Things To Come

I’ve really missed blogging on here on a daily basis, but I know that this change was necessary in order for me to continue to grow in my fashion endeavors. Today’s blog is going to be a simple update on my whereabouts and I am currently working my butt off with being a full-time student and part time employee, but these things all make me want to try harder at being great at what I do and what I want to do is share my enthusiasm for fashion with others who feel the same way that I do. I am expanding my horizons by learning how to film and edit videos, become more comfortable in front of the camera during photo shoots, and just generally be more involved. I am doing these things on top of work, homework and studying, but just because this is challenging, it does not mean that it is impossible.

video editing

These goals are difficult and yes, I find myself getting frustrated when things do not seem like they are going well and I feel like no progress is being made, but great things do not happen overnight. I am still trying my hardest to be patient.

I am in the process of trying to learn how to film and edit videos so that I can start my own YouTube channel that revolves around fashion and who knows, maybe makeup every once in a while. I am using Halloween as an opportunity to recreate some costumes and makeup looks and I am pretty much filming the process so I can show you guys. I am planning on doing a total of 4 or 5 different characters so as soon as the weather here gets a whole lot better, I will be doing many photo shoots and videos. I really hope it all comes together in the end and I really hope that this endeavor will take me far.

I am open to any advice or suggestions any of you guys have when it comes to photo shoots, filming or video editing, I am all ears and it’s much appreciated. This is all I have for you all for now, as soon as I get the first video up, I will let you all know!

Stay Stylish and Good Night!

silver9 (2).jpg



Library Bliss

The rain in San Antonio has been consistent. It’s been the type of rain that isn’t harsh, but not dainty mist. I don’t think we have seen the sun since Sunday (no pun intended) and even though rainy days have always depressed me, I have been trying to keep my head up high and look on the bright side (again, no pun intended) and take time to enjoy this weather. When it rains, there is nothing like staying home and eating soup or drinking some coffee or hot chocolate in your pjs. But if you’re anything like me, you cannot afford to just stay home and relax. I have work and school and I am pretty much forced to leave my comfortable house and go out in the rainy world. These past four days have caused me to over-think my outfits, to feel sleepy all day, to crave soup, to wake up my allergies and yeah, depress me just a little.

I still wanted to take photos and wear cute outfits so when my boyfriend and I made our way to the Pearl Brewery in my town, we saw the little library inside Hotel Emma as a great and cozy area to take some photos. If I cannot be at home enjoying a book and coffee, at least I can make the best of going to the library and working on homework in a cozy area! We walked around and took more photos, and yes, we even took some outside! I will stop talking now and show you guys some of the photos!

Library BlissLibrarybliss3LibraryLibrarybliss

PearlBreweryLibrary Bliss2Library Bliss3Library BlissfulWine Blissful

Pearl BlissRainydayblissrainydaybliss2Rainydaybliss3rainydaybliss4

I hope you guys liked these pictures. I want to thank my boyfriend for being such a photographer trooper and willingly stand in the rain to take a few photos. Do not worry everyone, I made sure it didn’t take long and that he put on some dry clothes. Stay safe in the rain if you are also experiencing rainy weather. If not, then enjoy the sun for me! Stay stylish!




Never Say Never!

Can you recall a time where you said you would never wear something like that?

I remember all that time and laugh while shaking my head side-to-side in disbelief. I remember how not even a year ago I said that I would NEVER wear white pants or long pencil skirts. It’s funny how these items made their way into my closet. So what changed?

I began this fashion blog in order to give some outfit inspiration and talk about things relative in the fashion world that I hope is relateable and/or enjoyable to read.

Today I am going to show you some photos I took earlier today where I am wearing a long pencil skirt that I thought I would never, ever wear. So here it goes!


Everything in this outfit are all things that I said I would never wear!

Starting from the shoes, I remember how I said I would never wear shoes that showed my toes. I used to be self-conscious about my toes because of how little they were. My pinky toe is so small, the nail looks like it’s hardly there when I cut my nails!

The skirt, as I mentioned earlier, was that long pencil skirt that I said I would never wear yet this snakeskin one from Boohoo is my favorite! I love skirts, but long length skirts and dresses always intimidated me because I am a short person (5 ft. 2 in) and I felt that I could not pull it off. I think this skirt is very figure flattering and I am really thinking of getting another skirt like this.

The top is a band top! I LOVE band shirts, but I recall a time where I only wanted to wear a band shirt if it was a t-shirt. I used to hate tank tops. I didn’t want to be showing my arms. I had twig arms my whole life and I felt weak. I wouldn’t leave the house in a tank top or in a sleeveless blouse because I didn’t like the way my arms looked.

The choker necklace is also something I thought I wouldn’t wear. I always thought that it looked like a had a collar like my pet cat or something, but the choker necklaces I am seeing everywhere are so cute! I’m obsessed!

Never say never to things without giving them a try. You’ll be surprised to see what actually looks good on you! Keep an open mind and stay stylish! 😉


My First Photo Shoot

My fashion account on Instagram was born June 4th, 2017. Just five days after its birth, I did my very first photo shoot at a park. I had chosen three different outfits and of course, my boyfriend was my photographer. I decided to talk about this today because I know a lot of you may be fashion bloggers or fashion lovers who see a lot of people on social media looking flawless all the time and may wonder how a person could be so photogenic and great looking all the time.

