To Have Loved and Lost

“If you love something, set it free; If it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”


There are many days where I stop in my tracks and recall the day of my Quinceanera.

It rained that day, but I was so used to having rainy birthdays. I called it a curse since I had always dreamed about an outdoor party, but my special day was no exception. I am the only daughter in my family so my parents were willing to throw a beautiful party for me. Other than the party itself, what I enjoyed the most about it was being able to pick out all the details. I felt important.

One day my mom and I went shopping for red heels to wear with my dress and we came across a kiosk that sold jewelry sets. A set of beautiful rose earrings caught my eye and it wasn’t until I walked up closer that I noticed a matching necklace to go with it. My mom purchased the set for me since we knew it was perfect for my dress. We left the mall that day without any luck for finding red shoes, but we came back with beautiful jewelry.

I loved the jewelry so much that even after I had my special day, I would wear my necklace or earrings wherever I went. I wore mostly black in high school so I always got so many compliments when there was a touch of red. I had just come back home from school with my brother and as we were both walking through the front door, there my mom was with her arms wide open. My brother had the keys so he stepped in first and was met by my mom’s arms. I followed right after him with the mail in my hands and my heavy duty backpack on one shoulder (bad, I know) and saw my mom’s face drop when she saw me. She grabbed my earlobe with one hand and brushed my bangs behind my other ear with her other hand.

“What happened to your earring?”

I know I have big eyes, but my eyes opened even bigger the second those words came out of her mouth. I ran to the nearest mirror and to my horror, one of my dangling red rose earrings was gone.

I looked in my backpack, I looked in my brother’s car, I looked in my pockets, I retraced my steps and never found it. I lost count of how many days I looked for my missing earring in school. I would go in super early just to retrace my steps over and over again. I went to the Lost and Found area everyday and always saw new items every day. Books, jackets, keys, hats, combs, binders and everything imaginable. Many students would walk up with fear in their eyes since they knew that the Lost and Found area was their last hope. Whenever someone would be reunited with what was lost, the employees would say, “Today’s your lucky day!”

My lucky day never came.

I graduated high school. I graduated community college. I forgot about the sadness I had of losing something I loved so much from time to time. But seeing the matching necklace would make me feel sad all over again.

Here I am now at 22 years old antique shopping with my boyfriend in Boerne, TX. We entered our first store that sold manly vintage home decor. I want to get new furniture for my room and we walked in to look at some dressers. As we were making our way out, there was a corner with clothes, lotions, candles, and accessories. Being a shopaholic, I practically ran over there and started browsing. That’s when my life changed.

Okay, I’m being dramatic, but mira!!!!


The same earrings. After a few years, I was reunited with the earrings that I wore on my special day. I still love them the same way I did when I first saw them at the kiosk. I still have so many clothes in my closet that will look nice with these earrings. Reuniting with these earrings made that day one of the happiest this year.

Have you been reunited with something you lost?

Is there something that you have lost that you wish you will one day find again?

Let me know! Stay stylish.





Becoming A Brand Rep

Being a brand rep is a pretty big deal to me and I want to share what it’s like with you all in today’s blog! I also have a new video waiting for you all to see on my YouTube channel! Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and give my video a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching it!

So I am a brand rep for the resale store NTY Clothing Exchange. As of right now, these stores only have 5 locations which are in San Antonio, TX., Knoxville, TN., Minnetonka, MN., Clay, NY., and Rochester, NY. I am looking at my DM’s in my Instagram account and the first message I sent to them was back on January 10th this year. I told them that I was going to be going to their store for the first time because I had some name brand clothing that I wanted to sale. They were very friendly in the response and although it was quite a drive from my house, I made my way over to not only sell my clothes, but take a look around their store.

