Imperfect Things About Me That Make Me Perfectly Happy!

No one is perfect. We hear this all the time, but we often need to be reminded constantly about this fact! I see all these models on Instagram for example and there are times where I find myself comparing my body to their body. Or I see a fashion blogger with a big closet full of clothes and it makes me look at my own closet wishing it was just like theirs. Whether you think someone is perfect because of how they look, who they are, or what their lifestyle appears to be like, do not feel like you and your life is not good enough. In today’s blog I am going to point out imperfect things about myself that make me feel happy at the end of the day.

  1. My Random Dimple- When I smirk or have a smug face rather than actually smiling, a random dimple on my right cheek will appear! I think dimples are adorable. Especially when it’s a dimple from smiling, but what makes my dimple so imperfect is that it will only appear when I am making a weird smirk or face.happy5
  2. My Square Shaped Butt- I have heard people describe butts in various ways and for a while, it seemed like everyone was just all about the bass! Social media has also made it seem that the only good looking butts were either the really round ones or the heart shaped ones, but my butt is more of a square shaped butt. Despite my butt not fitting into the mold of the most desirable shape there is, I still think it’s round enough!happy4
  3. My height- I am 5ft 2 in. tall and I always wished I was taller! But the way I see it is that I can always wear heels to be taller on those days were I really cannot stand my own height.happy.jpg
  4. My Knee Scars- You cannot tell that much in this photo, but I have scars on both my knees. My favorite things to wear are dresses and skirts and I absolutely cannot stand pants! The scar on my left knee looks like the Nike logo and the scar on the right knee is from skidding on the street after tripping in the middle of my afternoon run. My mom was so upset and freaked out after seeing all that blood. The reason I love my scars is because there are some crazy stories behind them.dscn59681.jpg
  5. My Sorta Flat Tummy- Us women always freak out about our bodies! STOP! One thing that stands out when I am wearing high waisted skirts especially, is that there is always this center crease across my stomach that shows that my stomach is folding a little when I am sitting down or when I am not purposely sucking my stomach in. So my stomach is only sorta flat, who cares? This makes me happy because it reminds me that I am well fed! You can also see this tummy thing in that last picture.happy3


Not too long ago, I was enrolled in an English Composition class my freshman year of college. It was a strange time for me since I was getting over a guy named…we’ll call him Jordan, who had completely went ghost on me. I was 18 years old and constantly asking myself what it was that I had done so wrong. I turned to writing. We had an assignment where we had to define a word of our choice and write an entire essay explaining our own personal definitions. I chose the word friendship.

During the time after Jordan had gone ghost on me, I was a confused wreck just going through the motions of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then Monday again. It was also a time where I found out who my friends really were. Friends are the people who are there for the good, the bad, and the ugly in your life and wow, was my life at its all time low around this time.

Let me not get too ahead of myself just yet and enlighten you with this fact, there’s a difference between being popular and just being a known misfit. I bring this up because I talked to the same two people every day in high school which are my best friends Briana and Marissa. These two are sisters to me. I was never given a sister biologically, but I am perfectly happy with the two that I sought out for myself.  Anyways, I remember texting Marissa about everything that was going on when things were good. I am not one that is open to expressing my feelings, but this was never an issue with my two sisters. I remember coming home one night and in the back of my mind and in my heart…I somehow knew that I was never going to see Jordan again.

Even though I had a feeling this was coming, it didn’t prepare me for the sense of forlorn that I was carrying and the wonders of what was so wrong with me that made Jordan ghost me. I was in a situation that I saw in movies and TV shows all the time and would think to myself that I was never going to be “that” girl. I couldn’t change the past, so with the help of my two best friends, I was able to get over the feeling of believing that I was not good enough. I was able to build trust in others again. I was able to build a stronger relationship with myself by loving and respecting myself more.

I look back at how my friends really came through for me when I went through this. Now-a-days, I have friends who are willing to open up to me about their situations and I may not have a solution for them, but I am always there to listen to them. Sometimes that’s all you really need. I value every single friend that I have and I firmly believe that there is a reason why I have crossed paths with each and every one of them. I will always love my friends more than they’ll ever know. I still have a small group of friends, but I would give my last breath for them all.

There really was no point of this blog being fashion related, but tonight I found myself laying in bed and thinking about all the faces that I enjoy seeing or the fact that my world just stops and all my attention goes to them when I see their name pop up on my phone. I think that it is important to remember our friends no matter where life seems to be taking us or whatever else is going on. I love being Alamo City Sara, but I will honestly be more than happy just being happy-go-lucky Sara without an h any day.

Have a great week everyone and do not allow yourself to be so caught up making a living that you forget to make a life! Stay Stylish 🙂

Change Is Good…Right?

