Grand Opening + Discount Code!

Yes. I have my very first discount code ever!

You can thank Lenette’s Shop + Sip Boutique for that!

Right in the home of Helotes, TX is this beautiful treasure where you can shop and even enjoy a some wine. Lenette’s Shop + Sip Boutique just had its grand opening this past Saturday and I was invited to come check it out along with other local bloggers. Starting at 6 p.m. was the ribbon cutting ceremony and I was honored to be a part of the experience. Although my live video I did through Instagram has expired, I did take a lot of photos so I can show you all the beautiful decor that was inside the shop and the apparel waiting inside.




This boutique was so gorgeous and everyone was so welcoming. It was a bit intimidating going by myself, but a lot of bloggers attended independently and once I started talking to them, I felt better about being there. I snapped a few pictures before the big rush came in and I ate about 3 different cupcakes while I was there. I would have totally had more if I wasn’t being constantly chatted with and shopping around.


I had never been invited to anything like this, but it was nice to be recognized as a fashion blogger and I am so happy that there are many more exciting things happening. Since I did not know what to expect, I wanted to wear something that was trendy, yet not over the top. I wanted to be taken seriously and be approachable so I went for my gingham printed shorts that I got at Old Navy and my new denim shirt from there as well. The white heels made this casual outfit appear dressier and I topped it off with a cute pink necklace that I got from Starfish Project. It is the Sara short triangle necklace.


Aside from meeting local bloggers, I really enjoyed being able to be surrounded by fun, laughter and cupcakes. I hope that I can attend more events and continue making a name for myself. Speaking of which…

You do not have to be in San Antonio to enjoy this cute new boutique! In store or online, you can definitely use my 15% off discount code: alamocitysara when you are about to make your purchase between now and MAY 31, 2018 at Lenette’s Shop + Sip Boutique 

Get this beautiful dress at 15% off with my discount code: alamocitysara


Happy Shopping and Stay Stylish!



Shopping Spree With MomPart 2

I promised you all that I would blog about my second shopping spree adventure with my mom so here it is!

I’m not going to lie, one of the main reasons I wanted to do this was because I wanted to pay close attention to what she liked so I could get it for her for Mother’s Day. Normally I like to go shopping for her and pick a gift that I think she will like, but this time my finals ended later than usual and I didn’t realize how close the big day was already. My bad. I know this may be a cop out kind of thing to do, but my mom was all for it! Yes, I ended up admitting to her my entire plan.

We are both silly with one another and honestly, I was just going to buy her her gifts and give them to her the day we went shopping, but she decided to make things more interesting by letting me hold onto it so I can wrap it and give it to her on Mother’s Day. She even told me, “I’ll just act surprised and the boys (my dad and brother) will never know!” I honestly didn’t think my mom would be willing to play along with my plan so well. Gotta love her!

So we went to the same little shopping center since we had seen some things we liked and wanted to take advantage of our coupons and sales. Our first stop was Marshalls again because my mom had heard that they were going to be carrying some Anastasia products, but we could not find any. Yes, we were one of the first customers there that morning and we still could not find what we were looking for. Some things are just so hot that by the time you blink, they are gone!

Anyways, here is what we did find…20180512_174526-01

  1. Ross: Black Flats for $9.99 – I have been desperately needing black flats. I did that closet cleanout video earlier this year and ended up tossing my old, worn-out shoes and unfortunately this included all of my black flats. My mom always told me to never get rid of something that I do not have a replacement for. I guess she was right. Oh, and I had store credit so that’s always a great reason to visit a certain store!
  2. Old Navy: A denim top, grey jeans, and a dress- Okay, so my bill ended up being $95 which is crazy for a broke college student, but I decided to live a little and bought some things I have been specifically looking for. I know that I really don’t need more dresses but I couldn’t pass up this yellow one that was 40% off!
  3. My Mom’s Mother’s Day Gifts! – Okay, so I had more store credit from Ross and I bought my mom more makeup brushes. She has a lot of makeup and brushes, but this cute set came with a bag and it had brushes for the eyes, cheeks and face and I thought it would be a good buy for my mom. At Old Navy, I saw a dress that was hanging next to mine that I knew my mom would love because it had oranges on it. A little back story, my mom and I see lemon printed clothing everywhere. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we actually have our own orange trees in our back yard that we have been growing so oranges hold a special place in our hearts. Plus, don’t hate us…but we prefer tea over lemonade. But we love strawberry lemonade! I feel like an idiot for wrapping her gift before taking pictures of what I got her, but you can see the dress I got my mom here
  4. Panda Express: Could have been 2 plates, but it was 2 bowls- My mom and I were really hungry after our outing, and we were very close to getting plates which is 2 different meats and a side of rice or chow mein. We get to the Panda Express and see that their drive thru was closed so we were forced to order inside and take it to go. The thing is, we get inside and talked ourselves to just getting the bowls instead. We are both trying to portion control our meals more and I know we could have shared a plate, but I prefer chow mein and my mom prefers the fried rice. We took it to go because we wanted to watch a movie while we ate lunch.

