating my Instagram account, creating this blog, and taking pictures without running away from it!

The pictures you see in this post are all from my very first photo shoot. I did three different outfits and I felt super awkward and uncomfortable that I probably would have not been able to take decent pictures if anyone other than my boyfriend was my photographer. I felt silly doing certain poses or facial expressions because I was in a public place and I knew that out of curiosity, people would look from time to time.


I honestly look at these pictures and see a difference in how I take photos now versus then. I am more confident in front of the camera now-a-days. It took consistent work and motivation to try harder and I still have both great and not so great photo shoots still. There are just some days that your photos come out great and other days where a domino effect of bad luck just happens. I am glad I am able to share with you all some stepping stones to my fashion endeavor and I hope that this motivates you to overcome camera awkwardness or makes you feel better about your own pictures!

Share this blog with someone who may be camera shy or is stopping themselves from going after that dream the voice in the back of their head is urging them to go for!

Stay stylish!

Yes, I know this image looks like I am smelling my armpit! But cut me some slack, this was my first photo shoot and I had NO idea how to pose hahaha


Shoes and Sleep

I clocked out of work and vented to my boyfriend right away about how crazy work had been. I felt as though I was all over the place physically and mentally and kept kicking myself in the butt for failing to do a simple print job. I had to make 100 copies, laminate them, and cut them. I was so proud of myself for accomplishing it until my boss pointed out that they were supposed to be double-sided. What a waste of paper and a waste of time. I drove myself home and walked into a very warm house. It turns out that the AC had been off and that there was a lot of water due to the condensation building up. The pipe was clogged and apparently it had overflowed to the point where water was leaking out of the vent and into the hallway.

I was annoyed with the way my day was turning out until I saw that a box with my name on it was waiting for me on top of the dining room table. My shoes had came in!!!

If you do not remember or were not a follower to my blog at the time, I made a blog post titled, ‘Wants Vs Needs’ and explained how I needed some beige/nude colored flats. Well, they finally came in! They are from Nordstrom and are in the image below!


I immediately put them on and walked all over the house feeling better already. After I had lunch, I decided that I should give myself some relaxing time so I took off the makeup and then I got into some comfy clothes and slept for an hour. I always get made fun of for being a young person who naps in the middle of the day like an old person. Oh well, I don’t know about you, but I believe in beauty sleep. And also, I think it is healthy for a person to just unwind and nap after a long day!

I am already starting to unwind for my bed time right now. I got another early day tomorrow and hopefully it will not be as hectic as it was today.

Good night sleeping beauties. Stay stylish.


Building My Core & Confidence

You guys, I just finished a 10 minute workout video from YouTube fitness trainer Cassey Ho on her channel Blogilates. She released a video about a week ago titled, ‘5 Ways to Build your Core & Confidence’ and I have to admit that it was the hardest ab workout I have done.

I am talking about this today because I am the type of person who gains a little bit of weight and just doesn’t like the way that my clothes look on me anymore. Before I continue, please know that I am not body shaming or trying to preach on how we all have to live a certain healthy lifestyle. I am here to talk to you guys like the very honest person I am and a person who has real thoughts and feelings.

Earlier this year my mom sat down and talked to me and pretty much told me that she noticed that I was gaining weight. She told me this right when I was eating some leftover Chinese food from the night before. Hearing her tell me that she has notice weight gain in me, made me lose my appetite for my leftover food. I was speechless. I was hurt. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from my mom. Despite how shitty I felt inside, my poker face remained while in my mother’s presence. But once I got in my room, I started trying on some clothes in my closet. Unfortunately my mom was right. I did gain some weight. All the clothes that used to make me feel cute and stylish, just didn’t sit right on my body. They were too tight. They wouldn’t zip up. I was heartbroken.

To make my wake up call even more devastating, I snuck into my mom’s room and weighed myself. I’ll never forget it. I weighed 144 pounds.

I remember venting to my boyfriend about this and I’m not going to lie, I told him that I weighed in at 134 pounds because I did not want to hear the words coming out of my mouth that I was only six pounds away from 150 pounds. I am a 5 ft. 2 in. girl who has weighed 120 the most so when I saw that I had gained almost 25 pounds, my heart ached and my mind was just all over the place.

My fitness journey began shortly after my birthday back in January and although I have not stepped back on the scale, I am pleased to say that half the clothes that didn’t fit me a few months ago, are back to fitting me like they used to. I was using my resources such as the gym at my work and even the gym at my school. I was making myself lean meals and drinking lots of water. Any other type of beverage was for Saturday only.

My mom and I have not talked about my weight since, and as much as it really hurt me to hear my own mother tell me that I was gaining weight, it’s what I needed in order to have this healthy change in myself. So that ties me back into the video I mentioned earlier. Starting out Blogilates videos was very hard in the beginning. Even though they were only 5 or 10 minutes, I always found myself getting frustrated and wanting to give up. It seemed like I would take one step forward and two steps back, but if you are too afraid to fail, you will never succeed.¬†

Another thing that I started doing this year is lifting weights. Before I had no upper body strength and was getting tired lifting 3 pound weights, but now I lift 8 pounds. It may not seem like a big difference, but it is a healthy difference for me and my body. My stomach is getting flatter. My arms have gotten firmer. My running has remained steady and great for my heart. But most importantly, my confidence has escalated with the help of living a healthier lifestyle and my fashion endeavor.

