4 Things To Remember Before You Begin Your Back-To-School Shopping Spree

Hello everyone, it is that time of year again when back-to-school shopping is becoming a priority on almost everyone’s checklist. Here are some simple tips on things every girl needs to remember before she begins her back-to-school shopping.

Number 1: Look at your closet to see what you already have

I know there are certain things that we just cannot seem to have enough of, but a lot of the times what our closet needs is balance in order to prevent you from feeling like you have a closet full of clothes yet not a single thing to wear. I am learning this better myself by trying to focus more on neutral pieces rather than buying something that is just simply colorful and eye-catching.

Number 2: If you are going to be trying on clothes, wear a nude colored bra and mid-rise underwear.

I know this seems weird, but don’t you just hate it when you try on a pretty white blouse and can’t get past the fact that your hot pink bra is just peeking through the fabric? With a nude colored bra, you do not have to worry about this happening on any top that you wear because it is see-through proof.

As for the mid-rise underwear, you want to wear this because you are probably going to be trying on different rise bottoms and you want to make sure that your underwear is not going to give you a hip-dip when trying on fitted skirts or that it wont be peeking out if you squat down while wearing your pants. A mid-rise, hipster type of underwear will help you decide on whether or not your clothes will work out for you.

Number 3: Think of things that you already have in mind of purchasing, and purchase those items first!

Don’t you just hate when what you want is no longer in stock? I know I do! If there is something out there that you really, really want, do not stop yourself if you know that there is a chance that the item can sell out fast or if a big sale such as tax-free weekend is going to attract heavy traffic in the store. Just go for it if you really want or need it!

Number 4: If you see something you like, think about how you can wear it with items you already have. 

I use this shopping strategy all the time. When I see something I like at the store or online, I ask myself how I would wear it with pieces I already have in my closet. The more you can use whatever it is you want to buy with items that are already in your possession, the more likely that it will be a useful asset to your wardrobe and will also help you avoid buyer’s remorse.

I hope you all keep this in mind when you go back-to-school shopping. If you haven’t already, look at my last blog post and see if the type of student you are fits in any of the categories. I could really use your feedback on a project I am working on.

Good luck with back-to-school shopping and stay stylish 🙂

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Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Before I got my current job, I was working retail. I was working at the store WetSeal and pretty much had the ability to wear whatever I wanted as long as it was an appropriate length and cut that would represent the store and myself well. WetSeal merchandise was always encouraged to wear, so you can imagine just how much I would spend on clothes there on pay day. Plus who doesn’t like a great employee discount?

Now that I am in an office environment, there had to be some changes to my wardrobe. I am the person who sits at the front desk. I answer phone calls, I work on documents, I greet visitors and try to help them with general questions about certain services and because I sit in the front desk, I am the first face people see which puts the need to represent my department well. This put some pressure on me about what I can’t wear anymore. No more ripped jeans. No more spaghetti strapped tops. No more shorts, even if they were dressy shorts. No more shirts that say words like “Tacos & Tequila” or “Beach Please” or “no makeup, no problem” or “all I need is coffee and wifi”…you get the picture. I went into the job interview wearing a high neck black dress and black closed toe flats. I kept the makeup natural looking and straightened my hair. You have no idea how much I researched on what to wear for an interview. Maybe I can blog on some tips soon?

Anyways, my style has transformed since being at my current job and today I am going to show you 3 different looks that I have gotten compliments on at work. This first one is a bit fierce, but it is not over the top. In my personal opinion, mixing two different animal prints is pretty daring and can make any outfit look more trendy. This outfit is under $75 and has started a lot of conversations from visitors to the office.


This second outfit was under $50! The colors in this outfit made me think of Daphnie from Scooby-Doo! Pretty sophisticated and girly at the same time.


Last look is one that plays with flawless black and white with a pop of color! This outfit was also under $75 and the skirt was only $4!


Which one of these outfits is your favorite? Do you want to know details on these outfits? Tomorrow I will be posting more details on these three outfits and am currently working on a video for you guys! I hope you guys enjoyed these looks. Do not be afraid to allow your style to grow up with you! Stay stylish my friends.



Getting What I Need & Working For What I Want

Do any of you remember my Wants VS Needs blog?

If not, I pretty much made a list of all the things I currently want to have and then a list of the things I know I really need. These all revolved around clothes and other materialistic items I want, but I am glad to say that I have bought one thing from this list already and it was something that I needed which was some black high-waisted pants. I went to Fashion Nova and saw that the original pants I wanted was sold out in my size! Instead of letting this ruin my day, I went ahead and browsed through the site for some other high-waisted black pants. I’m glad I did this because the ones I bought instead are so nice that I cannot wait to receive it in the mail by tomorrow!

Here are the pants I bought

Just A Taste Jeans

I went ahead and bought these versus the original ones I posted, and I have to say, I am pretty excited to get my hands on these! For those of you who do not shop at Fashion Nova, I highly recommend their jeans if you have a pear-shaped figure. This is probably my favorite place to get jeans. If they do not have what you want, select your size, and type in your email so they can let you know when they restock on it and have it available for you!