I had heard about NTY on the Great Day SA show and thought that it was a wonderful thing to sale name brand clothing in great condition for an affordable price. I am all about affordability, but don’t get me wrong, I will splurge every now and then because life is too short! For the most part, I really try to stretch my dollar. Ever since hearing about the store, I wanted to go. And mind you, I saw them on TV before I even created my fashion account. Alamo City Sara was not even thought about. I was still camera shy and hated being photographed, but the outfit compliments never stopped coming my way.

Fast-forward a few months later, on March 5, the store sent me a message asking if I would be interested in being a brand rep for their store. I think I read that message a hundred times just to make sure it wasn’t just a pigment of my imagination. From there I had my first meeting with the store and associates on March 26. I spent a good 2 hours there picking out outfits with Easter and Fiesta in mind and ended up modeling about 5 different outfits. You can see some outfits and video on their Instagram account or even check out my Instagram account.

First Outfit I Put Together Inside NTY’s Dressing Room

I ended up making some purchases from the store so I can mix and match some of their pieces with things that I already own and I am so happy that I was given an opportunity to truly help my fashion forward family promote and find clothes and accessories that are name brand, great quality, and affordable.

I am not sure when my next meeting with the store will be, but my Instagram and Snapchat family will be the first to know about it! So hint, hint…FOLLOW ME 😀

Don’t forget to watch my YouTube video, enjoy the rest of your week and stay stylish!

My Favorite Long Earrings

Can we talk about jewelry in a fun and non-controversial way now? Great!

I got a second ear piercing about three weeks ago and it has reminded me of how fun it is to wear earrings and jewelry in general. Although I am not a simple jeans and t-shirt girl, I can easily make a simple look my own when I have the right jewelry! Today I am going to show my favorite long earrings that I own. I was supposed to pick my top 5, but I hope you are all okay with seeing my top 6 instead!

I am going to start things off with a pair of earrings that have my favorite color: RED!


These were handmade from a lady who sells jewelry. She had made these earrings to sell at a yard sale in order to make extra money. I am wearing them in the images below!

Earrings Red RightEarrings RedEarrings Red Forward

The next ones I am going to show you are some that I purchased from a store named Versona. I was shopping with a friend of mines who picked them out for me.


Versona sells jewelry, accessories, clothes and even some shoes! They do have a website and it is

Earrings Blue CloseupEarrings Blue Closeup ForwardEarrings Blue Face

These next ones were from the store WetSeal and I had snatched the last pair that looked like this back when I worked there. WetSeal is coming back and I cannot wait!


These are definitely more dramatic and are not even heavy on the ears which is a plus!

Earrings Wetseal Pose

Earrings Wetseal Full FaceEarrings Wetseal CloseupEarrings Wetseal Eyes Closed

Now I am going to show you earrings from Forever 21! I bought these in Austin, TX.


These earrings are a mixture of gold and silver and give me a more girly feeling when I wear them. I think they really stand out against my dark red hair. What do you think?

Earrings Forever 21 Closeup

Earrings Forever 21 Side ViewEarrings Forever 21 Full Face

These next ones are ones that make me smile every time I see them because they are just so fun to wear! They are from the store Dillards and the brand is Anna & Ara.


How fun are these?! I bet I can make more like these if I went to the craft store! I really love the fuchsia pink color and the gold. these colors compliment each other well and I think that they are perfect earrings to wear in the summer! No more boring jewelry!

Earrings Anna Ara Closeup

Earrings Anna Ara Side View

Earrings Anna Ara Full Face.jpgLast but not least, are these that I bought at the department store, Macy’s! These are the only regular priced earrings on here that I went for because they were the last ones and I think they are stunning to wear when going out in the evening!


Earrings Macys Side view

Earrings Macys Forward

Earrings Macys Smile

That is it for today’s blog. I really hope you all liked these earrings! Let me know which ones were your favorite! I also want to thank everyone who has followed my Instagram account. I was able to reach my goal of 150 followers on August 4th which was the day that my fashion account turned 2 months old! If you really like my fashion, spread the word of my fashion blog or Instagram account to your friends and family! I would love to see this family grow. Remember to be kind to one another and of course, stay stylish!