I want women of all ages to know that they can find their strength when they hit rock bottom. I want women to know that they can jump back into being a healthier version of themselves whether it is physically, mentally, spiritually or any other way. I want women to not apologize for putting themselves first and wanting to be their own kind of Wonder Woman. If you really want something, you have to begin some type of journey for yourself.

I want to know what your dreams are and what you have done to reach them. And if you haven’t began your journey to your goals, what is holding you back?

Think about what it is you want out of your life and how you can become the best version of  yourself.

Build your core. Build your confidence. Stay Stylish.

What The Rain Told Me

Hello everyone! As you know from yesterday’s post, it was raining here in my hometown. I left out some details of the significance of the rainy weather so let me explain by saying this first, it stormed so badly in my area that I was only at work for an hour before everyone was sent home due to a bug power outage. The rain came in with a bang and caused flooding, many accidents, power outages, stalled cars, lightning shows, gusts of raging wind and panic to a lot of people who were out and about or watching the news at home. Eventually the rain did stop in the evening, but man was it scary Monday morning.

I never saw this storm coming. Never heard form anywhere that there was a chance of rain or anything like that so I was definitely taken off guard. Secondly, the rain washed away a lot of filth. The plants are standing tall and bright now and the streets in the neighborhoods look brand new. Whatever bird poop was on my car prior to the storm was long gone and when the sun finally peeked out, it was like a different place than before. This got me thinking of my how much my soul could use a bit of cleansing.



I had school, work, my fashion endeavor, my fitness journey and social life all over the place and organization was non-existent. I am going to really try to be more consistent and to be honest, I really enjoy blogging at night before bed because it reminds me of how I used to write in my diary, but once school starts, I am not sure if anyone is going to stay up to read my blog. I can still post in the evening, but it would probably be at 9 p.m. which I believe is a respectable hour.

Speaking of consistency, I want to transform my Instagram into a set theme or pattern instead of posting random things all the time. I have been YouTubing videos on how to edit photos, how to pose, how to set a theme, how to view grids and all sorts of things. I am able to dive deeper into this now that I finished my summer courses! I took two classes and gave it my best shot and thankfully came out with passing grades in both classes. I owe it to myself these next two weeks to put myself first now and focus wholeheartedly on my blog and on my Instagram and of course taking some fashion photos for you all.

So how does any of this relate to the rain we had over here?

Well for starters, the rain was pretty scary at first and things got pretty ugly. I felt this way when I started this blog and my Instagram account. I found myself doing the first photo shoot and felt kinda silly posing in a park. I honestly felt overwhelmed and tired afterwards. Overwhelmed and tired were feelings that I got know a bit too much this summer. Now that I do not have to worry about going to school, some weight has been taken off my shoulders.

Secondly, the rain went all out at first and flooded everything, but after a while it was more steady. This is how I feel about the way my Instagram account is. I uploaded about four photos the first day I created my Instagram which was June 4, 2017. I also posted about three photos a day which was super tiring and an unrealistic expectation of myself. Now I try to post one photo a day and sometimes two. Either way, I don’t want it all to be revolving around the same shoot because I don’t want to annoy followers with the same kind of photos over and over again.

Lastly, the rain nourished everything around it in a way that no human simply can’t do by themselves. This taught me that I am going to need help from others if I really want my fashion endeavor to be a success. I am a very independent person and I hate asking for help, but I need it. I can only take so many good photos of myself, by myself. It helps when someone can take your photo. Also, I cant be the only follower to my fashion account and expect people to get tips and outfit inspiration. I am seriously nothing without any of my followers so I will end this blog by telling you all thank you again for becoming a part of my fashion family and following my Instagram account or blog right here on WordPress. Your support means everything to me and I always try to be as interactive with you all as much as possible, so don’t be a stranger, say hi and comment once in a while on here or on my Instagram. I love hearing from you all.

Think about what it is you really want and just go for it! But remember to stay stylish while you are out there working for what you want!


Controversial Jewelry?

Hello everyone, did you guys have a great day?

I am exhausted, but am not allowing myself to go to bed without talking to you all first. As I sit here on my bed and begin to unwind, I cannot help but play my day in my head. I woke up bright and early and went to work at 8 a.m. and did the best I could. When not working part-time, my full-time student mode kicks in. I have never done so much work in one day, but like all students, I needed some help so I went to the writing lab.

I went into the lab hoping to find a document on how to cite in APA format. I know Owl Purdue is helpful, but what is most helpful to me is face-to-face interaction. They did not have the resource guide I was looking for, but I decided to stay in the lab to double check grades and due dates.

