School Outfits: Week 2

Happy Friday everyone!

This week was a short week of school for me so I have three instead of four outfits to show you this week. The reason for the short week was because there was no school Monday due to Labor Day and I normally do not attend school on Fridays. Onto the outfits..

Tuesday: Orange Is The New Black

Guys, please excuse the names I make up for these outfits. I am just having some fun here with my fashion look book of the week. So I call this one orange is the new black because obviously, these two colors are in this outfit. The orange and black are intentionally paired together because I am beyond excited for Halloween! Yes, I am fully aware that we are barely beginning September right now. This skirt is from Target and it’s by Victoria Beckham’s fashion line. I am obsessed with anything that has actual pockets on them. This blouse I’m wearing is from Dillards and the designer is Alice Blue. I named this look orange is the new black because before I bought this orange skirt, I always wore this blouse with black pants or a black skirt. I really love the orange though.



Wednesday: Simple September

This outfit is just a simple white t-shirt with faded orange pants. To prevent this look from looking too plain, I paired it with some leopard printed flats I got from Charlotte Russe. When I am not sure what to wear, I always go for a white t-shirt and jeans and dress it up with some nice shoes and a dressy-casual jacket and I am set for the day. White top is from Express, pants are from Gap, and this denim jacket was thrifted.


Thursday: Going For The Gold

This last look has some gold accents to it with the shoes, the belt and the sunglasses. I normally wear silver when it comes to metallics, but I wanted a simple change. The shoes are from Steve Madden and are comfortable without sacrificing style. I always appreciate a stylish pair of sneakers. The pants are from Express and belt and sunglasses are from the store Rue21. My top is also from Target. Yes, I really like clothes from Target apparently!


Steve Madden Shoes

That is all I have for this week’s outfits. I am already onto week 3 starting Monday! Time if flying by so fast. Have a great evening and stay stylish!







The other day I worked out at the gym after my last class. I had the small locker room to myself and was almost fully dressed after taking a shower when another student walked in. Naturally, I looked up at her from putting on my shoe and said hi to her. She smiled back and told me that she really liked my shoes. “Shoedazzle,” I stated with a smile.

I have blogged about Shoedazzle before and I really like that they have a variety of different styles. There is a good mixture of unique and practical merchandise and almost every time I get a compliment on my shoes, it is when I am wearing a pair from this online store. However, I am not here to talk about Shoedazzle again, but about flats. Let me tell you something, I love flats. I think they are stylish and comfortable for daily use and can be both dressed up or down. The student I spoke to in the locker room told me that it was kind of hard to find some cute flats. If I run into her again, I am going to have her check out this blog so she can see some cute styles! Here are some cute flats I found while internet shopping.

First one is from Shoedazzle and they are called Cathleen Flats. These also come in a pink blush color and a dark blue with floral print. The flats I wore the other day were black flats with some jeweled detail in the front.


The second pair of flats is from Dillards and it is by Betsey Johnson who is one of my favorite designers of all time. This is her Ann Floral Bow Detail Laceback flats.


I know this shoe says spring, but the reds and yellows still make this shoe doable for fall as well. The bow that is tied in the back adds a girly touch and is opened in the heel area.

Flats #3 are also from Dillards and are the Volatile Lumina Velvet Mary Jane Flats.


These have a unique look to them and are velvet which is a great trend for the colder weather upon us. These also come in a taupe color as well. When it comes to flats that hit you above your ankle like these, I would highly recommend that you either wear cropped pants or a skirt so that the hem of your clothes do not interfere with the detail of the shoe.

Flats #4 are from the store Iron Fist Clothing and are called Into The Deep


These have a unique print to them with hearts, small ocean waves and a leather bow in the front. Iron Fist is known to have unique designs such as this. If you want something that does not have an over-the-top print, I would recommend something cute like these next flats from Iron Fist which are called, Mother of Pearl.


I love the peep toe these have and the clam detail on them. These also come in black for those of you who may not be feeling the pink color. Iron Fist’s products are also vegan friendly!

That’s all I have for you all today. I hope these flats help you realize that flats can be fun and very useful in your closet. Stay stylish everyone! Thank you for reading!



