What’s Your Major??

Hello everyone! This blog is going to be targetted to those who are college students. I am going to make a back-to-school lookbook soon and I could really use your help! I am going to be doing four different looks depending on your major!

Here are the types of students I am thinking of and their majors…

  • Business Woman
  • Fine Arts Woman
  • Science Woman
  • Kinesiology/ Athletic Woman

I could really use some advice if you fall into any of these categories.

If you are a business student who has to do a presentation, what would you hope that others would think about you when they first see you?

If you are a fine arts student, how would you dress in order to express your individuality?

If you are a science student, what are the dress code requirements for those lab days that you feel that I should keep in mind?

If you are a student who loves to keep active during the school year, what are some easy ways to dress up your athletic wear so that you are not having to carry multiple outfits?

I am looking at filming this back-to-school lookbook which is something that I have never done before, but just thinking about it makes me so excited!

Here is my target audience best described….

Target Audience

Give me some advice ladies! It is your turn on giving me advice on how to stay stylish!


Fashion People! I Need Your Help!

Hello friends, I am going to make my blog for today different tonight and ask you for help on deciding which top looks best on the following outfits. I cannot decide!

Black top?


or white top?


I am really thinking of wearing this outfit for a future photo shoot so I can put it up on my Instagram account. Comment below which one is your favorite out of these two tops or let me know if you have an even better suggestion that will go with my skirt and heels.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night and get ready for the last day of July and another week! As always, thank you for reading and stay stylish!