I never pay close attention to horoscopes, but there is a weakness about Capricorns that I read about that said Capricorns always expect the worst. After this week I had a lot of set backs and I realize that I am on my way to some big changes in my life. First off, my laptop thought it would be cool to breakdown on me in the middle of midterms week. the battery is attached to the motherboard so it’s not like it is easily replaceable. I was pretty much told that I would have to get a new laptop. Some may find getting a new device exciting, but I loved my laptop. It’s been pretty hard to let it go. I am mentioning the laptop because this device is the only one that has my video editing software installed in it and because it is not working very well, I haven’t posted any videos on my new YouTube channel this week which I am pretty bummed out about.

Secondly, it was that dreadful time of the year for us college students, because I had to figure out what my Spring 2018 schedule was going to be like. I only have 7 more classes after this current semester and the classes are more concentrated and very limited. I arranged my school schedule the best way that I could, but it requires me to be in school all day Tuesdays and Thursdays. Being in school all day is not a big deal for me, but it is my employment that concerns me.

In the past, I have had to rearrange my school schedule in order to accomodate to my work schedule. Back then, I only needed Tuesdays off, and I was given trouble about it due to my work. So how is it going to be now that I need two days out of the week off? While I am grateful for my job, if my employers cannot give me the days off that I need, I will be forced to say good-bye to my current job and go back into searching for new opportunities.

I love the idea of branching into new opportunities and getting closer to working somewhere that is related to what I am going to school for, but I am fearful that my employers will let me go last minute and I will be jobless for a while before I find something. I even thought of internship opportunities, but as much as I would like for them to be paid internships, a lot of them are not. Beggars cannot be chosers, and I will not hesitate to take an unpaid internship for the experience and being able to put it on my resume. By this time next year, I will be taking my last few classes and I would want to be able to get all the experience that I possibly can.

There is a lot of uncertainty in my life right now, and at first, I really hated it. I hated it because just like my zodiac sign says, Capricorns have a weakness of expecting the worst. But now, I am starting to realize that change is a good thing, because here are the facts:

  • Technology breaks! They are machines and unpredictable. They are awesome when they do work, and what frustrates me (and probably a lot of people) is that we do not realize how much we rely on our devices until something happens to it. But worse things could happen. I could be dealing with something that is irreplaceable.
  • I love my job. God knows how convenient it was for me and how much it has taught me, but the truth is, I knew I was not going to stay there forever. I knew that eventually I would have to put in my two weeks and say my good-byes and thank yous, but searching for new employment is tough. Luckily us Capricorns have a strength of discipline, which will help me look for new employment if I need it.
  • Change will only begin to be good, when your attitude changes for the good.

This pretty much has been the reason why no videos were posted on my YouTube channel this week, but I will be back on YouTube soon! In the meantime I am going to just live and breathe through it all one day at a time.



What Happens When You Do Not Know What To Wear

If you’re anything like me, you struggle with figuring out what to wear in the morning. You wake up and fix your hair and makeup and have your look broken down to a science because it’s a similar routine. Clothes however, are not a similar routine. In fact, you probably do not want to dress similar to what your wore the previous day which is why you find yourself trying to figure out what to wear and having a hard time.

Personally, I hate my Tuesday schedule. I hate that I have to be up early and out the door by 7:30 a.m. I hate that I clock out of work and only have 30 minutes to drive all the way to school and frantically find parking and make my way to the third floor just to get to class. I hate that I have to take this 50 minute course that is mandatory by the university, yet feels like a complete waste of time. Instead of ranting on about how I hate my Tuesday schedule, but I think that the photo of my messy room explains how Tuesdays make me feel on the inside.

I am a human being at the end of the day and even though I love to dress up, there are days that I do not even know what to wear or where to start looking in my closet. Today was one of those days. I was rushing. My mind was going crazy. I started throwing all my clothes everywhere. I was running out of time.

Here is my advice for those days when you have no idea what to wear.

  • Keep it simple- Jeans and t-shirt are the way to go for simplicity, but you can still dress is up with a light jacket and some nice shoes.
  • Use your jewelry- If your clothes are kept simple, allow your jewelry to help you make your outfit more interesting. Another great accessory is hats!
  • Go for a dress! You already do not know what to wear and you’re probably frustrated. Do not make things more difficult by trying to match tops and bottoms, just put on a dress and simple shoes and you’re good to go!

These are my best tips on figuring out what to wear during those mornings where you find yourself frantically trying to put an outfit together last minute. One piece of advice that I have always gotten from others after telling them about not knowing what to wear is to put an outfit together the night before. For me personally, this does not work. Complicated, when I have tried this, I wake up the next day no longer in the mood for that particular outfit. I wish this piece of advice would work for me, but my complicated self just wont let it!