I did my very first photo shoot on June 9th and had to find my strength to not run away from the camera. All my life I believed that I just wasn’t photogenic and that I could never stand in front of a camera. EVER.


On the other hand, people complimenting my outfits would spark a voice in the back of my head that would tell me that I should try becoming a fashion blogger. I always ignored it because I told myself that I would never be like the fashion bloggers or beauty gurus I see on YouTube or Instagram and that my pictures would suck and that no one would follow me, yadda, yadda.

Then I had to take my Portfolio and Professional Development class earlier this summer.

My professor wanted us to create a digital portfolio to display what we wanted to do as a career. Even though I am studying Communications, I still have no idea what I truly want out of it. It seemed like all my classmates were ahead of the game and soon I was intimidated by photographers who had their own work to display, journalist who had articles they had written and then there was me. I had nothing to really show for myself and I found myself waking up in the middle of the night believing that I wasn’t good at anything.


I then decided, what the hell? Who am I living for? Why am I here feeling sorry for myself? I am pretty great at dressing up. I know this may sound very arrogant, but sometimes you have to toot your own horn. It worked for me because soon I found myself activating my Instagram account, creating this blog, and taking pictures without running away from it!

The pictures you see in this post are all from my very first photo shoot. I did three different outfits and I felt super awkward and uncomfortable that I probably would have not been able to take decent pictures if anyone other than my boyfriend was my photographer. I felt silly doing certain poses or facial expressions because I was in a public place and I knew that out of curiosity, people would look from time to time.


I honestly look at these pictures and see a difference in how I take photos now versus then. I am more confident in front of the camera now-a-days. It took consistent work and motivation to try harder and I still have both great and not so great photo shoots still. There are just some days that your photos come out great and other days where a domino effect of bad luck just happens. I am glad I am able to share with you all some stepping stones to my fashion endeavor and I hope that this motivates you to overcome camera awkwardness or makes you feel better about your own pictures!

Share this blog with someone who may be camera shy or is stopping themselves from going after that dream the voice in the back of their head is urging them to go for!

Stay stylish!

Yes, I know this image looks like I am smelling my armpit! But cut me some slack, this was my first photo shoot and I had NO idea how to pose hahaha


Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Before I got my current job, I was working retail. I was working at the store WetSeal and pretty much had the ability to wear whatever I wanted as long as it was an appropriate length and cut that would represent the store and myself well. WetSeal merchandise was always encouraged to wear, so you can imagine just how much I would spend on clothes there on pay day. Plus who doesn’t like a great employee discount?

Now that I am in an office environment, there had to be some changes to my wardrobe. I am the person who sits at the front desk. I answer phone calls, I work on documents, I greet visitors and try to help them with general questions about certain services and because I sit in the front desk, I am the first face people see which puts the need to represent my department well. This put some pressure on me about what I can’t wear anymore. No more ripped jeans. No more spaghetti strapped tops. No more shorts, even if they were dressy shorts. No more shirts that say words like “Tacos & Tequila” or “Beach Please” or “no makeup, no problem” or “all I need is coffee and wifi”…you get the picture. I went into the job interview wearing a high neck black dress and black closed toe flats. I kept the makeup natural looking and straightened my hair. You have no idea how much I researched on what to wear for an interview. Maybe I can blog on some tips soon?

Anyways, my style has transformed since being at my current job and today I am going to show you 3 different looks that I have gotten compliments on at work. This first one is a bit fierce, but it is not over the top. In my personal opinion, mixing two different animal prints is pretty daring and can make any outfit look more trendy. This outfit is under $75 and has started a lot of conversations from visitors to the office.


This second outfit was under $50! The colors in this outfit made me think of Daphnie from Scooby-Doo! Pretty sophisticated and girly at the same time.


Last look is one that plays with flawless black and white with a pop of color! This outfit was also under $75 and the skirt was only $4!


Which one of these outfits is your favorite? Do you want to know details on these outfits? Tomorrow I will be posting more details on these three outfits and am currently working on a video for you guys! I hope you guys enjoyed these looks. Do not be afraid to allow your style to grow up with you! Stay stylish my friends.



My 15th Birthday

I was looking through some old photo albums because I wanted to find a good picture of myself to use for flashback Friday. I ended up looking through my quinceanera album and came across some photos to share with you guys!


As you can see I had a white dress with a red ribbon across my waist. My dress was actually made by a very talented woman who has her own workshop in her garage. My church wanted my dress to be all white, but I wanted a red dress since that is my favorite color. In the end, we had to come to a compromise. I saw many dresses that I liked, but they didn’t meet the church’s requirements or my family’s budget. We spent about $300 for my dress to be made.


Okay, so when I turned 15 years old, this was before I had gotten my braces. You can see that I had a little overbite, but I still looked and felt beautiful nonetheless.

