Not too long ago, I was enrolled in an English Composition class my freshman year of college. It was a strange time for me since I was getting over a guy named…we’ll call him Jordan, who had completely went ghost on me. I was 18 years old and constantly asking myself what it was that I had done so wrong. I turned to writing. We had an assignment where we had to define a word of our choice and write an entire essay explaining our own personal definitions. I chose the word friendship.

During the time after Jordan had gone ghost on me, I was a confused wreck just going through the motions of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then Monday again. It was also a time where I found out who my friends really were. Friends are the people who are there for the good, the bad, and the ugly in your life and wow, was my life at its all time low around this time.

Let me not get too ahead of myself just yet and enlighten you with this fact, there’s a difference between being popular and just being a known misfit. I bring this up because I talked to the same two people every day in high school which are my best friends Briana and Marissa. These two are sisters to me. I was never given a sister biologically, but I am perfectly happy with the two that I sought out for myself.  Anyways, I remember texting Marissa about everything that was going on when things were good. I am not one that is open to expressing my feelings, but this was never an issue with my two sisters. I remember coming home one night and in the back of my mind and in my heart…I somehow knew that I was never going to see Jordan again.

Even though I had a feeling this was coming, it didn’t prepare me for the sense of forlorn that I was carrying and the wonders of what was so wrong with me that made Jordan ghost me. I was in a situation that I saw in movies and TV shows all the time and would think to myself that I was never going to be “that” girl. I couldn’t change the past, so with the help of my two best friends, I was able to get over the feeling of believing that I was not good enough. I was able to build trust in others again. I was able to build a stronger relationship with myself by loving and respecting myself more.

I look back at how my friends really came through for me when I went through this. Now-a-days, I have friends who are willing to open up to me about their situations and I may not have a solution for them, but I am always there to listen to them. Sometimes that’s all you really need. I value every single friend that I have and I firmly believe that there is a reason why I have crossed paths with each and every one of them. I will always love my friends more than they’ll ever know. I still have a small group of friends, but I would give my last breath for them all.

There really was no point of this blog being fashion related, but tonight I found myself laying in bed and thinking about all the faces that I enjoy seeing or the fact that my world just stops and all my attention goes to them when I see their name pop up on my phone. I think that it is important to remember our friends no matter where life seems to be taking us or whatever else is going on. I love being Alamo City Sara, but I will honestly be more than happy just being happy-go-lucky Sara without an h any day.

Have a great week everyone and do not allow yourself to be so caught up making a living that you forget to make a life! Stay Stylish 🙂


Change Is Good…Right?

I never pay close attention to horoscopes, but there is a weakness about Capricorns that I read about that said Capricorns always expect the worst. After this week I had a lot of set backs and I realize that I am on my way to some big changes in my life. First off, my laptop thought it would be cool to breakdown on me in the middle of midterms week. the battery is attached to the motherboard so it’s not like it is easily replaceable. I was pretty much told that I would have to get a new laptop. Some may find getting a new device exciting, but I loved my laptop. It’s been pretty hard to let it go. I am mentioning the laptop because this device is the only one that has my video editing software installed in it and because it is not working very well, I haven’t posted any videos on my new YouTube channel this week which I am pretty bummed out about.

Secondly, it was that dreadful time of the year for us college students, because I had to figure out what my Spring 2018 schedule was going to be like. I only have 7 more classes after this current semester and the classes are more concentrated and very limited. I arranged my school schedule the best way that I could, but it requires me to be in school all day Tuesdays and Thursdays. Being in school all day is not a big deal for me, but it is my employment that concerns me.

In the past, I have had to rearrange my school schedule in order to accomodate to my work schedule. Back then, I only needed Tuesdays off, and I was given trouble about it due to my work. So how is it going to be now that I need two days out of the week off? While I am grateful for my job, if my employers cannot give me the days off that I need, I will be forced to say good-bye to my current job and go back into searching for new opportunities.

I love the idea of branching into new opportunities and getting closer to working somewhere that is related to what I am going to school for, but I am fearful that my employers will let me go last minute and I will be jobless for a while before I find something. I even thought of internship opportunities, but as much as I would like for them to be paid internships, a lot of them are not. Beggars cannot be chosers, and I will not hesitate to take an unpaid internship for the experience and being able to put it on my resume. By this time next year, I will be taking my last few classes and I would want to be able to get all the experience that I possibly can.

There is a lot of uncertainty in my life right now, and at first, I really hated it. I hated it because just like my zodiac sign says, Capricorns have a weakness of expecting the worst. But now, I am starting to realize that change is a good thing, because here are the facts:

  • Technology breaks! They are machines and unpredictable. They are awesome when they do work, and what frustrates me (and probably a lot of people) is that we do not realize how much we rely on our devices until something happens to it. But worse things could happen. I could be dealing with something that is irreplaceable.
  • I love my job. God knows how convenient it was for me and how much it has taught me, but the truth is, I knew I was not going to stay there forever. I knew that eventually I would have to put in my two weeks and say my good-byes and thank yous, but searching for new employment is tough. Luckily us Capricorns have a strength of discipline, which will help me look for new employment if I need it.
  • Change will only begin to be good, when your attitude changes for the good.