We would have gone to DSW, but we still have plenty of time to use our coupon and we also just ran out of money. Yes, we always have a budget. Let’s not get too crazy!

I hope you all have a great weekend and to all my mom followers, Happy Mother’s Day! Stay stylish!




Shopping Spree With Mom Part 1

Mother’s Day is in less than one week already. I have been thinking of the perfect Mother’s Day gift and asked about 20 different moms what is it that they really want on this day that is dedicated to acknowledging them in our lives and celebrating their significant roles in our lives. According to a poll I did on my social media, moms just want to be able to spend time with their loved ones. They want to be able to sit across from their children and catch up with them. The flowers, food, and gifts are all just a plus. I started this blog by mentioning Mother’s Day because I went on a mini shopping spree with my mom the other day and wanted to share a little bit about what we saw while shopping.

So I get my bargain shopping from my mom and since she started getting more into makeup, she has also been actively searching for makeup brushes. We both get our makeup brushes from mainly Wet n’ Wild, an affordable drug store brand that sells both cosmetic products and brushes. While shopping, my mom and I went to Marshall’s because we also noticed that they also sell makeup brushes at a great discounted price.

I don’t know about you all, but I have been wanting to buy colorful makeup brushes ever since the whole unicorn and mermaid trends starting appearing. I finally got a bunch of makeup brushes and yes, I washed them before I used them. They actually work very well and I was so happy to have new brushes added to my beauty collection that were affordable and actually work!

Red Brushespurple brushes

As far as actual makeup products go, I steer clear of purchasing any of them at Marshalls. I think it’s ridiculous how they sell makeup that has been poorly protected and is in horrible condition. Yes, it’s discounted for as low as $3 but I honestly wouldn’t even spend a quarter on it.


Not only do shoppers open makeup packages and swatch them, they also drop them. Kids also touch and probably drop theses makeup palettes too. It is no wonder that after a while they look so insanely abused like the ones in the images. This doesn’t only happen to makeup at Marshalls but also lotions, bath bombs and other beauty products. My mom and I couldn’t believe how hectic the whole beauty section was. Would you pay $3 for makeup products that looked like this?

Secondly, we bought some care products for our makeup brushes. We bought some sprays that you spray onto your brush, and then rub the brush on a napkin to remove the makeup from it. It also dries insanely fast too! We purchased a makeup removing spray from IT Cosmetics and a spray from Sonia Kashuk  and tested out both of these sprays as soon as we got home. To see how they worked, follow me on Instagram and make sure you look at my stories because my mom shot a little video of me trying both of these sprays out!

We went to other stores, but did not want to purchase anything until the dates on our coupons approached later this week. We tried some clothes on and made mental notes of what we wanted to come back for and now we are eagerly waiting for our next outing together. I haven’t been out with my mom in a long time and while this only lasted for about two hours, I had a good time. With that said, I think that I am going to buy my mom’s Mother’s Day gift the next time that we go out together. That way, I know exactly what she wants and I also get to spend more time with her. I will also blog about our next shopping spree too.

What are you planning on getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments and stay stylish!



“Grown Up Bags”

Picture this:

My mom and I are walking inside of Dillards and I spy the cutest Betsey Johnson clutch purse. What makes it so adorable is the fact that it looked like an old school camera. If you know me, I usually like to purchase clothing and accessories that make me happy when I see it. There has to be something special about it. It has to be a beautiful print or color and unique, so it’s no wonder I was drooling over a camera looking clutch.

I immediately scurried to the nearest a mirror and started posing with this quirky clutch hanging next to my right hip. My mom slowly walked her way over to me with her eyebrows raised and her arms crossed. I couldn’t help but notice and turned around to face her. This is when she said a little something like this:

“Don’t you think you have too many quirky things like that? I think it’s time you started investing in grown-up bags…”

I was confounded by her response. Clearly she did not think that this camera purse was all that great the way that I did. I want to blog about a transitional time in my fashion selection. Yes, it’s true what my mom said. I really do need to start investing in more professional bags. I really do need to start buying more blazers and slacks instead of skirts and quirky accessories…but what she said to me was such a killjoy and I honestly didn’t feel like my chirpy self the rest of the time we were at the mall.