I was also straightening my hair because I couldn’t stand my natural wavy/curly hair. I refused to curl it on my big day, so my hair stylist suggested we make a braid in the hairline area and create more of a half up-half down look. We topped it off with a red rose clip one of my tias handmade.


Last but not least, one of my favorite pictures from that night. To go with my red theme, my cake flavor was red velvet. I was encouraged to take the first bite out of it just for the hell of it and a great picture came out of it! My red lace gloves were from the store Hottopic and were the only thing I wore that wasn’t hand made.

Have a great day and happy Friday!


Style Inspiration

Today at work I am experiencing that very slow and boring hour that is just completely dragging itself. Normally when this happens, I begin to online shop or look up some style inspiration on Google images. This leads me to today’s topic which revolve around my top 3 style inspiration women who I am head over heels with their style.

My first woman is the girlfriend of video game commentator YouTube star Pewdiepie and her name is Marzia Bisognin. She also has a YouTube channel of her known which is under ‘Marzia’ if you are interested in subscribing to her channel. On that channel you will find fashion hauls, makeup tutorials, some diy projects, videos of both her and Felix (Pewdiepie) playing video games or answering questions, and even some VLOGs. Marzia even has her own clothing line and it kills me to admit that I have not yet purchased anything from her line yet. Things sell out super fast everyone!

Style Inspo person 1 image 2

So here is the first outfit I chose that Marzia is wearing and I picked this one because I can re-create this look with the clothes I already have in my closet.

I have a printed skirt similar to this, but with a different color scheme and a solid long sleeve sweater and tons of beanies. I really think that this outfit says ‘fun’ all over it and it really gives me that bubbly feeling when I am looking at it. Plus, I love skirts!




My second outfit that I chose from Marzia is one that I think is very beautiful, but that I am a bit intimidated to try out because I have always been scared to wear white pants.

Style Inspo person 1 image 3

I think that this outfit is so cool and chic though! The white ruffle that the pants have in the front add interest to the simple outfit and Marzia paired it with a black long sleeve top, black platform pumps and a black hat. In my opinion you can never go wrong with black and white, but at the same time, it is the little details that make outfits like this interesting such as the ruffle detail and hat.

Last but not least on Marzia is another pant look, but this time, more colorful.

Style inspo person 1 The color scheme of this outfit make me think of the Fall season which leads me to thinking about going back to school. ( I know I take summer classes and never take a break from school but you know what I mean!) This outfit can be worn to class or on a date. This is my favorite outfit on Marzia. Ever since she posted this outfit on her Instagram, I started to try to find similar apparel to recreate it.

My second woman is a model named Ines Steel who mainly posts on her Instagram account: Assassinofsteel which currently has 34.1K followers. If you are into some heavy metal and the more edgier styles, give her a follow! She also does photography and comes all the way from Barcelona!

This first outfit puts us back to black with some ripped knee denim, black sneakers, long and carefree hair, a band tee under a leather jacket with some shades. I have a very similar pair of jeans like hers that I got from the store Express. I recommend this store for their jeans. I know it may be pricey, but they have unique styles and great quality.

Style Inspo Person 2

What I love about this style is that not only does it give off a rocker chic vibe, but it also has a lot of fringe and Ines Steele wears a lot of red and black, my two favorite colors!20170717_161752[1]

20170717_163350[1]I picked this last outfit from Ines because it is the perfect outfit to wear to all the music festivals in the summer time.

She attends a lot of music festivals so she knows how to dress for these events. She tends to always wear some tights underneath her shorts and some bootie shoes when not wearing sneakers. She also never forgets those sunglasses at home. She honestly rocks any outfit that she puts on.



My third woman is known as a makeup guru YouTube star and is Carlibybel! She also has three Instagram accounts, including one that is dedicated to fashion which is known as thefashionbybel! I first started watching her videos when I was trying to figure out how to curl my hair using a straightener. She is a gorgeous woman and gives some of the best beauty advice. I love her fashion, but mainly her Fall/Winter looks.

The first look below starting from the left says Fall fashion to me. It has the brownish beige color to it and I love that both the bag and shoes have fringe detailing! High-waisted jeans are my go-to and are the only type of jeans I like to wear now-a-days. The best high waisted jeans are from Fashion Nova! They are so comfy. If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend it!


The second look is another outfit that is also mainly black and white. I love black and white, I cannot help it. The ripped boyfriend jean is a look I like on other people but not on me. Carli is surprisingly only 5’2 just like me and although I believe boyfriend jeans only work on tall people, she looks really good in these jeans! She also paired them with some platformed boots. Perhaps this helped make this look work? Regardless, she is flawless.

Last but not least, can we talk about that beige, winter perfect outfit on the right she is wearing? I know for some of you this is still a Fall outfit, but believe me when I say that Texas winter is probably Fall weather for some of you. That beige trench coat looks so cozy! I am going to have to find myself one of those for the winter. Especially since winter time falls on my birthday and I should not have to sacrifice style just because it’s cold outside!

I hope you all loved these styles from 3 different women I look up to fashion wise. Feel free to tell me who inspires your fashion sense and if you also like these styles. Time to clock out now!