So guess who saw the movie IT today?

I am not going to put any spoilers on here or anything, but I will admit that this movie had a lot to do with fears. If you’ve seen the original, you know what I mean.

I was inspired to talk about my own fears today. Other than the fear of being buried alive or roaches, I fear failure. My fear of failure pushed away the birth of my fashion account further and it also made me shy away from even taking chances on the simplest things. Growing up I was a very quiet and timid student in school. I am still this way in college too, but the world is just so much bigger now and I realized that what seems like a big deal, really isn’t.

I work and study hard to try to maintain my grades. I also make photo shoots occur every day so I always have something to post. I go out of my way to get my outfit just right and maintain my reputation as a fashionista. As much as hard work pays off, we aren’t always satisfied if our hard work does not help us reach our goal. This is where this fear of failure starting weighing on me.

I tell others not to be so hard on themselves, but I can honestly use my own advice. When I feel like nothing I try to do is good enough, I go back to living my life more simple by doing things I love to do. Drawing, singing, listening to music and being outdoors all contribute to the healing process of feeling like I am not good enough. On a lighter note, I recommend the movie IT and I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would. My favorite character was Richie who was played by the kid from Stranger Things. Let’s just say that his character in this movie really threw me off guard!

Have a good night and never let fears get the best of you! Stay stylish!



The Power of Compliments

Everyone who enters your life, enters it for a reason. When I first started this blog, I viewed it as a necessary assignment I needed to do in order to pass my class and get closer to that degree. I didn’t think an assignment could turn into some type of passion. I always thought that if I were to become a fashion blogger that no one would really take it seriously. I was so wrong.

This past summer had a lot of growth in store for me. Growth that I didn’t ask for or initially thought that I needed. I made a change to my degree. I started my fitness journey. I allowed myself to cry instead of holding it all in all the damn time. I thought of those I really cared about when I felt like giving up. I studied harder. I ran faster. I allowed myself to change and let go of fear. I got more creative and expressive. And I did not apologize for it.

Although a new endeavor is exciting, it is also very tiring. I remember when I first started my fashion account on Instagram that I thought that success was determined by how many followers I had. I thought success depended on how many fashion companies used your photos on their accounts and gave you a shout-out…so when these things were not happening the way that I wanted them to, I grew discouraged.

Today I was walking out of my last class consumed by all these thoughts when this student sees my suede cat cap and told me how much he loved it and that he hadn’t seen anything like that before. We talked about fashion for a while and he told me I had a unique style. It was at that moment when I remembered why I am working on my fashion account so much. People think I dress pretty good!

I took that chance to tell him about AlamoCitySara on Instagram and Snapchat and he gave me a follow! I bring him up because he was a reminder as to why I have made it this far on both my social medias and blog. I am almost at 200 followers on Instagram! Leroy, the student who complimented my style, became my 197th follower this afternoon.

Don’t be afraid to compliment each other’s style! It can really make someone’s day or make them much more assure of themselves as they enter new chapters in their life.

Oh, and here is the hat that made this whole encounter with Leroy happen.


Don’t give up on your dreams beauties. The right people will walk into your life and stay.

-Stay Stylish


Life Is Precious

Hello everyone,

Tonight I will not be posting much since today marks an unforgettable day in American history, 9/11 and it is truly days like this when I really want to take some time to spend with my family and loved ones. Even though I was only five years old on the day this happened, I know that life is precious and can be taken away at any moment, so instead of reading my blog, take some time to spend with your loved ones tonight or just enjoy some time for yourself after this long day.

I love you all and I will be back tomorrow!

Stay stylish.

Fashion Deed Of The Week: Part 1

Good evening everyone, it’s Sunday night and I am going to start a new trend on my blog where every Sunday night I give you guys all a little act of courtesy or kindness challenge that I would like you guys to apply to your life for the week.

I am going to begin with a scenario:

Lets say you are shopping and you see something you really love. You see that is is on the clearance rack and go to the dressing room. It fits perfectly so you make your way to the register to purchase your lucky find when the sales associate/ cashier rings it up as a regular priced item. You tell them how you found it on the clearance rack, but they assure you that the item you got is a regular priced item after looking into the item further. You decide that it is too expensive and you leave the store feeling annoyed and even a bit bummed out. Believe me when I say that NO ONE likes that feeling of getting your hopes up and then being disappointed after spending the time to try it on and fall in love with the item.

My fashion deed of the week for you this week is to save someone from feeling that way and to put things back where they belong!!!!

Even if you try something on and it doesn’t work out, try not to just toss it in a random place, but hand it to an employee so they can return it back to where it belongs. Whether you are in a retail store or grocery shopping, do your best to put things back to where they belong. If you feel that this is not your job, then please ask an employee KINDLY to put the item back in its original spot.