I am 22 years old which isn’t old at all. Even though I love to look my best each day, I try to find fun ways to do it so that I never see it as a chore. When I can inspire someone else to dress up, it makes my soul insanely happy. I am not a fashion blogger that looks like she is ready to go to the office. I am not a fashion blogger that buys the latest styles and trends as soon as they come out. I look for what makes me happy and what is affordable. Often, the “grown-up” handbags that my mom wants me to buy rarely go on sale. Oh, and even when they are on sale, it is still outside of my budget. I have lots of purses, but I do not have a purse that doesn’t have at least one detail that makes it stand out.


If any of you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I sold some name brand purses to NTY Clothing Exchange and you’re wondering why I’m making a post of not having grown-up bags, when I clearly had a Guess and Michael Kors bag in my possession. The truth is, those bags were not originally mine. They were given to me by my boyfriend’s boss’s wife who was cleaning out her closet. You may think that I’m pretty dumb for giving them away, but that’s fine with me. The truth is, I can’t hold on to something that I know that I will not wear. Ever.

I knew the value of these purses and as NTY’s brand representative, I knew that selling it to them was the best thing I could do. NTY Clothing Exchange is a reseller store that invests in name brand clothing and accessories and they sell them at 70% retail price. I was happy to help them receive new additions to their hand bag family. Was my mom sad to see me give these bags away? Yes. But that’s okay. I will stick to my quirky purse collection. I am not saying that I will never invest in a bag that is more professional, what I’m saying is that I will one day find a bag that both my mom and I can come to an agreement on. For now, I will continue walking the world with my lightning bolt, cookie, calavera, fringy, and crazy printed purses!

Be happy with what you have right now and don’t forget about the things that make you YOU! I hope you all are having a great weekend. Stay Stylish!




My Sunscreen Picks


No matter what you wear, how beautiful you smell, how nice your hair looks and so forth, if you have sunburn, everyone is going to zero in on that. Let’s look at how Donna and Jackie figured that out…



BURN!!!!! I love that scene. These ladies are trying to look their hottest, but apparently, there is an issue with being too much of a hottie. Today’s blog is going to be all about sunscreen. I want to be able to take better care of my skin this summer and well, for the rest of my life, so I think that the best place to start is sunscreen. If you’re anything like me, you are a person who is constantly on the go. You go for that makeup that will last you all day because you need it to. You keep a pair of flats in your car in case you need to switch out of your heels later. You need the strongest hairspray so that your hairstyle can survive the whole day and you try not to let the little things slow you down.

I found 5 sunscreens that work really well and I wanted to share it with you all. These sunscreens are primarily used for your face, but I recommend applying sunscreen on your chest if you are wearing a low cut blouse and even applying some on your shoulders if you are wearing a tank top. Another important place to put sunscreen on is the top of your hands. We want our skin to look young and healthy for as long as possible, but the skin on top of your hands can also give away your age! Start protecting the top of your hands now and lets get to it!

#1 Sun Bum Face Lotion SPF 50 for $12.99 at Ulta

Yes, this is a cruelty-free product. No, that is not the main reason I recommend it. This sunscreen will not leave you greasy. I personally have combination skin and I liked the way that this product felt on me. It is very light too, so if you fear that wearing sunscreen under your makeup will make you feel and look cakey, you do not have to worry about that with this product. I recommend this mainly for those of you who may have combination to oily skin.


#2 Emme Diane Tinted Mineral Sunscreen $46 at Emme Diane

Okay, you probably want to skip to number 3 after seeing the price of this one, but if you want sunscreen you can use daily, this is it. The minerals in here are what really help protect your skin from those harmful UVA and UVB rays. I am not sure if I recommend wearing it under your makeup like the Sun Bum one, but this one is great for anyone who still wants to protect their skin, even if they are having a no makeup day.


#3 Juice Beauty’s SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen $16 at Juice Beauty

This is a very new product to me, but I have been impressed. I normally use this one right before I go running. I run around the evening time when it is about 80 degrees outside. The weather in Texas is only going to get hotter though! I wish this came in a bigger size, but I recommend this for anyone with dry to combination skin.


#4 Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen $8.31 at WalMart.

I was desparate to get a sunscreen specifically for my evening running trips while shopping at Walmart with a friend of mines and we picked up this sunscreen. She is also a college student on a budget so we decided to try this one and appreciated a sunscreen spray that wasn’t scented and stayed on a long time before we felt the need to re-apply it. She and I will buy it again. I think this spray is good to have if you are planning on going to a theme park or festival all day. Sprays are always easier to apply for days like that and since this one is unscented, you will not attract any bees!


#5 Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care $19.99 at Amazon

This sunscreen has a nice scent to it in my opinion. I liked that this one also did not make me feel greasy and that I was able to also wear this one under my makeup. This product does have beeswax in it for those of you wondering if it’s another cruelty-free and vegan product. You can also find this one at the official Mad Hippie website if you want to further look at reviews and their other products. I overall give it a thumbs up and I don’t really have any complaints about it.


