Rebecca Minkoff: Guitar Pick Hinged Cuff Review

Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion designer with her own global brand where she sells apparel, jewelry, handbags and even footwear for women just to name a few things. The CEO, co founder, and brother to Rebecca, is Uri Minkoff who has his own line of men’s accessories. I had never heard about Rebecca Minkoff until my father gave me one of my Christmas gifts which was Rebecca Minkoff’s Guitar Pick Hinged Cuff bracelet in gold.


My father and I both love music. We both get really passionate about new music and classic tunes and introducing people to new music. So when my father saw a bracelet with a guitar pick that said Love on it, he purchased it for me.  I can go on and on about spending the majority of my childhood in the CD room listening to my dad’s CD collection and any albums that had interesting artwork or an interesting band name, but I want to dedicate this blog to reviewing this product.

First off, this isn’t something that I asked my father to get me for Christmas. He told me that he was shopping for my mom, when he saw this bracelet and thought of me (my heart is melting right now) and he himself had never heard of Rebecca Minkoff. He found the bracelet inside a department store, but it can also be found on her website at

I LOVE the bracelet. My initial reaction when I saw it was to put it on! I removed the tag and clipped on the bracelet on my left wrist. I grew curious about this new brand that I went straight to her website to look at more things. If you sign up with your email, you can get 15% off your first purchase!

As my day had progressed on Christmas, I was super happy to show off my bracelet when I noticed a problem…

The $58 bracelet’s clip was not getting the grip it needed to stay on very long.

If I could give this bracelet five stars, I would have. But for a $58 bracelet, you would think that the clip used to secure it around your wrist was a better quality. I would put on my jacket, it would snap off. I would raise my hand, it would snap off. I would shake someone’s hand, it would snap off. Unbelievable and definitely unacceptable.

When I told my father, he had told me that someone had left a review of this same bracelet with the exact same complaint. I am going to review it on Rebecca Minkoff’s website and say the truth. The truth meaning that the bracelet is beautiful, but really needs a better way to secure itself around your wrist. The part of the bracelet that I’m referring to is the one circled below.


My father was able to take care of this issue by securing the clip together, and tapping it gently with a hammer to flatten the little ball point so that the clip wouldn’t break away from it so easily. Although the solution was a simple one, customers should not have to do this at all. Especially for $58 worth.

The items in her site are overpriced, but she does have an under $100 section and an under $50 section. Jewelry and accessories are the most affordable options on there. Never be afraid to give an honest opinion or experience about something new. I love that Rebecca Minkoff is a young fashion designer who made her dream happen, so the least I can do is be honest with her about my first impression of one of her products so that her company knows what they need to pay more attention to.

I love my bracelet, just not the hassle. Always remain grateful and do not be afraid to give new things a try!

Stay Stylish!



When Fashion Becomes Style

Do you ever read those fashion magazines that have specific sections that target a specific type of person interested in a specific type of style? Some examples of these are Sporty Glam, Edgy, Feminine, and Classy. Each page that has one of these categories will usually show some fashion finds that would spark the interest of whoever is into that certain style that’s titled on the page. I would see these inside of my Seventeen magazines all the time! I always looked forward to these sections each time a new issue came in because I wanted to see how I could mix and match different styles together and create my own unique wardrobe.

I think fashion becomes style when you mix and match different trends together and find something that works for you. If you are new to the fashion world and this seems a bit overwhelming right now, my advice to you is to go out and find different types of accessories. The accessory I am going to talk about today is choker necklaces!


Today I shopped at Forever 21 and hit the jackpot with these three chokers that would each fit into different categories if they were inside a fashion magazine.

If I had to describe my style, it would be pretty difficult because I like a little bit of everything. However, I mainly live in the world of all things edgy but girly at the same time. This would explain why I chose both the pink choker and the black choker. As for the one on top, I chose this because the silver color made me think of the 90’s which is my favorite decade of all time!

I  plan on wearing these this weekend and can officially say that I have found some great accessories that can give off a different style. Who says I can’t be girly one day and gothy the next day? Who says I can’t be a girly goth or dress more retro? The whole point of style is to have fun and express yourself in your own unique way. Who the heck wants to look like everyone else anyway?

If you are on the hunt for some choker necklaces, head over to Forever 21. I got these chokers for $1 each! Have a great night and stay stylish 🙂



My Favorite Long Earrings

Can we talk about jewelry in a fun and non-controversial way now? Great!

