Updated Hair Care Routine

A week ago I went to get my hair touched up and if you’ve been following me for a while, you understand that since I have a darker red color, my hair will look brunette whenever I take photographs indoors. Some of my followers were asking me if I had let go of my red locks and went back to my natural hair color. NEVER.

After taking pictures and snaps with my hair in sunlight, it was obvious that my red locks were still on and looking better than ever now that I have an updated hair care routine! This blog is going to be dedicated to telling you all about a new product I have been using that has really worked wonders for my hair and it is currently on sale at Ulta right now until June 2nd!

Here are some basic things about my hair care routine that have made a very big difference for the overall health of my hair:

  1. Cutting an inch off when I go to the salon as opposed to just a trim.
  2. Wearing caps and sunhats outside. The sun will definitely fade red hair.
  3. Using a heat protection spray before curling or straightening
  4. Combing my hair BEFORE I shower.
  5. Putting conditioner at the ends of my hair first and then shampooing my scalp.

I’m not going to lie, I rarely wear my hair natural. If you want an idea of what my hair naturally looks like, just look at this picture of Eddie Vedder 

Anyways, I want to talk about that new product that you can get on sale at Ulta right now that has really helped the lifespan of my red hair last way longer in between salon visits!


Joico is a hair care brand that specializes colored treated hair. It is the perfect brand for anyone who may have alternative hair colors such as red, blonde, pink, purple, blue, green…you name it! Ulta’s sale on these products which is normally $16.99 per bottle, is on sale at 2 for $20!

Here is how I use this product: I wash my hair every 4 days, so generally twice a week. Every other wash is with this shampoo as opposed to my Sexy Hair Shampoo which is also on sale for 2 for $20!

The reason that I only use it every other time is because the Joico shampoo is very strong and can sometimes dry out your hair if you use it too frequently. You have been warned! Whether you have red hair, purple hair, pink hair or rainbow colored hair, really think about investing in this brand. It has not let me down and my hair is really looking more vibrant than ever!

It is always a good thing to adjust your hair routine as the weather changes and since we are about to go into much hotter weather and endless days with a happy yet merciless sun, I thought it would be a good idea to blog about an update summer hair care routine. I also want to quickly mention this hair sunscreen I am trying right now that has impressed me so far: Sun Bum’s 3 in 1 Leave In Conditioning Treatment. It is a spray that really works wonders and yes, this brand sells skin care treatments. All their products smell heavenly and I am really obsessed with this brand!



That’s all I have for you guys, let me know what you think of this post and I just want to say, have a great weekend and stay stylish!




Mini Makeup Haul

Wow, I prevailed another week of school. Man, I am so ready for this semester to be over with! I cannot wait to put my focus back on my blog and YouTube channel. This morning my mom and I went to Ulta to go shopping and I knew I wanted to give you all an update on how moving on to strictly cruelty-free and vegan friendly cosmetics products only and I am happy to say that I treated myself to four things today that I can add to my new and improved makeup list.

Stila: Glittery Shadow Stick in Kitten Karma

The name Kitten Karma is adorable! This is a much more glittery version that their Kitten shade and I know that I am going to have so much fun with this new eye shadow!


Anastasia liquid lipstick: American Doll

I have only had Anastasia’s brow products, but if a makeup line wants me to keep buying their products, then they really need to impress me with their lipsticks. I am a lipstick kind of girl! I love all things red so I went for a classic red shade and I love how it didn’t budge even after I ate some Mediterranean dinner! No reapplication is needed.


Essence Gel nail polish and mascara:

Even though this mascara says extreme volume and curl, it is a pretty good mascara for those of you who want length in your lashes. I think this is a very good alternative to L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara and it is very easy to apply and gets each lash coated really well so I highly recommend this mascara. I wore it all day today! The nail polish colors are all pretty, but the one I bought was in the shade Dreaming About Love. I love that it dries super fast and you only need one coat.