My Tuesday is now over and even though I was rushing and frustrated this morning, life simply goes on. I hope you all had an easier time this morning before you took on your Tuesday. I am excited to let you guys know that I have started my Halloween shopping! Can you believe this is the last week of September?!

What are you guys going to dress as for Halloween this year? Stay stylish!


Trends I Cannot Stand: Men’s Edition

Today’s blog is going to be a little different because I am going to talk about men’s styles I cannot stand! I got some interesting feedback from when I blogged about women’s styles I couldn’t stand so I am going to do a men’s edition. Before I begin, just a friendly reminder that these are all based on my own opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Counting down backwards….

#5 Tattooed Shirts…

Tattooed shirts need to go. I do not see the appeal in shirts like these whether it is worn by males or females. Tattoos are so cool, but I also think that people get tattooed in order to symbolize something that is significant to them. I think tattoos should stay unique and shouldn’t just be on all t-shirts so multiple people can be walking around, sporting the exact same tattoos. It kills me to say this, but even my favorite Latino rockstar, Juanes, sported fake tattoo sleeves on the cover of his album, Mi Sangre. Why Juanes? WHY? You’re too cool to be wearing something like that. Stick to sporting your own tattoos.

men's tattoo sleeve shirt Juanes

#4 Hipster Glasses– So the hipster glasses in my opinion belong on junior high kids who are participating in Nerd Day only. If you need real glasses, wear them and just choose frames you like. If you don’t need glasses, why put on fake ones? I remember when so many people started to wear these hipster frames out of the blue. This trend also goes for women too. I honestly feel very puzzled by the desire of wanting to put on frames without actual glasses in them. In my book, the only one who could pull off the fake glasses is…

men's tattoo sleeve

CLARK KENT!!!!  Clark Kent.PNG

#3 Socks and Sandals– As comfortable as they may be…please don’t. They completely dress down anything you wear. Even if the rest of you is put together, socks and sandals will ruin it. The gentleman would look so much better if he ditched the socks and sandals and went for a dress shoe. Even some Adidas sneakers would look better with

socks and sandals

#2 The Man Romper- Maybe I am just too old-fashioned, but I think rompers are kinda just a girl thing. Please do not hate me for saying that, I know anyone can wear whatever makes them happy. All I am saying is that I would not want to see my own man wearing something like that. Men can get the same look by wearing the same colored shirt and shorts, I get it, but a man in a onesie looking thing kinda just freaks me out.

Man Romper.PNG


Mud Pants -.- 

Mud Jeans

Yes, they are real. Google it. And let me know what you think of those three-digit prices these are selling for.

Mud Jeans2

Why? WHYYYYYY? In my opinion, this only looks hot if a guy is out there on the field working and earning real mud stains on his jeans versus just going to school with fake mud. First of all, you could probably re-create this look for a whole lot less, secondly, in the back side of jeans, it just looked like you crapped yourself. When did fashion designers ever think this was a great idea?

That’s all I got for you guys today. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on these trends.

Keep your man away from mud jeans and stay stylish!


Colors That Do Not Get Along

About three years ago when I was a senior in high school, is when I first discovered the fashion designer, Betsey Johnson. I loved that her purses had wacky prints or were random items like pastries or telephones, but my first purse from her was one of her simple styles. It is an off-white medium sized bag with heart shaped stitching all over it. It’s black strap is wrapped inside of a gold chain and it even has a light pink and black bow in the front with a gold pendant in the center that reads ‘Betsey Johnson’ inside a black heart. If this is confusing to picture in your head, just look at the image below!


I bought this bag at Dillards, but it was also available in Betsey Johnson’s online store, a store I did not look at until much later. There was three different styles of this bag. There was a leopard printed one, a floral printed one, and then the solid off-white color that I ended up purchasing. I was so happy that I had gotten my first designer bag that was not boring and a decent price. I loved it so much that I had to show it off at school the next day. Little did I know that I was going to get one of the biggest fashion shocks of my life!

The next day arrived and I ditched the backpack and decided I would take my purse and carry a binder. I laugh about this because this is the time period I was transitioning from a teenage punk tomboy and into a young lady who had that girly-with-an-edge style. My punk self would roll her eyes at ‘basic bitches’ who always carried their binders instead of putting all their junk in a backpack. It made no sense to me! Anyways, there I was a few years later doing the exact same thing, and I honestly felt like an entirely different person. I got a lot of compliments and smiled to myself almost the entire day until it happened.

