Weekend Adventures

This weekend was exactly what I needed. I needed time with family and time to sit down and begin filming this week’s projects!

I have been continuing to get outside my comfort zone and try new things, especially with makeup during this Halloween season. Today I filmed a 2 in 1 video which means that the first half of the video will be a separate video from second half. I am still trotting along with learning how to edit videos and experimenting. I don’t mind if progress is slow, as long as it’s surely.

I went to a wedding on Saturday and reunited with a lot of family. One of them was my dad’s cousin, Genaro who does video and photography. He and his son who is 11 years old and in the 5th grade now, have been working together. I usually only see them when there is a special occasion that calls for photography and video. They did the photography and film for my Quinceanera and will definitely do the same for my wedding one of these days. I wore my prom dress to the wedding and outdid myself with my makeup since it was over-the-top girly.



Sunday on the other hand, I began filming this week’s look and I needed to cover up my eyebrows with makeup. I will not post a picture of me without eyebrows, you need to give me a follow on Instagram! Just search for AlamoCitySara and you will find my account! I hope you all had a good weekend, and enjoy the rest of your night! I am going to be watching The Walking Dead with my family now!

Stay Stylish!


Guilty Pleasures

As you all know, I attended my friend’s wedding the other day. It was a beautiful day. Not only did I witness the couple become one, I also reunited with a lot of my friends who I have not seen since I transferred to a university. I was glad to see that my friends were all doing well and just as happy as I was to see the bride and groom getting married.

So why did I title this post guilty pleasure?

Because my guilty pleasure is wedding related. Guys, I love watching the show, ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and what better time to share that with you guys than now?!


My great friend wore this beautiful gown that she got from David’s Bridal. It is not over-the-top, but undeniably beautiful on her. The dress had a three quarter sleeve with lace detail and mesh neckline versus bare shoulders. The dress featured a thin jewel piece ribbon in front of her waist and a straight, long skirt with a longer cut in the back. She wore the dress with the long piece in church and was able to remove it for the dance later on.


The veil was attached to the bride’s floral crown that she made herself! My friends are very into anything Dia de los Muertos inspired, so this floral crown was a nice touch for her big day. Their wedding cake definitely gives off this impression and went well with their wedding theme.20170716_125841.jpg

I love dresses in general, but wedding dresses are just very stunning and there is so many styles out there that I think are very beautiful and can make any woman out there believe that she is truly gorgeous and special. Although I love watching this show, I want you all to understand that I am only into it for the dresses. I hate the drama the bride’s friends and family bring and seeing the poor bride trying to please everyone. The dresses are gorgeous and I love that incredible moment when the bride realizes that she has found her perfect dress. ┬áMy friends are a beautiful married couple and are off to bigger and better things together.


I want to wish my friends a great honeymoon and a wonderful marriage

God bless you both!

Wedding Bells

It is that weird time in life where you notice that you and your friends are all going in different directions…

Some friends are independent with full time jobs, some have children, some have moved to a different state, some are in college, some still live with their parents (myself included), some are busy constantly working, some are busy constantly partying, and no joke- some may have even passed away.

I have reached this weird time in my life where my life and my friend’s lives begin to go off in very different directions. We are no longer going through the same things at the same time like we did in high school. It’s funny. It’s crazy. It’s all just so very weird. Despite what may be happening, there is something that stops you in your tracks unlike anything else when you learn that one of your friends is getting married.

The couple had announced their engagement about a year ago. They will be getting married this week. Yes, a year has gone by already! About two weeks ago I attended the Bachelorette party. The one and only Bachelorette party I had ever attended. I went to the nearest Target and bought her lingerie of course! You’re welcome Johnny.

Bachelorette Party

I participated in all the games, one included creating a wedding gown out of toilet paper. I wish the gown I had created would’ve won!

The jeopardy game was my favorite. The three categories were The Bride, The Groom and The Couple. I knew most of the answers for the most part, but everyone else just seemed to shout louder. It was a lovely experience overall. There was food, decorations, gift bags, lots of underwear for the bride to be, and friends and family. But now that the wedding is THIS week, things are just becoming super real.

Bride to be


I am talking about this today because marriage is a real game changer. Married or not, I still love my friends all the same. I am excited to witness my friends become one this week. I know that this event is significant to my boyfriend as well. The groom is his best friend. I found a dress from the thrift store for $5 that I will be wearing for the wedding. Since my boyfriend is a groomsmen who will be wearing a tux and a gold tie, I decided to put some gold into my own outfit to match him. This photo doesn’t do this dress justice, but I swear there are some gold undertones in it. I have my golden ‘Sealed With A Kiss’ gold shoes from Necessary Clothing that I will be wearing. Now I just need that golden necklace!