The Impeccable Pig & Pizza

Hello everyone!

What happens when you want to do a photo shoot outdoors, but then it rains? You take your photos indoors instead and just make due with your surroundings!

The other day my boyfriend and I went to go eat some pizza. The original pizza place we went to was unexpectantly closed, so we went to the nearest pizza place instead. We ended up being the only people there and coincidentally, my outfit kind of blended in with the color scheme of the restaurant! This is what happened.


Did not expect a photo shoot to take place in a pizza place, but I honestly really liked the way that these photos came out because the complimented the outfit very well.


So let me tell you the outfit details. I know I usually save outfit details on my Instagram only, but today I am going to tell you right now since it will explain the title. The Impeccable Pig is actually the name of the store that I got this romper from! It is a strapless romper that originally comes with a tie that matches the print of the romper. I made this romper my own by tieing a red ribbon around my waist so the roses could stand out and added a short sleeved button-up shirt from Charlotte Russe to wear over it.

I bought this romper when the store had their big $12 sale and as of now, this is the only purchase I have bought from this store but I hope to change that!


I was very satisfied with my first purchase from The Impeccable Pig. I loved that this romper didn’t have super short shorts and was a respectable length. I also loved that it wasn’t super thin or see-through and that I can wear it in so many different ways!

Go check out The Impeccable Pig’s Instagram account or website if you are interested in their store. They have some pretty cute items! Link for their website is below!


I hope you all liked these photos and will take some time to check out The Impeccable Pig to tell me what you think or if you have bought anything from this store.

Enjoy some pizza and stay stylish!


Skipping Breakfast Just to Look Good? We’ve All Been There!

To eat, or not to eat, that is the question…

20170706_092157[1]This morning I woke up bright-eyed and ready to take on another day. I had seen a YouTube tutorial on how to style beachy waves with a straightener last night and the girl made it look so easy that I felt super confident to give it a shot this morning. In the beginning, I immediately noticed that this was a bit more difficult to do after all. I finished the bottom layer of my hair, looked in the mirror, and was pleased with how it came out. I proceeded with the second-to-last layer when I became careless with the new technique and  accidentally burned my thumb on the side of the flat iron. After this incident, I was put in a very crabby mood. My morning seemed to go downhill from here.

I turned off the flat iron so I could look for some petroleum jelly and a Band-Aid. After I had found what I needed, I looked at the time and freaked out. I only had 20 minutes to finish my hair, do my makeup, figure out what to wear and eat breakfast. I fix my hair with my thumb pulsing from the injury (which is very hard to do mind you) and thought to myself about what I was going to do next. Makeup? Breakfast? Get dressed? My head was spinning. Why does the time in the morning always go by so fast?

Fast-forward to where I am now, I absolutely regret putting breakfast last. The time had ran out the door and I chased it. I chased it without eating breakfast and now I feel mentally miserable and physically drained. I have no room in my life to feel this way. I am a busy lady who likes to get things done, but everything feels like it is going in slow motion today. Including the time. Oh, now you want to last for eternity. At least my hair looks great today.