This pretty much has been the reason why no videos were posted on my YouTube channel this week, but I will be back on YouTube soon! In the meantime I am going to just live and breathe through it all one day at a time.



Chester Bennington…You Will Be Missed

Hello everyone,

Today’s blog is about a musician that helped shape my brother’s and my childhood. Chester Bennington, front man of Linkin Park, songwriter and actor, has passed away today, July 20, 2017. I heard about the news from my boyfriend who also loves music as much as I do. We are both speechless to the breaking news and cannot process any of this information right now.

For today’s post I want to take a moment to send my condolences to Chester Bennington’s family, friends and fans who also stopped dead in their tracks the second they heard this. Hybrid Theory and Meteora were albums that I would play in my CD player, long before I had my first iPod Nano. Their album Minutes to Midnight which came out in 2007, had their song ‘What I’ve Done’ in the very first Transformers movie and when I first listened to it I got the chills because Chester Bennington’s voice was so stunning. I saw that movie the summer right before I started middle school and found myself listening to Linkin Park a lot again.

I also love the fact that Chester did a song in the Queen of the Damned soundtrack which is named ‘System’ and is my personal favorite song from that CD. He also did some acting and I can remember him clearly in one of the Saw movies. He really seemed like a down to earth guy and I knew I should’ve seen them in concert the last time that Linkin Park came to my hometown. If any of you guys have ever seen them in concert, let me know in the comments below.

Linkin Park

Now on a more serious note…

Reports say that Chester was found dead in his home after committing suicide. Suicide is a serious issue that we need to constantly bring awareness to and take action in order to prevent it from happening. Depression is a real deal. I have never suffered through depression, but I have a lot of friends who have. I admit that I have been naive about depression because I didn’t understand it nor could I relate to it. But instead of blowing my friends off because they were depressed, I offered my time and prayers to whatever they had to say and just tried to be a good friend to them.

This leads me to inform you guys that I never had a solution for anyone’s problems, but I know that sometimes what people need is to just talk to somebody. Anybody. Find someone to talk to because I know for a fact that we are not alone in this world and there are good people out there who are here to help you and may be just a call away.

For those of you who are like me and have not personally dealt with depression, remember to be kind. Consider the fact that maybe the person next to you may be having a bad day or that there are many people out there who are wearing a facade because they do not know how to cope with whatever they are going through. We do not know people’s lives and people do not know our own lives.

Here is the national Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Quote




I Am 21 And Do Not Know My Pant Size

Here are the facts of my life in this very moment…

First of all, I just showered and washed my red hair which was a very bad idea. I have light colored bed sheets and since I just got my hair dyed last week, there is a chance that my wet hair can leave orangey-red marks on my pastel green sheets. Secondly, I am trying to pick out an outfit to wear for tomorrow even though I know deep down that I am going to change my mind ten minutes before I walk out the door in the morning. Last but not least, I couldn’t help but notice that I have pants ranging in all types of sizes that don’t make sense to me. How can I be a size 2 in one pair of pants, but then a size 12 in another?

I find it very excruciating when I have to go pant shopping. It is one of the top five things I hate the most when it comes to fashion. I will tell you all the other four things later in another post. I hate that some pants make me look like I have a muffin top. I hate that some pants fit my hips snug, but is loose in the leg area. I hate that some pants even look like there is too much material in the crotch area ( I swear I did not accidentally try on guy jeans) and I really, really hate that pants often make me question whether I am satisfied with my body or not.

Can any of you relate?

Now I know that sizing works differently in certain stores and in different countries, but sometimes I really wish that pant sizes were as spot on as shoe sizes were. That would be so wonderful and would save me a lot of tears. I am the type of girl who finds a pair of jeans or pants that work for her and will buy multiple pairs for it to last me so I won’t have to go through the agonizing trip of shopping for a while.

I have done ridiculous things to save the old and worn out pants in my closet in order to avoid pant shopping again. I have sewn, put patches, lost weight and tailored in order to maintain a pair of pant’s life. I know the ripped jean look is in, but the material in my old pants always ripped or thinned out in the most embarrassing areas. Not trendy at all!

I did not have a specific point I wanted to get across, just the fact that pants stress me out and I cannot stand shopping for new pairs. Without any further ado, thank you for reading about my two cents on how I hate pant shopping. Believe me when I say that if I could be pantless the rest of my life and just wear dresses and skirts only, I would.


