Building My Core & Confidence

You guys, I just finished a 10 minute workout video from YouTube fitness trainer Cassey Ho on her channel Blogilates. She released a video about a week ago titled, ‘5 Ways to Build your Core & Confidence’ and I have to admit that it was the hardest ab workout I have done.

I am talking about this today because I am the type of person who gains a little bit of weight and just doesn’t like the way that my clothes look on me anymore. Before I continue, please know that I am not body shaming or trying to preach on how we all have to live a certain healthy lifestyle. I am here to talk to you guys like the very honest person I am and a person who has real thoughts and feelings.

Earlier this year my mom sat down and talked to me and pretty much told me that she noticed that I was gaining weight. She told me this right when I was eating some leftover Chinese food from the night before. Hearing her tell me that she has notice weight gain in me, made me lose my appetite for my leftover food. I was speechless. I was hurt. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from my mom. Despite how shitty I felt inside, my poker face remained while in my mother’s presence. But once I got in my room, I started trying on some clothes in my closet. Unfortunately my mom was right. I did gain some weight. All the clothes that used to make me feel cute and stylish, just didn’t sit right on my body. They were too tight. They wouldn’t zip up. I was heartbroken.

To make my wake up call even more devastating, I snuck into my mom’s room and weighed myself. I’ll never forget it. I weighed 144 pounds.

I remember venting to my boyfriend about this and I’m not going to lie, I told him that I weighed in at 134 pounds because I did not want to hear the words coming out of my mouth that I was only six pounds away from 150 pounds. I am a 5 ft. 2 in. girl who has weighed 120 the most so when I saw that I had gained almost 25 pounds, my heart ached and my mind was just all over the place.

My fitness journey began shortly after my birthday back in January and although I have not stepped back on the scale, I am pleased to say that half the clothes that didn’t fit me a few months ago, are back to fitting me like they used to. I was using my resources such as the gym at my work and even the gym at my school. I was making myself lean meals and drinking lots of water. Any other type of beverage was for Saturday only.

My mom and I have not talked about my weight since, and as much as it really hurt me to hear my own mother tell me that I was gaining weight, it’s what I needed in order to have this healthy change in myself. So that ties me back into the video I mentioned earlier. Starting out Blogilates videos was very hard in the beginning. Even though they were only 5 or 10 minutes, I always found myself getting frustrated and wanting to give up. It seemed like I would take one step forward and two steps back, but if you are too afraid to fail, you will never succeed. 

Another thing that I started doing this year is lifting weights. Before I had no upper body strength and was getting tired lifting 3 pound weights, but now I lift 8 pounds. It may not seem like a big difference, but it is a healthy difference for me and my body. My stomach is getting flatter. My arms have gotten firmer. My running has remained steady and great for my heart. But most importantly, my confidence has escalated with the help of living a healthier lifestyle and my fashion endeavor.

I want women of all ages to know that they can find their strength when they hit rock bottom. I want women to know that they can jump back into being a healthier version of themselves whether it is physically, mentally, spiritually or any other way. I want women to not apologize for putting themselves first and wanting to be their own kind of Wonder Woman. If you really want something, you have to begin some type of journey for yourself.

I want to know what your dreams are and what you have done to reach them. And if you haven’t began your journey to your goals, what is holding you back?

Think about what it is you want out of your life and how you can become the best version of  yourself.

Build your core. Build your confidence. Stay Stylish.

What The Rain Told Me

Hello everyone! As you know from yesterday’s post, it was raining here in my hometown. I left out some details of the significance of the rainy weather so let me explain by saying this first, it stormed so badly in my area that I was only at work for an hour before everyone was sent home due to a bug power outage. The rain came in with a bang and caused flooding, many accidents, power outages, stalled cars, lightning shows, gusts of raging wind and panic to a lot of people who were out and about or watching the news at home. Eventually the rain did stop in the evening, but man was it scary Monday morning.

I never saw this storm coming. Never heard form anywhere that there was a chance of rain or anything like that so I was definitely taken off guard. Secondly, the rain washed away a lot of filth. The plants are standing tall and bright now and the streets in the neighborhoods look brand new. Whatever bird poop was on my car prior to the storm was long gone and when the sun finally peeked out, it was like a different place than before. This got me thinking of my how much my soul could use a bit of cleansing.