Outfits For School: Week 1

So I just completed my first day back to school and I already know that this semester will have new challenges for me. This is the first semester that my boyfriend is attending the same school as me and he is even taking some classes with me now that I made a change to my minor. I already know which classes will require more study time and which ones I am feeling confident in. Although the first week is always one of the most hectic, I wasn’t going to show it by dressing like a hot mess! Here are the outfits I wore for my first week back to school!



I kept things pretty simple yet put together for my first day back because I wanted an outfit that wasn’t too over the top, but still eye-catching. Plus, dresses are one of my favorite things to wear!


I also wanted to make sure that this outfit didn’t look like it was stuck in summer mode and not welcoming to fall, so I added a light jacket and some cool boots to go with it.

TUESDAY: Laid-Back Girly


This outfit is more laid back than the Monday outfit because I wore some workout tights as pants and some chunky heeled boots that give a feminine approach yet feel like sneakers. The lavender purple top and stone necklace add the girly appeal. This is the perfect outfit to wear if you are going to be doing a lot of walking and have a full day ahead of you.




This outfit gave me that rocker off duty feeling because of the military printed jeans and the semi ripped white jacket that stands out. I LOVE this outfit. I love that it grabs attention and stands out from basic denim. I also love how well the black and white pieces worked with the military print.




My favorite color in the whole wide world is red! I decided to wear my favorite color as I completed my first week back to school. I will definitely be wearing red more this fall and I named this look ‘Reddy For Anything’ because I really want an optimistic start to a new semester with new classes, new people, and new experiences. As excited as I was to go back to school, by the time I finished my homework, I was so ready for the weekend!


So there you have it. all the outfits I wore for my first week back to school. I normally do not go to school on Fridays since I work most of the day, but please let me know if you would like me to include a Friday outfit anyway! Also let me know which of these outfits was your favorite. I am going to do an outfits of the week blog post every week of this semester and hopefully it will give you some outfit inspiration!

Have a happy Saturday and stay stylish!


Ready For Fall

I just finished my first week of the fall semester and I am both excited and overwhelmed. I cannot stand the first day where either you are put in the spot to talk about yourself or you have to listen to your professor overwhelm you with their syllabi of what you are expected to do for the entire semester, all crammed into one class. I really cannot stand talking about myself, but I do love hearing about what other people have to say. I often see that people will post things saying, “Good-bye Summer,” or “Summer is over,” and being super bummed out about going back to school. Well I am here to tell you that I love summer too, but I am also that nerdy person who actually looks forward to going back to school and saying, good-bye summer and hello fall! I was that odd kid who couldn’t wait for summer to be over so I could learn more.

My persona in school is very different than the person I am outside of school. I tend to be very serious and focused in school and most of the time I keep to myself. I would only speak if called upon or if participation was being counted as a percentage of my grade. On the other hand, if I am not in school, I am the complete opposite of the person I just described. I suddenly become a loud mouth who has an opinion on everything. I make my presence known everywhere I go instead of keeping to myself. And don’t even get me started on my vocabulary when not in student mode.


I am over the summer heat we have in Texas. Lately I have been enjoying the cool mornings where it is about 80 degrees with a cool breeze. The fact that 80 degree weather is considered cool to me, should tell you how hot it gets in my hometown. This leads me to the image above. I am holding a big bridal shower box over my head in order to shield my face from the sun. My mom thought it was too funny to not take a picture.

My favorite season is fall. I love the way that the leaves turn orange and red. I love that the weather is not too hot or cold. I love the fashion trends during this time! I am going to be going crazy with that. I also love the holidays that fall during this time such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Oh, and pumpkin spice everything is the key to my heart.

Yes, during this time is school. Yes, I am going to have to be studying. Yes, I am completely aware of responsibilities during the fall season, but it is still my favorite.

I cannot wait to show you all some fall outfits I am planning on wearing this year. What season is your favorite?

Stay positive about going back to school and stay stylish!




When you hear someone say scientist or doctor, do you think of a man or a woman?

48% of women make up the U.S. workforce, and about 24% of women work in STEM jobs.

STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, are all subjects that have always intimidated me. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a little girl. I aced biology my freshman year of high school, but fell flat on my face when I took AP chemistry the following year. I proceeded with the belief that a vet’s life was for me, despite the voice in the back of my head that told me that this wasn’t working out.

When I finally listened to that voice, it was one of the most confusing times of my life. All my childhood, I was set on being a vet. I only had one more year of high school left before my college career would be depending on some sort of plan. I did not have a plan B. I never thought I would need it.