Wants vs. Needs

What I want is to buy, buy, buy! What I need is for pay day to show up already.

Am I the only one who gets paid and gets super happy and crazy that I end up only being somewhat rich for less than 24 hours before I’m broke again?

This never fails to happen to me. Pay day arrives and I almost trip and fall as I run to the mall. I’m not going to lie, I spend a lot of money on things I want way over things that I need. Wants are not just materialistic things, but also food. How can I say no to food? Do I really need some of those Great American Cookies? No, but I want it.

I’m not going to tell you that you should learn how to buy things that you need over things you just simply want. Instead, I’m here to remind you that you are not the only one who may go overboard with spending money the second you get paid. I am going to show you some things that I need versus things that I want. You’ll notice right away that the wants are greater.

I’ve been needing another blazer. I have one black one right now, but after trying to put on outfits for work in the morning, I realized that I could really use a white one. This one is from Boohoo. I need to just purchase it already. I could really use it to amp up my more professional looking outfits for work.


I really need a pair of black jeans…


The ones off to the right are from Fashionnova. I like these in particular because I have these in the Medium Blue color and I think that they are comfortable and very flattering. They are also high-waisted which is the only type of jean I like wearing now-a-days.

I am always looking to save money, but when it comes to pants, I am willing to spend the money if I like the way that it fits and it feels comfortable. I still do not really know what my proper pant size is. I can tell you right now that I have pant sizes in my closet ranging from size 2 to size 9. Crazy, but it has made me pay closer attention to size charts.

Moving on, I also really need another strapless bra. I have been wearing the only one I have religiously with all the off-the-shoulder, spaghetti strap or strapless tops and dresses that are all they hype this summer. I want to get another strapless bra in a nude color so that I can wear it with anything. I have not found a nude bra that I like, so I have no image for this item. However, I do have an image for some nude shoes that I like.


These are from Nordstrom and are 33% off at the moment. I always prefer 50% off or more which is why I haven’t purchased these yet. I know I am taking a gamble to wait for the price to lower for these, but I also want these shoes in pink. Do I need pink shoes? No. But that pink is SO gorgeous!


I know that I can pair more things with the nude color. I know, I know, I know!! Did you notice how everything I need is a nude color?

But I really cannot pass up the pink. I am a sucker for colorful stuff. These shoes are so awesome and I know I will cry if I don’t get them in pink. Could I live without the nude colored ones? Yeah. But the truth is that I need more neutrals! Sometimes black doesn’t really go with the outfit. Moving on to even more wants…

I’m obsessing over this almost $100 mustard yellow jacket from Verge Girl. Just look at it. I love that this jacket demands attention and stands out from the crowd without being too bright. I will have this jacket.more want

What I will not have is this romper on here from ModCloth…I took the gamble to wait for the price to go down and I looked for it only to discover that they only have XL available. Sigh…


I just want to ask God one thing…Bless this mess!

more and more want

The real Holy Water is the way that this site describes their product Bless This Mess spray. On Anese, this spray is a hydrating mist that apparently smells very heavenly. I want it! I am so curious about this product even though I have a ton of sprays that I love. I really recommend you guys go check out this website. Their beauty products seem really cool and they all have funny names! I love it! Their website is listed below. Are there things that you guys want really badly? Are there things that you need but are still finding yourself holding off just so that you can buy what you want first?

You’re not alone my friend. Cheers.

Things I Did Not Buy

Do you like this photo of my coffin shaped wallet? It’s where my money goes to DIE!

One of my biggest faults is that I find it hard to completely get over the things that I cannot change. The things that are just out of my control. The things that I just have to ‘let go’ and lay to rest. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was look at the shoes I bought the other day. I had been eyeing these shoes for two years. Two. Years. And they are finally mine! It seemed like they would never ever go on sale, but the day finally came and I was feeling lucky.

Although I would’ve loved to have my beloved black lace up sandals the second I saw them, I just didn’t like the price! First off, I never buy any clothes at regular price, but when I do, it’s because my wonderful mom or my wonderful boyfriend offers to split the price with me. But even then, I normally tell them not to worry about it.

However…I regret telling mom and boyfriend not to worry about it when I finally have the money, but cannot find what I wanted to buy. Honestly, a slap to the face would probably hurt a whole lot less than not being able to find what I worked and saved my money for. Okay, maybe not to that extent, but still, it   S-U-C-K-S!

I have taken some photos of the things that I was not able to buy so I can share them with all of you. The image below are some high end products I did not buy. Too pricey!

Things I Did Not Buy


I regret not getting this taco purse so bad. I love Betsey Johnson, but I just didn’t have the money to buy this bag at the time. I know that there are Betsey Johnson products at Ross stores, but I never saw this bag there. I unfortunately never saw this bag again since the day I took the picture! As for the picture on the right, yes, those are Wonder Woman cuffs. They looked gorgeous on! But realistically speaking, I would only wear them if I was going to dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween or if I was going for that gladiator goddess look which isn’t very often. I had to wave good-bye to these too.