I had school, work, my fashion endeavor, my fitness journey and social life all over the place and organization was non-existent. I am going to really try to be more consistent and to be honest, I really enjoy blogging at night before bed because it reminds me of how I used to write in my diary, but once school starts, I am not sure if anyone is going to stay up to read my blog. I can still post in the evening, but it would probably be at 9 p.m. which I believe is a respectable hour.

Speaking of consistency, I want to transform my Instagram into a set theme or pattern instead of posting random things all the time. I have been YouTubing videos on how to edit photos, how to pose, how to set a theme, how to view grids and all sorts of things. I am able to dive deeper into this now that I finished my summer courses! I took two classes and gave it my best shot and thankfully came out with passing grades in both classes. I owe it to myself these next two weeks to put myself first now and focus wholeheartedly on my blog and on my Instagram and of course taking some fashion photos for you all.

So how does any of this relate to the rain we had over here?

Well for starters, the rain was pretty scary at first and things got pretty ugly. I felt this way when I started this blog and my Instagram account. I found myself doing the first photo shoot and felt kinda silly posing in a park. I honestly felt overwhelmed and tired afterwards. Overwhelmed and tired were feelings that I got know a bit too much this summer. Now that I do not have to worry about going to school, some weight has been taken off my shoulders.

Secondly, the rain went all out at first and flooded everything, but after a while it was more steady. This is how I feel about the way my Instagram account is. I uploaded about four photos the first day I created my Instagram which was June 4, 2017. I also posted about three photos a day which was super tiring and an unrealistic expectation of myself. Now I try to post one photo a day and sometimes two. Either way, I don’t want it all to be revolving around the same shoot because I don’t want to annoy followers with the same kind of photos over and over again.

Lastly, the rain nourished everything around it in a way that no human simply can’t do by themselves. This taught me that I am going to need help from others if I really want my fashion endeavor to be a success. I am a very independent person and I hate asking for help, but I need it. I can only take so many good photos of myself, by myself. It helps when someone can take your photo. Also, I cant be the only follower to my fashion account and expect people to get tips and outfit inspiration. I am seriously nothing without any of my followers so I will end this blog by telling you all thank you again for becoming a part of my fashion family and following my Instagram account or blog right here on WordPress. Your support means everything to me and I always try to be as interactive with you all as much as possible, so don’t be a stranger, say hi and comment once in a while on here or on my Instagram. I love hearing from you all.

Think about what it is you really want and just go for it! But remember to stay stylish while you are out there working for what you want!


Take A Cue From A Scientist And Experiment!

Since we are our own worst critics, I think it’s safe to say that anyone can think of a trend that they felt they couldn’t pull off. Maybe you think that slacks look good on the office assistant, but you don’t think they look so great on yourself when you tried some slacks on at the mall. Maybe you think that you cannot pull off the denim-on-denim look, yet you see someone else wearing it and you think they look great!

The struggle may be too much to handle sometimes, but I want you to challenge yourself to not be so quick to tell yourself that something isn’t going to work out for you after you only tried it once. My second challenge for you all is to compliment each other! If you see someone who looks great, let them know! A simple, “I really like your shoes!” can make someone’s day for all you know. Also take into consideration that when it is Saturday night, a lot of people who go out to celebrate the weekend probably had to put some time and effort into their look before they walked out their door.

The struggle of telling yourself that you cannot pull off a certain trend doesn’t end with just clothing, but your hair and makeup as well! Have you ever seen a YouTube beauty guru and believe that they can seriously pull off anything that they do to themselves!? Last night one of my favorite YouTube beauty guru’s, Carlibybel uploaded her reversed smokey eye makeup tutorial and of course I found myself watching it. Today I decided to give this look a try even though I firmly believed that eyeliner on my bottom lash line does not look good on me. I ignored the voice inside my head that kept telling me I looked like a raccoon and re-watched the video and followed along with Carli. Although I kept thinking how flawless she was and how much of a mess I was making with my makeup, I did my best to do my own version of the look using the product that I had and putting on the amount of makeup that I believed suited my face best.

I finished the eye makeup and did my face makeup as I normally would and was pretty surprised that I liked the way that the makeup came out on me! Would I have made this discovery and overcome my pessimistic attitude of having eyeliner on my bottom lash line if I hadn’t just ignored the stupid voice in my head?