Halfway through the day during my journalism class I had to take a bathroom break. Right after I washed my hands, I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I would place my purse from my right shoulder to my left shoulder. As I removed this bag, I freaked the hell out when I saw that my gorgeous off-white bag had what looked like blue pen stains smeared all over the back. I remember staring at the back of my purse bug-eyed and almost in tears. HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!? I kept asking myself. I immediately got some hand soap and began to scrub the back of my purse with my hand as best as I could, but the ugly blue stain remained. I began to panic. How would I explain this to my mom?! Why didn’t I just take my backpack to school?! Since when did it matter to me how pretty and girly I looked?! How did this happen?! Why me?!


I pulled myself together and stepped out of the restroom with the best poker face I could muster and went to class acting like nothing happened. My next class was choir and I reunited with my two best friends and unleashed on them what happened. I then look at one of my friends old backpack and saw that it was dirty and lo and behold, covered with what looked like pen marks! Our bags were next to each other during lunch I thought to myself. Then I got pissed and although I hate admitting it, I blamed my friend and her dirty backpack for staining my purse.

I was so pissed off. My friends calmed me down and smacked me in the face with some real talk about how you should not carry a light colored bag when you’re wearing black from head-to-toe. For those of you that suspected that I was wearing dark clothing, you totally guessed it. Although I was now in skinny jeans, flats instead of sneakers, and blouses instead of strictly band-tees, I still hadn’t been comfortable enough to wear much color. Although their explanation of how dark clothing rubbing against a light colored bag made sense to me after what happened, I was still upset.

If they knew about this, why didn’t they tell me before this happened? A warning would’ve been nice! When I told them this, they replied saying something similar to this, “We thought you knew!” They advised me to was off the stain with Clorox when I got home which is the first thing I did. Fortunately for me, it worked and removed the dark stain that was on my bag. Once I knew my purse was going to be okay, I swear I nearly cried in relief.



Christmas (Shopping) In July

As of today we are five months away from Christmas day. Although I used to believe that Christmas in July was nonsense, I am going to try doing my shopping little by little as the second half of the year progresses so I don’t find myself stressing out over last minute shopping or running low on funds. I know for some of you, if may be way too early to be thinking about Christmas, but this year I would like to be able to enjoy the holidays instead of stressing out about what gift I am going to give so-and-so.

Correct me if I am wrong, but do you ever feel that the amount of stress prior and sometimes during and after the holidays lasts way longer than the holiday itself? In my book, it is not worth the stress for one day. I am not a holiday hater by no means, don’t get me wrong. I am very family oriented and I do enjoy seeing relatives and friends from out of town, but ohhhh-emmmm-geeeeeee do I stress out when certain relatives have grudges against one another or friends cancel on plans last minute or the gift doesn’t fit or show up on time or all the kids that go psycho with their toys and break something. Oh, and do not get me started with feeling rushed because you are trying to make time for everyone important in your life. I feel a bit overwhelmed just reading this.

Anyways, I am writing this blog today in hopes that I can help you save some stress by starting your shopping in advance. If you see something at the store today and think someone you know will like it, buy it! Who says you have to wait until December to start thinking about these things? Here is my list of the most important people to shop for in my life…

  • Mom- Do I really need to explain why?
  • Dad- If I buy something for one parent, I cannot forget the other!
  • Brother- He’s not the stereotypical older brother you see in TV shows. I don’t deserve how great he is to me as a sister.
  • Best Friend- She is the closest thing I have to a sister. We’ve been friends for 10 years already now!
  • My boyfriend- He’s the love of my life!
  • Cats- I am a crazy cat lady and pets are part of the family too!

I will have to save the most money for these people in my life. Even though they do not ask me for much, I still want to give them something they really want or need.

The second list is composed of couples around my age who are either my cousins or friends. They are….

  • My cousin Javier and his girlfriend Miranda- they’ve been together for a long time and I think I really know what their interests are.
  • My friends Jaqui and her boyfriend- I actually still have their gift from last year. It was a cute house to put in their rat’s cage. I think I will include something else with it for them this year.
  • The wedded couple! – This will be their first Christmas as husband and wife! I got to make the gift count.
  • My YouTuber and fashion-forward friend Nikole and her boyfriend Bryan- I met them through my boyfriend, and I know they looked after him throughout the years before I entered his life. I really owe them.

Although there may be more people that will enter my life that I may want to give them something, these are the people who are on my list as of right now. I see my best friend today and although I won’t be able to give her a gift this year, I really hope I can find an awesome Christmas gift to make up for it!

Consider getting a head start in gift shopping to avoid stressing out later. While everyone is frantically searching in stores, you can be occupied enjoying the atmosphere of the holidays and take the time to admire it in its beauty. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, think of all the things you’d rather be doing during the holidays instead of shopping for everyone else except yourself!


As always, have a great day and stay stylish!