Things I Did Not Buy (1)

I did not buy this dress from Burlington or these shoes from Ross. I had rotten luck on both of these when I decided to wait just one more day when I got paid. I went back for the dress and it was completely gone. I didn’t even see it in other sizes! As for the shoes, they didn’t have my size anymore. Ladies, always get your proper shoe size! It will not be worth it to buy shoes that are a great price but too tight or looking like you stole Ronald McDonald’s shoes. Oh well, the hunt for hunter green shoes like these continues. I know I will find a great deal somewhere.

As for yesterday’s steal, it was worth the wait. They are comfortable and flawless and can spice up any outfit in my possession and I didn’t have to break the bank for them. I am a full time college student who only works part time so I cannot be constantly making purchases left and right. Can anyone relate?

Who Keeps Letting The Dogs Out!?

Seriously though! Who keeps letting these dogs out!?

This is my stressed out face in the image below. If you want to skip straight to the dog part, start reading from the 4th paragraph down.

stressed out

Yesterday I really had to motivate myself to workout. I began doing some weights since I have neglected working my upper body for far too long. Just as I was getting into my workout, my phone rings. I was annoyed at first until I saw my boyfriend’s name. Instantly, all was forgiven.

We talked for about three minutes and I proceeded back to my workout. I was back in the zone again, until my brother knocks on my door. I paused my workout video and answered the door when my brother says, “Time to eat!”

I was confused. My family never eats dinner before our evening walk. I still planned on running, but I cannot really do that on a full stomach. I didn’t want to be an ass and say that I didn’t want to eat because I wanted to finish my workout instead, so I made myself stop what I was doing and kept my mouth shut. You as the reader, probably do not see what would have been the harm in saying that, but I come from a very traditional Hispanic family who finds dinner time very important because it is the only meal of the day that the whole family is reunited after a long day. I ended up eating half my food all sweaty. I told them I would finish the rest after my run. They understood. I think.

That brings me to why I titled this blog, “Who Keeps Letting The Dogs Out!?”

I had my old iPod nano on shuffle and I came across the perfect song to build up from a steady jog to an all out sprint. (Waking Up Beside You by Stabbing Westward) I didn’t even jog one block when I heard panting to my left side. A beautiful beige Labrador Retriever was running next to me. He had his tongue out and a big ol’ smile and was a pretty big boy. He looked well fed and well groomed and was obviously friendly. This dog was not scared of people. He looked like the ideal family dog, but had no collar. I finally stopped jogging and told the dog he needed to go back home. He just looked at me. Still panting and very happy to see me. I couldn’t help but fall in love.

I ordered him to sit, but he stood on his hind legs and attempted to lick my face. All I wanted was a good and uninterrupted workout, but I couldn’t have just left this dog here nor could I have brought it home. I have both indoor and outdoor cats so bringing a big dog over was out of the question. To my surprise, my family caught up to me and found me with this random dog. However, my mom said she had noticed it roaming the streets yesterday morning. I let them know what had happened and my father told me and my brother to go continue our run/walk and that he and my mom would figure out what to do with the dog. We obeyed and I began my run again, but it just wasn’t the same. I kept thinking about the dog.

My parents took a while to get home, so when they finally did, I desperately wanted to know what happened to the dog. They had walked around with it for a long time in hopes that someone would recognize it. They had no luck, but told me that it ran off once it saw another dog roaming aimlessly. My parents knew they couldn’t bring it home, so they continued their walk and remembered the street the two dogs were last seen at. We plan on making some signs with the dog’s picture and with the day and street name it was last seen on. My parents also told me that a little poodle they had never seen before was out and about, but also didn’t have a collar.

Needless to say, my family cannot stop thinking of these dogs. We are noticing more and more stray dogs around our area and it is very saddening. There is a lost dog sign for a little bulldog named Levi, but of all the dogs we’ve seen, Levi is nowhere to be found and has been missing since May 10, 2017.

Not only do we have to look after our pets better, we should also have animal care services phone numbers in case we want to report the stray activity in our neighborhoods. We should make lost and found signs and not forget to spay and neuter to avoid over-population. There are already many pets who are in shelters and are looking for a home. Let’s rescue them and remember to adopt don’t shop. I have always had pets my entire life and having fur babies as part of the family adds so much more joy to life and even though they cannot speak our language, they still let you know how grateful they are for you!

My colleagues Krystal and Victoria agree on this. Listen to our podcast that we did for our Radio and TV Script Writing class where we talk about the importance of adopt don’t shop and our own experiences with our pets and how we feel about overpopulation. Click on the title, Pet Talk Adoptions Not Purchases, to listen.