I also did a thing to my hair! Hair is pretty damn sacred. It’s like a crown and honestly, if the hair is having a bad day, so am I. The other day I wore a half-up-half-down hairstyle by making small bun in the back of my head. I even slept overnight with my hair like that so when I unraveled it, I realized that no amount of straightening or curling was going to fix it in 10 minutes. ( I am always on a schedule you know!) So I had to compromise and make myself a bun again. Only this time, I made the bun on top of my head instead of in the back. You may know this hairstyle as they space bun trend and believe me when I say that I have tried it in the past and absolutely hated it on myself! My friends would say that I looked super cute, but I would always feel silly and think to myself that I looked like a retarded telletubby. I overcame both trends that I told myself for so long that I couldn’t pull off, but I must say, I really liked the way I looked as soon as I got rid of that bitchy voice inside my head. The weekend is the best time for me to experiment with my hair and makeup. Today’s look was a success! Here is the final look:


I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday! Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your night. As always, have a great night and stay stylish!

Christmas (Shopping) In July

As of today we are five months away from Christmas day. Although I used to believe that Christmas in July was nonsense, I am going to try doing my shopping little by little as the second half of the year progresses so I don’t find myself stressing out over last minute shopping or running low on funds. I know for some of you, if may be way too early to be thinking about Christmas, but this year I would like to be able to enjoy the holidays instead of stressing out about what gift I am going to give so-and-so.

Correct me if I am wrong, but do you ever feel that the amount of stress prior and sometimes during and after the holidays lasts way longer than the holiday itself? In my book, it is not worth the stress for one day. I am not a holiday hater by no means, don’t get me wrong. I am very family oriented and I do enjoy seeing relatives and friends from out of town, but ohhhh-emmmm-geeeeeee do I stress out when certain relatives have grudges against one another or friends cancel on plans last minute or the gift doesn’t fit or show up on time or all the kids that go psycho with their toys and break something. Oh, and do not get me started with feeling rushed because you are trying to make time for everyone important in your life. I feel a bit overwhelmed just reading this.

Anyways, I am writing this blog today in hopes that I can help you save some stress by starting your shopping in advance. If you see something at the store today and think someone you know will like it, buy it! Who says you have to wait until December to start thinking about these things? Here is my list of the most important people to shop for in my life…

  • Mom- Do I really need to explain why?
  • Dad- If I buy something for one parent, I cannot forget the other!
  • Brother- He’s not the stereotypical older brother you see in TV shows. I don’t deserve how great he is to me as a sister.
  • Best Friend- She is the closest thing I have to a sister. We’ve been friends for 10 years already now!
  • My boyfriend- He’s the love of my life!
  • Cats- I am a crazy cat lady and pets are part of the family too!

I will have to save the most money for these people in my life. Even though they do not ask me for much, I still want to give them something they really want or need.

The second list is composed of couples around my age who are either my cousins or friends. They are….

  • My cousin Javier and his girlfriend Miranda- they’ve been together for a long time and I think I really know what their interests are.
  • My friends Jaqui and her boyfriend- I actually still have their gift from last year. It was a cute house to put in their rat’s cage. I think I will include something else with it for them this year.
  • The wedded couple! – This will be their first Christmas as husband and wife! I got to make the gift count.
  • My YouTuber and fashion-forward friend Nikole and her boyfriend Bryan- I met them through my boyfriend, and I know they looked after him throughout the years before I entered his life. I really owe them.

Although there may be more people that will enter my life that I may want to give them something, these are the people who are on my list as of right now. I see my best friend today and although I won’t be able to give her a gift this year, I really hope I can find an awesome Christmas gift to make up for it!

Consider getting a head start in gift shopping to avoid stressing out later. While everyone is frantically searching in stores, you can be occupied enjoying the atmosphere of the holidays and take the time to admire it in its beauty. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, think of all the things you’d rather be doing during the holidays instead of shopping for everyone else except yourself!


As always, have a great day and stay stylish!

Style Inspiration

Today at work I am experiencing that very slow and boring hour that is just completely dragging itself. Normally when this happens, I begin to online shop or look up some style inspiration on Google images. This leads me to today’s topic which revolve around my top 3 style inspiration women who I am head over heels with their style.