The bar has been set for the week, don’t let me down wonderful people. Be considerate and stay stylish.



Right now Texas is experiencing the type of weather that is cool in the mornings, but then gets warmer as the day goes on. What you walk out the door wearing in the morning, may be too warm to wear by the time you go on your lunch break. Today I am going to show you three items in my closet that I have worn that work for both the cold morning and the warm afternoons. I call this weather, “Fummer” because the day starts off feeling like fall, but then it gets warmer and goes back to summer. Below are the items in my closet that work well with this fummer weather Texas is getting.


Starting from the left is this suede kitty cap. Its suede material keeps you warm like a beanie in the morning, but still serves a purpose in the middle of the day by protecting you from the sun!.

The second item is a burgundy faux leather vest that is easy to layer on top of a long-sleeved shirt, but also layer on top of a tank top. The burgundy color is perfect for fall, but also helps dress up a summer outfit.

The item to the right are some boots that have openings along the sides so your feet can still breathe. They keep your toes warm in the morning, but they also help your feet breathe during the hot part of the day. These shoes are pretty much a summer sandal and fall boot combined.

That’s all I have for you guys today! I hope your Saturday has been good to you! Stay stylish and I will talk to you tomorrow!

School Outfits: Week 2

Happy Friday everyone!

This week was a short week of school for me so I have three instead of four outfits to show you this week. The reason for the short week was because there was no school Monday due to Labor Day and I normally do not attend school on Fridays. Onto the outfits..

Tuesday: Orange Is The New Black

Guys, please excuse the names I make up for these outfits. I am just having some fun here with my fashion look book of the week. So I call this one orange is the new black because obviously, these two colors are in this outfit. The orange and black are intentionally paired together because I am beyond excited for Halloween! Yes, I am fully aware that we are barely beginning September right now. This skirt is from Target and it’s by Victoria Beckham’s fashion line. I am obsessed with anything that has actual pockets on them. This blouse I’m wearing is from Dillards and the designer is Alice Blue. I named this look orange is the new black because before I bought this orange skirt, I always wore this blouse with black pants or a black skirt. I really love the orange though.



Wednesday: Simple September

This outfit is just a simple white t-shirt with faded orange pants. To prevent this look from looking too plain, I paired it with some leopard printed flats I got from Charlotte Russe. When I am not sure what to wear, I always go for a white t-shirt and jeans and dress it up with some nice shoes and a dressy-casual jacket and I am set for the day. White top is from Express, pants are from Gap, and this denim jacket was thrifted.


Thursday: Going For The Gold

This last look has some gold accents to it with the shoes, the belt and the sunglasses. I normally wear silver when it comes to metallics, but I wanted a simple change. The shoes are from Steve Madden and are comfortable without sacrificing style. I always appreciate a stylish pair of sneakers. The pants are from Express and belt and sunglasses are from the store Rue21. My top is also from Target. Yes, I really like clothes from Target apparently!


Steve Madden Shoes

That is all I have for this week’s outfits. I am already onto week 3 starting Monday! Time if flying by so fast. Have a great evening and stay stylish!





More Hurricanes

If you have watched the news in the past few days, you will know that our Carribean residents, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Florida are all going to be hit pretty badly with hurricane Irma. Whether or not you think you’re going to be effected by this, it is still important that we as human beings come together and try our best to help each other out. Not too long ago hurricane Harvey hit south Texas and Houston was hit pretty bad. It takes a strong community to help out in times of need, especially when it comes to the aftermath of everything.

I have been dreaming and consumed by thoughts of hurricanes for a while now and not only is it stressing me out, it makes me remember the people in Houston, TX who lost everything and the people in hurricane Irma’s path who may also lose everything. As of right now, I am thinking about people I know who live in Florida and are probably evacuating as I write this blog. I really cannot imagine the feeling of having to pack my things and go. Knowing that my home is going to have to stay and I may not ever see it again. Gas and water are also running very low in Florida. Some people are going to stay in the state and protect themselves the best that they can. The Home Depot that was filmed on the news in Florida showed tons of people buying wood and nails to put over their doors and windows. I couldn’t stop thinking of their frantic faces.

I do not mean to bum anyone out, but chances are if you’re reading this, you probably do not have to be one of the people who are evacuating or going through the aftermath of a natural disaster. I am so grateful to be alive and healthy and to have all my stuff and my normal day-to-day life. Despite having a hard time waking up this morning and going through work and school, I am so grateful that my day ahead of me is what it originally set out to be versus finding myself in a place where I am not sure about anything.

No mater what you believe in, pray and send some great vibes to those who may need it. Remember that whatever you’re going through could always be way worse than what it is and focus more on the great things you have. Not the materialistic things, but rather the things that you cannot buy and be incredibly thankful that you are in a good place.

Be thankful and never take anything for granted.