I have successfully checked one thing off my list! I am going to remain frugal with my funds and see how long I can hold off before buying something that I want. I am really trying to save more money because I know I work so hard for it!

Have you guys treated yourself to something you want or need yet? Let me know!

Stay stylish, but save your money!!


Colors That Do Not Get Along

About three years ago when I was a senior in high school, is when I first discovered the fashion designer, Betsey Johnson. I loved that her purses had wacky prints or were random items like pastries or telephones, but my first purse from her was one of her simple styles. It is an off-white medium sized bag with heart shaped stitching all over it. It’s black strap is wrapped inside of a gold chain and it even has a light pink and black bow in the front with a gold pendant in the center that reads ‘Betsey Johnson’ inside a black heart. If this is confusing to picture in your head, just look at the image below!


I bought this bag at Dillards, but it was also available in Betsey Johnson’s online store, a store I did not look at until much later. There was three different styles of this bag. There was a leopard printed one, a floral printed one, and then the solid off-white color that I ended up purchasing. I was so happy that I had gotten my first designer bag that was not boring and a decent price. I loved it so much that I had to show it off at school the next day. Little did I know that I was going to get one of the biggest fashion shocks of my life!

The next day arrived and I ditched the backpack and decided I would take my purse and carry a binder. I laugh about this because this is the time period I was transitioning from a teenage punk tomboy and into a young lady who had that girly-with-an-edge style. My punk self would roll her eyes at ‘basic bitches’ who always carried their binders instead of putting all their junk in a backpack. It made no sense to me! Anyways, there I was a few years later doing the exact same thing, and I honestly felt like an entirely different person. I got a lot of compliments and smiled to myself almost the entire day until it happened.

Halfway through the day during my journalism class I had to take a bathroom break. Right after I washed my hands, I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I would place my purse from my right shoulder to my left shoulder. As I removed this bag, I freaked the hell out when I saw that my gorgeous off-white bag had what looked like blue pen stains smeared all over the back. I remember staring at the back of my purse bug-eyed and almost in tears. HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!? I kept asking myself. I immediately got some hand soap and began to scrub the back of my purse with my hand as best as I could, but the ugly blue stain remained. I began to panic. How would I explain this to my mom?! Why didn’t I just take my backpack to school?! Since when did it matter to me how pretty and girly I looked?! How did this happen?! Why me?!


I pulled myself together and stepped out of the restroom with the best poker face I could muster and went to class acting like nothing happened. My next class was choir and I reunited with my two best friends and unleashed on them what happened. I then look at one of my friends old backpack and saw that it was dirty and lo and behold, covered with what looked like pen marks! Our bags were next to each other during lunch I thought to myself. Then I got pissed and although I hate admitting it, I blamed my friend and her dirty backpack for staining my purse.

I was so pissed off. My friends calmed me down and smacked me in the face with some real talk about how you should not carry a light colored bag when you’re wearing black from head-to-toe. For those of you that suspected that I was wearing dark clothing, you totally guessed it. Although I was now in skinny jeans, flats instead of sneakers, and blouses instead of strictly band-tees, I still hadn’t been comfortable enough to wear much color. Although their explanation of how dark clothing rubbing against a light colored bag made sense to me after what happened, I was still upset.

If they knew about this, why didn’t they tell me before this happened? A warning would’ve been nice! When I told them this, they replied saying something similar to this, “We thought you knew!” They advised me to was off the stain with Clorox when I got home which is the first thing I did. Fortunately for me, it worked and removed the dark stain that was on my bag. Once I knew my purse was going to be okay, I swear I nearly cried in relief.



Shoedazzle Obsession

It’s another hot day in Texas, but that is nothing new. Especially in the month of July! What’s also nothing new is my Shoedazzle addiction. It doesn’t matter what month out of the year it is, I have a shopping problem with this online store.


I have been a Shoedazzle member since 2011! I used to also be a member of their sister store JustFab, but I ended up canceling the account because I was getting involved in too much online shopping for my bank account’s comfort. I am going to keep this blog short and straight to the point when I say that I really love Shoedazzle. They have a lot of nice styles that come in different colors and my membership guarantees me the VIP price of their products versus the original price. I love that I can scroll through all types of styles and even look at bags, clothing and accessories. Although I love clothes, I really come shop here for their shoes. I buy mostly flats and boots and have gotten compliments on every single pair I’ve purchased from here. Coincidence? I doubt it.



If you love shoes and shop for shoes very often, then I recommend creating a membership with Shoedazzle. The only catch is that your card will be charged $39.99 if you do not ‘Skip the Month’ by the 5th day of each new month that comes up. Although I think this rule sucks, I have personally managed to remember to skip the month if buying shoes is not in the budget. If you know you may forget to do this each month, you can set a reminder on your phone to skip or you can shop the site without becoming a member. Members have the benefit of purchasing anything at a discounted price, so really think about what would be the best thing to do for yourself.