As I was standing in front of a computer to sign in, a random student decided to make a comment on my cross necklace I was wearing and say, “Jesus was not crucified on a diamond cross.”

I heard the record scratch sound in my head.


I’m not going to lie and say that I took this like a grain of salt, it really did bother me. I looked at her feeling sheepish inside, but replied boldly and confidently, “I know Honey. Now get back to work.”

I thought about this the rest of my day. Why did this bother me so much?

Here’s the thing, I really do not care what type of religion anyone practices or if they choose not to at all. I just want people to walk out their doors with good intentions. If I want to wear a necklace that has a cross on it, I believe I should. After this happened, I thought a lot about how many people may be hesitant to express their beliefs because we all know that not everyone will agree with us.

All I want to say is that I hope me wearing a cross necklace and believing in God does not change anyone’s feelings about me. I have always had my faith to get me through the most troubling and harsh times and most definitely the most stressful. Please do not hate me for believing in God, because I am very appreciative of every single on of you who come to my blog and read what I write. It seriously means the world to me.

Remember to stay strong, and of course, stay stylish! I love you all.

Fall Semester is 1 Month From Now!

Hold up, retail stores….what do you mean back-to-school? Some of us haven’t even left school because we take summer classes! Anyways, today it hit me when I realized that one month from today starts the fall semester for some of us. Some people may have an earlier or later date, but either way, it’s coming for all of us! The summer heat may be increasing, but starting next week there will be some changes in my schedule since my work schedule is going back to its fall hours and my summer 2 class is getting more challenging and coming to an end in 2 weeks. I will have to adapt to a new schedule which is not always easy. I am still new to being a fashion blogger so I am going to see how I balance school, work, social life, family and fashion blogging. No worries, I swear I am not going to disappear. If I do not post on here a day or two, you can always follow me on my Instagram account alamocitysara to follow me on a more daily basis.

Back To School

As I look ahead I am really trying to consider what is and what is not practical of me to wear as I go back to school. I will find myself walking all over the place. I am going to have to find outfits that are going to be appropriate for work, but also cute enough for school. Some days I will have spare time to go home and change into something more comfortable, but I know that it is more of a hassle. The truth is that college students will always find themselves hauling ass one way or another, but that doesn’t mean that I should at least look great while doing it! I wish I had a school locker as big as this storage door full of clothes to change into!

Back to school 2

Another huge deal for me this fall semester is that my boyfriend is going to be going to the same school as me! Ever since we dated, we have always gone to different school and have had to put in extra time to see each other which got exhausting. I’m really looking forward to carpooling and being on campus together. I know that my plate is going to be full, but I know that what doesn’t kill me will definitely make me stronger. Before I can truly get excited for the fall semester, I have to finish and pass my summer 2 class that I am currently taking. Wish me luck everyone!

Back to school 4

If you would like to know outfit details, go check it out on my Instagram account!

As always, have a great night and stay stylish!


First Date Outfit

Do you remember what you wore on your first date?

Looking back on my first date with my boyfriend, I am consumed by all kinds of emotions. I bring up this topic today because not only did the date land on a Monday, but I should have planned out my entire outfit piece-by-piece, but the truth is that I ended up wearing what was most comfortable to me. Our first date took place in July when the Texas sun was merciless and bullied just about every person who dared to take a step outside. Our first date also landed on the first day of my summer 2 class which was Government. Just so you know, I recall this day better than the national anthem!


My class started at 11 a.m. and my only plan that day was to go to class and then my first date with this guy I had been talking to for a few months. Since I hate pants, I wore a dress from Hottopic that is black and grey with the bandanna print on it. My favorite thing about this dress however, is the lace detail that lies across the waist. I love that details like this are still conservative without lacking style. Since this dress was the first thing I saw in my closet that morning, I didn’t hesitate to put it on. I paired this dress with some black flats that feature a silver cat head piece on the top.

They were also from Hottopic and were an online exclusive deal that I instantly fell in love with and still own to this day. These two things were really flattering to wear, but my big backpack looked like a turtle shell on me (no I didn’t think of packing a purse until the date was about to start) and my sunglasses had a random fruit print and covered most of my face.


Even though I was comfortable wearing what I wore, I wish I had taken a purse to switch my things into versus sticking to the backpack. Backpacks are cool, but I seriously felt like a turtle with that big thing on my back! The sunglasses are also something that I wish I had changed. They are cute, don’t get me wrong, but they covered most of my face and looked too silly for a first date when you’re trying to impress the guy you’ve been talking to for a while. Interesting fact, even though he wasn’t much of a cat person at the time, he really liked my shoes! Oh, and eventually I did get him into cats more.


Thinking about what I wore makes me laugh more than anything because I still wonder what I was thinking with the backpack and sunglasses. The fruit glasses are still one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses that I own, and yes, they still make my boyfriend crack up when he sees me wear them. Even though I really felt that I could’ve dressed better, I can say that I have a boyfriend who loves me and a funny memory of this day with me forever now.