My first woman is the girlfriend of video game commentator YouTube star Pewdiepie and her name is Marzia Bisognin. She also has a YouTube channel of her known which is under ‘Marzia’ if you are interested in subscribing to her channel. On that channel you will find fashion hauls, makeup tutorials, some diy projects, videos of both her and Felix (Pewdiepie) playing video games or answering questions, and even some VLOGs. Marzia even has her own clothing line and it kills me to admit that I have not yet purchased anything from her line yet. Things sell out super fast everyone!

Style Inspo person 1 image 2

So here is the first outfit I chose that Marzia is wearing and I picked this one because I can re-create this look with the clothes I already have in my closet.

I have a printed skirt similar to this, but with a different color scheme and a solid long sleeve sweater and tons of beanies. I really think that this outfit says ‘fun’ all over it and it really gives me that bubbly feeling when I am looking at it. Plus, I love skirts!




My second outfit that I chose from Marzia is one that I think is very beautiful, but that I am a bit intimidated to try out because I have always been scared to wear white pants.

Style Inspo person 1 image 3

I think that this outfit is so cool and chic though! The white ruffle that the pants have in the front add interest to the simple outfit and Marzia paired it with a black long sleeve top, black platform pumps and a black hat. In my opinion you can never go wrong with black and white, but at the same time, it is the little details that make outfits like this interesting such as the ruffle detail and hat.

Last but not least on Marzia is another pant look, but this time, more colorful.

Style inspo person 1 The color scheme of this outfit make me think of the Fall season which leads me to thinking about going back to school. ( I know I take summer classes and never take a break from school but you know what I mean!) This outfit can be worn to class or on a date. This is my favorite outfit on Marzia. Ever since she posted this outfit on her Instagram, I started to try to find similar apparel to recreate it.

My second woman is a model named Ines Steel who mainly posts on her Instagram account: Assassinofsteel which currently has 34.1K followers. If you are into some heavy metal and the more edgier styles, give her a follow! She also does photography and comes all the way from Barcelona!

This first outfit puts us back to black with some ripped knee denim, black sneakers, long and carefree hair, a band tee under a leather jacket with some shades. I have a very similar pair of jeans like hers that I got from the store Express. I recommend this store for their jeans. I know it may be pricey, but they have unique styles and great quality.

Style Inspo Person 2

What I love about this style is that not only does it give off a rocker chic vibe, but it also has a lot of fringe and Ines Steele wears a lot of red and black, my two favorite colors!20170717_161752[1]

20170717_163350[1]I picked this last outfit from Ines because it is the perfect outfit to wear to all the music festivals in the summer time.

She attends a lot of music festivals so she knows how to dress for these events. She tends to always wear some tights underneath her shorts and some bootie shoes when not wearing sneakers. She also never forgets those sunglasses at home. She honestly rocks any outfit that she puts on.



My third woman is known as a makeup guru YouTube star and is Carlibybel! She also has three Instagram accounts, including one that is dedicated to fashion which is known as thefashionbybel! I first started watching her videos when I was trying to figure out how to curl my hair using a straightener. She is a gorgeous woman and gives some of the best beauty advice. I love her fashion, but mainly her Fall/Winter looks.

The first look below starting from the left says Fall fashion to me. It has the brownish beige color to it and I love that both the bag and shoes have fringe detailing! High-waisted jeans are my go-to and are the only type of jeans I like to wear now-a-days. The best high waisted jeans are from Fashion Nova! They are so comfy. If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend it!


The second look is another outfit that is also mainly black and white. I love black and white, I cannot help it. The ripped boyfriend jean is a look I like on other people but not on me. Carli is surprisingly only 5’2 just like me and although I believe boyfriend jeans only work on tall people, she looks really good in these jeans! She also paired them with some platformed boots. Perhaps this helped make this look work? Regardless, she is flawless.

Last but not least, can we talk about that beige, winter perfect outfit on the right she is wearing? I know for some of you this is still a Fall outfit, but believe me when I say that Texas winter is probably Fall weather for some of you. That beige trench coat looks so cozy! I am going to have to find myself one of those for the winter. Especially since winter time falls on my birthday and I should not have to sacrifice style just because it’s cold outside!

I hope you all loved these styles from 3 different women I look up to fashion wise. Feel free to tell me who inspires your fashion sense and if you also like these styles. Time to clock out now!