This blog is short for today, but before I go, here are the new pair of shoes that I bought that came in yesterday! These shoes are called Kayna and they also come in black!


As always, thank you for reading and stay stylish!


I Am 21 And Do Not Know My Pant Size

Here are the facts of my life in this very moment…

First of all, I just showered and washed my red hair which was a very bad idea. I have light colored bed sheets and since I just got my hair dyed last week, there is a chance that my wet hair can leave orangey-red marks on my pastel green sheets. Secondly, I am trying to pick out an outfit to wear for tomorrow even though I know deep down that I am going to change my mind ten minutes before I walk out the door in the morning. Last but not least, I couldn’t help but notice that I have pants ranging in all types of sizes that don’t make sense to me. How can I be a size 2 in one pair of pants, but then a size 12 in another?

I find it very excruciating when I have to go pant shopping. It is one of the top five things I hate the most when it comes to fashion. I will tell you all the other four things later in another post. I hate that some pants make me look like I have a muffin top. I hate that some pants fit my hips snug, but is loose in the leg area. I hate that some pants even look like there is too much material in the crotch area ( I swear I did not accidentally try on guy jeans) and I really, really hate that pants often make me question whether I am satisfied with my body or not.

Can any of you relate?

Now I know that sizing works differently in certain stores and in different countries, but sometimes I really wish that pant sizes were as spot on as shoe sizes were. That would be so wonderful and would save me a lot of tears. I am the type of girl who finds a pair of jeans or pants that work for her and will buy multiple pairs for it to last me so I won’t have to go through the agonizing trip of shopping for a while.

I have done ridiculous things to save the old and worn out pants in my closet in order to avoid pant shopping again. I have sewn, put patches, lost weight and tailored in order to maintain a pair of pant’s life. I know the ripped jean look is in, but the material in my old pants always ripped or thinned out in the most embarrassing areas. Not trendy at all!

I did not have a specific point I wanted to get across, just the fact that pants stress me out and I cannot stand shopping for new pairs. Without any further ado, thank you for reading about my two cents on how I hate pant shopping. Believe me when I say that if I could be pantless the rest of my life and just wear dresses and skirts only, I would.


Feed Your Soul Without Using Your Wallet

My fashionistas, financially struggling college students, minimum wage part-time employees, anyone living paycheck to paycheck…remember that it is okay to take a step back and search for what is in your closet before searching for a deal through online shopping. It was about two weeks ago when I decided to set aside some time to go through everything in my closet. I tried on things and realized that not only did things not fit like they used to, but my style has changed over time.

The clothes I felt this way about had no place in my closet anymore so I decided to grab a big bag and started placing these clothes in there so I can donate them to thrift stores. I also took my name brand items and am making a bag that I will take to Plato’s Closet once I finish going through my drawers. By just going through my closet, I ended up donating two bags of clothing and five pairs of shoes from my closet.


I have also given shoes and clothing to little donation stations like the one in the image above. I was able to give back to the community and make extra space in my closet. I know that donating clothing can be hard when you tell yourself that you will fit back into those pants one day, or if certain clothes have an emotional value to you, but remember that clothes are meant to be worn and flaunted instead of never seeing the light of day again.

If you ever feel this way, my advice to you is to look at my blog post, Wants vs Needs and create a list of the things you currently want and a list of things that you need. Look at this list and ask yourself, “Am I willing to get rid of this one item that doesn’t work for me anymore for a new item I want/need that will work for me?”

If the answer is yes, find your strength and donate!

After donating clothing, you will feel strong for overcoming this obstacle which in turn is great for your soul and does not hurt your wallet. Before donating, I did stop and think for a moment in my car one last time if I really wanted to give all these clothes up. What made me certain that this was the best thing to do, was the fact that there are a lot of people just like me who come to thrift stores in hopes to finding something nice without over-spending.

On a side note since we are on the topic of thrift shopping, guess what?

I won a $10 gift card from Thrift City! They loved my photo of the dress I purchased from their store that I purchased and wore to my friend’s wedding last Saturday. Dress is in the image below.


And here is the gift card that I won and picked up earlier today!


So here is how I won this gift card…

First I purchased an item from their store, then I posted a photo of me wearing the dress on my Instagram account @alamocitysara and I used the hashtag #shopthriftcity . Make sure that if this is something that you’re interested in doing that your account is not set on private and that you are certain that there is a Thrift City in your area that you can shop at and pick up your gift card.

That is all you have to do in order to have a chance to win a $10 gift card. They pick a new winner every week and will DM you if you win with details on what to do next in order to claim your prize!

I believe this is all I have for you all today. Make the move to donate and give back to your community. Also take the time to step back and think about what you really want to spend your money on by listing the things you want and need.

Thanks for reading and stay stylish!