I got a second ear piercing about three weeks ago and it has reminded me of how fun it is to wear earrings and jewelry in general. Although I am not a simple jeans and t-shirt girl, I can easily make a simple look my own when I have the right jewelry! Today I am going to show my favorite long earrings that I own. I was supposed to pick my top 5, but I hope you are all okay with seeing my top 6 instead!

I am going to start things off with a pair of earrings that have my favorite color: RED!


These were handmade from a lady who sells jewelry. She had made these earrings to sell at a yard sale in order to make extra money. I am wearing them in the images below!

Earrings Red RightEarrings RedEarrings Red Forward

The next ones I am going to show you are some that I purchased from a store named Versona. I was shopping with a friend of mines who picked them out for me.


Versona sells jewelry, accessories, clothes and even some shoes! They do have a website and it is

Earrings Blue CloseupEarrings Blue Closeup ForwardEarrings Blue Face

These next ones were from the store WetSeal and I had snatched the last pair that looked like this back when I worked there. WetSeal is coming back and I cannot wait!


These are definitely more dramatic and are not even heavy on the ears which is a plus!

Earrings Wetseal Pose

Earrings Wetseal Full FaceEarrings Wetseal CloseupEarrings Wetseal Eyes Closed

Now I am going to show you earrings from Forever 21! I bought these in Austin, TX.


These earrings are a mixture of gold and silver and give me a more girly feeling when I wear them. I think they really stand out against my dark red hair. What do you think?

Earrings Forever 21 Closeup

Earrings Forever 21 Side ViewEarrings Forever 21 Full Face

These next ones are ones that make me smile every time I see them because they are just so fun to wear! They are from the store Dillards and the brand is Anna & Ara.


How fun are these?! I bet I can make more like these if I went to the craft store! I really love the fuchsia pink color and the gold. these colors compliment each other well and I think that they are perfect earrings to wear in the summer! No more boring jewelry!

Earrings Anna Ara Closeup

Earrings Anna Ara Side View

Earrings Anna Ara Full Face.jpgLast but not least, are these that I bought at the department store, Macy’s! These are the only regular priced earrings on here that I went for because they were the last ones and I think they are stunning to wear when going out in the evening!


Earrings Macys Side view

Earrings Macys Forward

Earrings Macys Smile

That is it for today’s blog. I really hope you all liked these earrings! Let me know which ones were your favorite! I also want to thank everyone who has followed my Instagram account. I was able to reach my goal of 150 followers on August 4th which was the day that my fashion account turned 2 months old! If you really like my fashion, spread the word of my fashion blog or Instagram account to your friends and family! I would love to see this family grow. Remember to be kind to one another and of course, stay stylish!

Controversial Jewelry?

Hello everyone, did you guys have a great day?

I am exhausted, but am not allowing myself to go to bed without talking to you all first. As I sit here on my bed and begin to unwind, I cannot help but play my day in my head. I woke up bright and early and went to work at 8 a.m. and did the best I could. When not working part-time, my full-time student mode kicks in. I have never done so much work in one day, but like all students, I needed some help so I went to the writing lab.

I went into the lab hoping to find a document on how to cite in APA format. I know Owl Purdue is helpful, but what is most helpful to me is face-to-face interaction. They did not have the resource guide I was looking for, but I decided to stay in the lab to double check grades and due dates.

As I was standing in front of a computer to sign in, a random student decided to make a comment on my cross necklace I was wearing and say, “Jesus was not crucified on a diamond cross.”

I heard the record scratch sound in my head.


I’m not going to lie and say that I took this like a grain of salt, it really did bother me. I looked at her feeling sheepish inside, but replied boldly and confidently, “I know Honey. Now get back to work.”

I thought about this the rest of my day. Why did this bother me so much?

Here’s the thing, I really do not care what type of religion anyone practices or if they choose not to at all. I just want people to walk out their doors with good intentions. If I want to wear a necklace that has a cross on it, I believe I should. After this happened, I thought a lot about how many people may be hesitant to express their beliefs because we all know that not everyone will agree with us.

All I want to say is that I hope me wearing a cross necklace and believing in God does not change anyone’s feelings about me. I have always had my faith to get me through the most troubling and harsh times and most definitely the most stressful. Please do not hate me for believing in God, because I am very appreciative of every single on of you who come to my blog and read what I write. It seriously means the world to me.

Remember to stay strong, and of course, stay stylish! I love you all.