Shoes and Sleep

I clocked out of work and vented to my boyfriend right away about how crazy work had been. I felt as though I was all over the place physically and mentally and kept kicking myself in the butt for failing to do a simple print job. I had to make 100 copies, laminate them, and cut them. I was so proud of myself for accomplishing it until my boss pointed out that they were supposed to be double-sided. What a waste of paper and a waste of time. I drove myself home and walked into a very warm house. It turns out that the AC had been off and that there was a lot of water due to the condensation building up. The pipe was clogged and apparently it had overflowed to the point where water was leaking out of the vent and into the hallway.

I was annoyed with the way my day was turning out until I saw that a box with my name on it was waiting for me on top of the dining room table. My shoes had came in!!!

If you do not remember or were not a follower to my blog at the time, I made a blog post titled, ‘Wants Vs Needs’ and explained how I needed some beige/nude colored flats. Well, they finally came in! They are from Nordstrom and are in the image below!


I immediately put them on and walked all over the house feeling better already. After I had lunch, I decided that I should give myself some relaxing time so I took off the makeup and then I got into some comfy clothes and slept for an hour. I always get made fun of for being a young person who naps in the middle of the day like an old person. Oh well, I don’t know about you, but I believe in beauty sleep. And also, I think it is healthy for a person to just unwind and nap after a long day!

I am already starting to unwind for my bed time right now. I got another early day tomorrow and hopefully it will not be as hectic as it was today.

Good night sleeping beauties. Stay stylish.


What The Rain Told Me

Hello everyone! As you know from yesterday’s post, it was raining here in my hometown. I left out some details of the significance of the rainy weather so let me explain by saying this first, it stormed so badly in my area that I was only at work for an hour before everyone was sent home due to a bug power outage. The rain came in with a bang and caused flooding, many accidents, power outages, stalled cars, lightning shows, gusts of raging wind and panic to a lot of people who were out and about or watching the news at home. Eventually the rain did stop in the evening, but man was it scary Monday morning.

I never saw this storm coming. Never heard form anywhere that there was a chance of rain or anything like that so I was definitely taken off guard. Secondly, the rain washed away a lot of filth. The plants are standing tall and bright now and the streets in the neighborhoods look brand new. Whatever bird poop was on my car prior to the storm was long gone and when the sun finally peeked out, it was like a different place than before. This got me thinking of my how much my soul could use a bit of cleansing.



I had school, work, my fashion endeavor, my fitness journey and social life all over the place and organization was non-existent. I am going to really try to be more consistent and to be honest, I really enjoy blogging at night before bed because it reminds me of how I used to write in my diary, but once school starts, I am not sure if anyone is going to stay up to read my blog. I can still post in the evening, but it would probably be at 9 p.m. which I believe is a respectable hour.

Speaking of consistency, I want to transform my Instagram into a set theme or pattern instead of posting random things all the time. I have been YouTubing videos on how to edit photos, how to pose, how to set a theme, how to view grids and all sorts of things. I am able to dive deeper into this now that I finished my summer courses! I took two classes and gave it my best shot and thankfully came out with passing grades in both classes. I owe it to myself these next two weeks to put myself first now and focus wholeheartedly on my blog and on my Instagram and of course taking some fashion photos for you all.

So how does any of this relate to the rain we had over here?

Well for starters, the rain was pretty scary at first and things got pretty ugly. I felt this way when I started this blog and my Instagram account. I found myself doing the first photo shoot and felt kinda silly posing in a park. I honestly felt overwhelmed and tired afterwards. Overwhelmed and tired were feelings that I got know a bit too much this summer. Now that I do not have to worry about going to school, some weight has been taken off my shoulders.

Secondly, the rain went all out at first and flooded everything, but after a while it was more steady. This is how I feel about the way my Instagram account is. I uploaded about four photos the first day I created my Instagram which was June 4, 2017. I also posted about three photos a day which was super tiring and an unrealistic expectation of myself. Now I try to post one photo a day and sometimes two. Either way, I don’t want it all to be revolving around the same shoot because I don’t want to annoy followers with the same kind of photos over and over again.