The next sunscreen that I really want to try and I hear so many good things about is Coola’s Classic Face SPF30 Cucumber $32 at Ulta

I love the scent of cucumber, but if you do not, fear not! They also have this same product with the white tea scent and even an unscented option. The reason I am wanting to try the cucumber one is because I think it smells good and I also really like the cooling effect that cucumber or mint products give me.


I want to hear from you all now…what are your favorite sunscreens? Have you tried any of these listed here? Do you have a sunburn horror story you want to share? By the way, I have yet to experience being sun burned but hopefully that won’t ever happen!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and stay stylish!





Mini Makeup Haul

Wow, I prevailed another week of school. Man, I am so ready for this semester to be over with! I cannot wait to put my focus back on my blog and YouTube channel. This morning my mom and I went to Ulta to go shopping and I knew I wanted to give you all an update on how moving on to strictly cruelty-free and vegan friendly cosmetics products only and I am happy to say that I treated myself to four things today that I can add to my new and improved makeup list.

Stila: Glittery Shadow Stick in Kitten Karma

The name Kitten Karma is adorable! This is a much more glittery version that their Kitten shade and I know that I am going to have so much fun with this new eye shadow!


Anastasia liquid lipstick: American Doll

I have only had Anastasia’s brow products, but if a makeup line wants me to keep buying their products, then they really need to impress me with their lipsticks. I am a lipstick kind of girl! I love all things red so I went for a classic red shade and I love how it didn’t budge even after I ate some Mediterranean dinner! No reapplication is needed.


Essence Gel nail polish and mascara:

Even though this mascara says extreme volume and curl, it is a pretty good mascara for those of you who want length in your lashes. I think this is a very good alternative to L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara and it is very easy to apply and gets each lash coated really well so I highly recommend this mascara. I wore it all day today! The nail polish colors are all pretty, but the one I bought was in the shade Dreaming About Love. I love that it dries super fast and you only need one coat.

Although I didn’t need shampoo at the moment, Sexy Hair was having a sale on their shampoos, conditioners and sprays which is my favorite to use for my red hair so I decided to take advantage of the sale and treat myself to my favorite shampoo and a much needed heat protection spray.

I don’t normally treat myself to beauty products unless I’m running out of them, but today I just wanted to live a little and have one on one time with my mom. We all deserve girl time every now and then. What are your favorite beauty products? Leave me a comment below because I would love to know! I hope you all continue to have a great weekend and stay stylish!

Becoming A Brand Rep

Being a brand rep is a pretty big deal to me and I want to share what it’s like with you all in today’s blog! I also have a new video waiting for you all to see on my YouTube channel! Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and give my video a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching it!

So I am a brand rep for the resale store NTY Clothing Exchange. As of right now, these stores only have 5 locations which are in San Antonio, TX., Knoxville, TN., Minnetonka, MN., Clay, NY., and Rochester, NY. I am looking at my DM’s in my Instagram account and the first message I sent to them was back on January 10th this year. I told them that I was going to be going to their store for the first time because I had some name brand clothing that I wanted to sale. They were very friendly in the response and although it was quite a drive from my house, I made my way over to not only sell my clothes, but take a look around their store.

I had heard about NTY on the Great Day SA show and thought that it was a wonderful thing to sale name brand clothing in great condition for an affordable price. I am all about affordability, but don’t get me wrong, I will splurge every now and then because life is too short! For the most part, I really try to stretch my dollar. Ever since hearing about the store, I wanted to go. And mind you, I saw them on TV before I even created my fashion account. Alamo City Sara was not even thought about. I was still camera shy and hated being photographed, but the outfit compliments never stopped coming my way.

Fast-forward a few months later, on March 5, the store sent me a message asking if I would be interested in being a brand rep for their store. I think I read that message a hundred times just to make sure it wasn’t just a pigment of my imagination. From there I had my first meeting with the store and associates on March 26. I spent a good 2 hours there picking out outfits with Easter and Fiesta in mind and ended up modeling about 5 different outfits. You can see some outfits and video on their Instagram account or even check out my Instagram account.

First Outfit I Put Together Inside NTY’s Dressing Room

I ended up making some purchases from the store so I can mix and match some of their pieces with things that I already own and I am so happy that I was given an opportunity to truly help my fashion forward family promote and find clothes and accessories that are name brand, great quality, and affordable.

I am not sure when my next meeting with the store will be, but my Instagram and Snapchat family will be the first to know about it! So hint, hint…FOLLOW ME 😀

Don’t forget to watch my YouTube video, enjoy the rest of your week and stay stylish!