Although I didn’t need shampoo at the moment, Sexy Hair was having a sale on their shampoos, conditioners and sprays which is my favorite to use for my red hair so I decided to take advantage of the sale and treat myself to my favorite shampoo and a much needed heat protection spray.

I don’t normally treat myself to beauty products unless I’m running out of them, but today I just wanted to live a little and have one on one time with my mom. We all deserve girl time every now and then. What are your favorite beauty products? Leave me a comment below because I would love to know! I hope you all continue to have a great weekend and stay stylish!

My Red Hair! Updated Facts About My Hair Care Routine And YouTube Channel!

I love fashion. I love the fact that it makes me feel so much more confident when I walk out knowing that I look good. Just being honest! I always loved being able to let others know about where I got my clothing or accessories from and even given fashion advice when I worked retail. Since dyeing my hair red, my outfits started to not be the only thing that people were asking about. Although my main focus is my fashion, I couldn’t ignore the fact that many people were asking about my hair color, so…..

I have a video on my YouTube channel so that you can see what my hair stylist does in order to achieve my red hair color! It is a process, and I am going to be honest about everything, so if you are interested, give it a watch! Below is a link to my YouTube channel so you can subscribe to me and turn on your notifications so that you are aware about my videos the second I put it on there!

In the meantime, here are some helpful tips on how to maintain red hair!

1. A Good Color-Treated Shampoo AND Conditioner 20171205_202844

Vibrant Sexy Hair is the shampoo and conditioner that I have been using and it is a keeper. I got mines at ULTA beauty and this shampoo keeps my hair color lasting the longest. Even my hairstylist told me that my roots were hardly showing! I get my hair touched up every 8 weeks. The product’s color is white and it smells like a field of roses!

2.  Refrain From Washing Your Hair Every Day.

I know, I know, I know. This may be gross to some of you, but I remember training my hair to not get so oily so fast for an entire year before coloring it red. If you’re like me, not washing your hair every day can seem like a deal breaker, but it’s beneficial to your hair to absorb natural oils that you need. Start by only washing your hair every other day. It does take getting used to, but luckily there is a great, inexpensive dry shampoo that works really well! The one that I currently use is Dove’s Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo.


This dry shampoo is still my favorite! I have tried Panteen’s, Clean Freak, L’Oreal’s, and so many others, but none of them do the job like Dove’s for me!

3. Get A Good Hair Serum


A lot of us who go to the salon know that when our hairstylist washes our hair, it looks so shiny and silky smooth…but when YOU wash it, it just doesn’t look the same! UGH! I know that when I started coloring my hair, my hair started losing its shine, but with a good hair serum, you can still get that salon shine and it will also help the  tips of your hair from breaking after all that styling. The one my hair stylist used on me during my salon visit is Mom’s Neurishing Oil Treatment. Another great one that you can find at the store is OGX Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum. It smells and feels so great!


4. Allow Your Hair To Air Dry & Do Not Comb It Right Away.

This may be a little more personal for me, but I always air dry because I style my hair a lot and I like for my hair to have a break from that so I always wash my hair the night before about 3 hours before bedtime. I also do not comb my hair right away after getting out of the shower. I lightly soak up the excess water with my towel and wait until 2 hours after stepping out to comb it. I noticed that when my hair is still very wet, that brushing it also brushes off more of my hair dye. However, brushing my hair when damp to dry does not remove more of my hair dye.

5. Wear Hats!

Okay, so we know that another way to not have greasy looking hair without the help of dry shampoo, is also with the help of a hat. It’s getting closer to winter so I am walking out in my beanies and I am so excited! I love hats! Another reason to keep hats in mind is to protect your hair from fading. The sun’s rays can fade your red hair, so be mindful of this if you have red hair, but you’re going to be outdoors for a long period of time.

These are the most recent tips and products that I use so I hope you enjoyed reading about it. Without further ado, check out my YouTube channel and click on the first video on there which is all about my red hair!