Lastly, the rain nourished everything around it in a way that no human simply can’t do by themselves. This taught me that I am going to need help from others if I really want my fashion endeavor to be a success. I am a very independent person and I hate asking for help, but I need it. I can only take so many good photos of myself, by myself. It helps when someone can take your photo. Also, I cant be the only follower to my fashion account and expect people to get tips and outfit inspiration. I am seriously nothing without any of my followers so I will end this blog by telling you all thank you again for becoming a part of my fashion family and following my Instagram account or blog right here on WordPress. Your support means everything to me and I always try to be as interactive with you all as much as possible, so don’t be a stranger, say hi and comment once in a while on here or on my Instagram. I love hearing from you all.

Think about what it is you really want and just go for it! But remember to stay stylish while you are out there working for what you want!


Colors That Do Not Get Along

About three years ago when I was a senior in high school, is when I first discovered the fashion designer, Betsey Johnson. I loved that her purses had wacky prints or were random items like pastries or telephones, but my first purse from her was one of her simple styles. It is an off-white medium sized bag with heart shaped stitching all over it. It’s black strap is wrapped inside of a gold chain and it even has a light pink and black bow in the front with a gold pendant in the center that reads ‘Betsey Johnson’ inside a black heart. If this is confusing to picture in your head, just look at the image below!


I bought this bag at Dillards, but it was also available in Betsey Johnson’s online store, a store I did not look at until much later. There was three different styles of this bag. There was a leopard printed one, a floral printed one, and then the solid off-white color that I ended up purchasing. I was so happy that I had gotten my first designer bag that was not boring and a decent price. I loved it so much that I had to show it off at school the next day. Little did I know that I was going to get one of the biggest fashion shocks of my life!

The next day arrived and I ditched the backpack and decided I would take my purse and carry a binder. I laugh about this because this is the time period I was transitioning from a teenage punk tomboy and into a young lady who had that girly-with-an-edge style. My punk self would roll her eyes at ‘basic bitches’ who always carried their binders instead of putting all their junk in a backpack. It made no sense to me! Anyways, there I was a few years later doing the exact same thing, and I honestly felt like an entirely different person. I got a lot of compliments and smiled to myself almost the entire day until it happened.

Halfway through the day during my journalism class I had to take a bathroom break. Right after I washed my hands, I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I would place my purse from my right shoulder to my left shoulder. As I removed this bag, I freaked the hell out when I saw that my gorgeous off-white bag had what looked like blue pen stains smeared all over the back. I remember staring at the back of my purse bug-eyed and almost in tears. HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!? I kept asking myself. I immediately got some hand soap and began to scrub the back of my purse with my hand as best as I could, but the ugly blue stain remained. I began to panic. How would I explain this to my mom?! Why didn’t I just take my backpack to school?! Since when did it matter to me how pretty and girly I looked?! How did this happen?! Why me?!


I pulled myself together and stepped out of the restroom with the best poker face I could muster and went to class acting like nothing happened. My next class was choir and I reunited with my two best friends and unleashed on them what happened. I then look at one of my friends old backpack and saw that it was dirty and lo and behold, covered with what looked like pen marks! Our bags were next to each other during lunch I thought to myself. Then I got pissed and although I hate admitting it, I blamed my friend and her dirty backpack for staining my purse.

I was so pissed off. My friends calmed me down and smacked me in the face with some real talk about how you should not carry a light colored bag when you’re wearing black from head-to-toe. For those of you that suspected that I was wearing dark clothing, you totally guessed it. Although I was now in skinny jeans, flats instead of sneakers, and blouses instead of strictly band-tees, I still hadn’t been comfortable enough to wear much color. Although their explanation of how dark clothing rubbing against a light colored bag made sense to me after what happened, I was still upset.

If they knew about this, why didn’t they tell me before this happened? A warning would’ve been nice! When I told them this, they replied saying something similar to this, “We thought you knew!” They advised me to was off the stain with Clorox when I got home which is the first thing I did. Fortunately for me, it worked and removed the dark stain that was on my bag. Once I knew my purse was going to be okay, I swear I nearly cried in relief.