My dad would remind me about the demand for female engineers being high and that if I were to go into engineering in college, I would be guaranteed a job right out of college. I let this sit in my mind for a while. My father does civil engineering. I think he is a genius. I am blown away to this day, of the things my father is capable of accomplishing as an engineer. He recently passed his PE exam and didn’t even pass it the first time. His second attempt successfully declared him as a licensed engineer. YAY!!!

As much as it would have been super cool to say that my father and I are both engineers, I just genuinely did not have an interest in it. This put me back in square one.

Throughout this time, I wrote a lot. I found comfort in writing works of fiction, narratives, poems, my day, experiences and so forth. So I figured, why not be an English professor or a journalist? So there I went again, believing that my plan B was sure enough, the life for me, but then I took my Intro to English Studies class and never felt more miserable in my life! This was last spring semester, so I took a leap of faith and changed my english minor to business.

That brings me back here to where I am in life right now. I took another leap of faith by leaving my retail job and applying for a campus job that was in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. God knows I am probably one of the least tech savvy millenials ever! How was I ever going to last in a technology based job?

I’m glad to say that I have been at my current job for almost two years already.

That may not seem like a long time, but this is the longest time I have ever been at any part time job I’ve had. My technology skills have improved since being here and I know that it has made me a more knowledgeable being. Seeing my female co-workers work here has inspired me greatly. They’ll honestly never truly know.

I wish I could say that I am a woman in science. I think it is so cool and admirable. I also know that it takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of studying. It takes determination. It takes passion and strength from the inside and out. My woman STEM students and workers, I salute you for being a part of the 24% we have out there in the nation right now. I hope to see this number grow.




Hitting The Books And Hitting The Gym

Are you the type of student who tries to make time for the gym, but hates the hassle of having to pack two separate outfits? Are you always forgetting that one item of clothing for your school outfit? Do you want to achieve that sporty chic look without looking sloppy? I have experienced all of the above and came up with an outfit that solved these problems for me.

Before I jump right into it, I personally workout in the evenings. I have never been able to workout effectively in the morning. I use working out as a way to relieve stress from the day versus lose weight or get pumped for the day, but that is just me. On the days that I do not feel like packing an extra outfit, I just incorporate my workout clothes into my regular day outfit. I know this sounds weird, but it has helped me out so much!

What normally happens is that I go through my day in a sporty chic looking outfit that either has my workout clothes incorporated in it or underneath it!


If you are a student who prefers to workout in the morning, you could still achieve a look similar to this, by packing a simple t-shirt dress and some sneakers. If you do not have a vest of any kind, use your workout gear to accessorize your t-shirt dress. Wrap your jacket around your waist, put that cap on. If it’s too much of a hassle to transform yourself from an athletic wardrobe to a different style, I say, embrace it.

There are so many things that you can do to wear your athletic gear in a stylish, but practical way. Tights are the easiest to dress up or down, but I wanted to show those of you who may prefer to work out in shorts another alternative.

With tights, you can wear a dress or a long shirt and some nice boots and you’re good to go! I am sorry if you may have wanted a more glam sporty look, but I am taking a more practical and stress free approach to my back to school styles I will be showing you this week. Let me know how I did.

Good luck hitting the books and hitting the gym this semester! Stay stylish. You got this!

Also, check out my very first video on YOUTUBE!


What’s Your Major??

Hello everyone! This blog is going to be targetted to those who are college students. I am going to make a back-to-school lookbook soon and I could really use your help! I am going to be doing four different looks depending on your major!

Here are the types of students I am thinking of and their majors…

  • Business Woman
  • Fine Arts Woman
  • Science Woman
  • Kinesiology/ Athletic Woman

I could really use some advice if you fall into any of these categories.

If you are a business student who has to do a presentation, what would you hope that others would think about you when they first see you?

If you are a fine arts student, how would you dress in order to express your individuality?

If you are a science student, what are the dress code requirements for those lab days that you feel that I should keep in mind?

If you are a student who loves to keep active during the school year, what are some easy ways to dress up your athletic wear so that you are not having to carry multiple outfits?

I am looking at filming this back-to-school lookbook which is something that I have never done before, but just thinking about it makes me so excited!

Here is my target audience best described….

Target Audience

Give me some advice ladies! It is your turn on giving me advice on how to stay stylish!