Thank you guys so much for reading my blog, please click the link above to visit my YouTube channel and watch my video. Also be sure to subscribe and I will talk to you all more later!

Stay Stylish!


Red Hair, DO Care!

Hair is pretty damn important to me. It may or may not be that important to you, but my hair really is my crown. I dyed my crown red the very first time when I was 18. I was still in high school and had to abide by the dress code, but really wanted my hair to be red! No, one simply does not “wait” for their high school days to be over in order to dye their hair. I was a senior who was ready for bigger and better things than the small world of high school and its drama. I had just gotten my braces off and went for the red hair that I wanted. But prior to the glamorous color I have been sporting for three years, I had to do a lot of research and preparation before changing my dark brown, borderline black hair to a burgundy red.

I haven’t had the chance to really talk about my hair color, but since I just got it redone this morning, I felt that it was the perfect time to share my hair story!

The very first time I dyed my hair was when I was 17. I got light brown highlights in my dark brown hair which is kind of weird now because my current boss has this hair color now. Anyways…before I could even dye my hair red, I had to make sure that I was fully aware of what I was getting myself into. As some of you may know, red hair requires a lot of maintenance if you want to keep the color fresh looking. When I say maintenance I am talking about the following:

  • Not washing it everyday. If you do this, your color will fade very fast and you will be very disappointed that your red hair dye is disappearing.
  • Becoming friends with dry shampoo. This is an alternative to regular shampoo and is a spray that will help you rid away with oiliness.
  • Using a colored treated shampoo that will be compatible with red hair. For instance, my mom also has her hair dyed, but it is blonde. She needs to use a purple shampoo so that her hair does not become “brassy” or look orangey after a while. Me on the other hand, would not want to use this shampoo because brassyness is not an issue for me and my red hair with hints of copper.
  • Get used to dark colored towels. No more white, or pastel colors and any light colored towels. Your hair dye will stain light colored towels.
  • Don’t go to be with wet hair if you have light colored bed sheets. Same issue as the towels, it will stain them.
  • Protect your hair from the sun. Sun could also fade your red hair. If you plan on being outdoors at a theme park or something all day, do not leave your hat! My red hair looked neon red after going to River City RockFest in my hometown all day. It was supposed to be burgundy…
  • Do not dunk your head when swimming in the public pools or anywhere where the water has chlorine in it. I miss swimming underwater, but I would miss my red hair more.
  • If not dyeing your own hair at home, depending on how bright or dark your hair is, will determine how often you need to get it redone at your salon. Red hair isn’t just a commitment, but an investment too.

I wash my hair every four days. This is about twice a week. I was used to washing my hair every day and getting rid of oil as soon as I got it. It was a shock in the beginning to wash it every other day and then progress from there. It takes time, but if you are dedicated enough, you will be able to get used to using dry shampoo as an alternative and train your hair to not produce so much oil so fast. I had to train my hair by not washing it everyday for about a year before committing to red hair dye.

My red hair was also a way of me to transform into the young lady that I wanted to be. I had gotten the braces off and went for the new hair color. I remember having my hair colored red about a week before prom. Since I wanted to wear a dress that would compliment my new hair color, I went for a peachy pink colored dress. I bring this up because everyone who didn’t notice my hair color prior to prom, seemed to notice it that night. I think certain colors make red hair stand out more. Maybe I will do a lookbook that consists of colored clothing that looks great with red hair.

I could rant about my red hair forever, but instead, I think I will show you some pictures of my red hair depending on where I was at the moment so you can see the difference in the shade of red my hair looks, depending on where I am at. This first image was taken earlier today and shows my hair color right out of the salon.


This next image shows my hair indoors. It obviously does not look red at all but I prefer it this way. I love that different lightings make my hair look different colors.


Do any of you have red hair? How are you liking it? Let me know!