Wedding Bells

It is that weird time in life where you notice that you and your friends are all going in different directions…

Some friends are independent with full time jobs, some have children, some have moved to a different state, some are in college, some still live with their parents (myself included), some are busy constantly working, some are busy constantly partying, and no joke- some may have even passed away.

I have reached this weird time in my life where my life and my friend’s lives begin to go off in very different directions. We are no longer going through the same things at the same time like we did in high school. It’s funny. It’s crazy. It’s all just so very weird. Despite what may be happening, there is something that stops you in your tracks unlike anything else when you learn that one of your friends is getting married.

The couple had announced their engagement about a year ago. They will be getting married this week. Yes, a year has gone by already! About two weeks ago I attended the Bachelorette party. The one and only Bachelorette party I had ever attended. I went to the nearest Target and bought her lingerie of course! You’re welcome Johnny.

Bachelorette Party

I participated in all the games, one included creating a wedding gown out of toilet paper. I wish the gown I had created would’ve won!

The jeopardy game was my favorite. The three categories were The Bride, The Groom and The Couple. I knew most of the answers for the most part, but everyone else just seemed to shout louder. It was a lovely experience overall. There was food, decorations, gift bags, lots of underwear for the bride to be, and friends and family. But now that the wedding is THIS week, things are just becoming super real.

Bride to be


I am talking about this today because marriage is a real game changer. Married or not, I still love my friends all the same. I am excited to witness my friends become one this week. I know that this event is significant to my boyfriend as well. The groom is his best friend. I found a dress from the thrift store for $5 that I will be wearing for the wedding. Since my boyfriend is a groomsmen who will be wearing a tux and a gold tie, I decided to put some gold into my own outfit to match him. This photo doesn’t do this dress justice, but I swear there are some gold undertones in it. I have my golden ‘Sealed With A Kiss’ gold shoes from Necessary Clothing that I will be wearing. Now I just need that golden necklace!




WetSeal Coming Back!?

When it comes to retail, I think I may have a curse. I have had a total of four different jobs and have worked at two retail stores who later on went out of business about a year after I left. One of these retail stores was the American teen, California based clothing store known as WetSeal. I worked at this store for about a year and LOVED it. I had wanted to work in a girl’s clothing store so bad and jumped on the opportunity. Before working there, I was a cashier at the home decor store that was known as Anna’s Linens. Anna’s Linens went out of business a year after I left, so when the same thing had happened to WetSeal, I really felt that I was a curse to retail stores.

I am still employed, but am not doing retail anymore. I was saddened to realize that WetSeal going out of business meant that I wouldn’t be able to shop there anymore or visit my co-workers. I know that all the great ladies I worked with are off to bigger and better things, but man I miss them…and I also missed the store I had bought so many clothes from! Since I am thinking about the ladies from the WetSeal I worked at, I wanted to throw in some styles that remind me of them. Starting off with my manager Astrid. Astrid always gave me this cool-girl vibe. She was like the older sister I always wanted. We would talk about music, the new merchandise that would come in and of course my crazy family. I picked out an outfit from my closet that reminded me of her and came walking out in this black romper with some black lace-up heeled sandals. I also threw on some shades to look cool. Astrid, this look I am wearing in the photo below is for you. I took it while leaning up against the side of a bar-b-que place because I know you love both fashion AND food. Who doesn’t?!


This second look is more on the girly side and is not afraid to hide it. The top I am wearing here is also from WetSeal and while I picked out this outfit I thought of my assistant manager Alex. She always had a smile on her face and loved all things girly. She made me feel like the funniest person ever and I really enjoyed her presence each time that I got to work with her. Alex, I hope you are well, this look is for you! I thought the quote in the background, “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” was a nice touch.


So, I hear that WetSeal is coming back! I looked on their Instagram account and their website and as of right now they are still working on getting photos together, business inquiries, constructing their site, and of course, hearing from their supportive shoppers and listening to what we would like to see. I am so excited to see what WetSeal will come up with and what new trends they will be bringing to the table. I took some photos the other day and my floral romper and top were from WetSeal that I had purchased when I worked there. I really think that this store has bigger things ahead of them. I am excited for their new site to come back with a bang. Definitely check them out and be on the lookout for when they will be back. I’m sure you all will find great deals just like I did!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Saturday!

P.S. I finally posted the picture of me wearing the $5 dress I found at the thrift store on my Instagram account for you all to see. Follow me if you haven’t already! xoxo!

Necessary Clothing

Good evening everyone! I am doing things a bit differently today by posting a blog as I begin to settle down for the night versus first thing in the morning. I am thinking about doing things this way on the weekend. Do you guys prefer to read blogs in the morning to start the day or in the evening as you unwind from the day? Comment and let me know!


Today I took my time fixing my hair and makeup while I watched the show Sex and the City and drank coffee. I left my house around 1:30 p.m. and enjoyed the best pulled pork sandwich from a Bar-B-Que place in my hometown named B-Daddy’s. From there my boyfriend and I took some pictures around the area and walked off our lunch at Ross and a thrift store where I got this pretty dress for only $5! I am a college student who is always looking to save money and I really believe thrift stores hold some hidden gems if you truly take the time to look around.

I thought that this dress looked so lovely, that I plan on wearing it to my friend’s wedding next Saturday with my gold heels from a New York based store named Necessary Clothing. Speaking of which, I was very surprised to see that they used my photo of their ‘Sealed With A Kiss’ gold heel and posted it on their Instagram account! This may not seem like a big deal to those who constantly have their photos posted and recognized by the stores they tag, but to me, it was the cherry on top to my day! I was so stoked the second I saw that a photo I took was recognized by New York City based fashion store. The image below is a screenshot of this proud moment!


Since I am on the topic of Instagram, I really want to take a second and kindly ask you all to check out my fashion account @alamocitysara If you press the Instagram icon off to the right side of the page, you will be directed to my profile. Please be sure to give me a follow if you would like to see more fashion from me. I am happy with the clothes I put on my back and understand the importance of putting your best foot forward even when on a budget. I will definitely post a picture of the $5 dress I found at the thrift store tomorrow as well as other cool fashion photography. Let me know if you become a follower to my Instagram account and if you would like me to follow you back as well. You are all incredible and I believe everyone has something beautiful and great to offer. Continue to work hard and do not get discouraged. When you least expect it, you’ll be recognized and discovered one step at a time!

Thank you and goodnight ūüôā


Underneath Your Clothes

I swear this post has a deeper meaning than this silly booty looking nectarine with napkin underwear.

Are any of you fans of Shakira? I had the song ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ playing in my head the second I opened my eyes this morning. Give it a listen! I will attach a video of the lyrics to the song on the bottom of this post. I want everyone reading this to think of your significant other who loves you and thinks that you are beautiful. I thought of my boyfriend and had an interesting thought come to me. I challenged myself today to replace my judgmental eyes and try to view myself through his eyes instead. I know this sounds crazy, but I would like you all to try to do the same thing today.

My boyfriend helps me out a lot. He is my photographer for the majority of my photos, he advertises my fashion account on Instagram and my blog, he allows me to vent and be vulnerable and strong all at once, he has seen both the good, the ¬†bad and the ugly in me, and he has always given me that extra push I need when I am second-guessing myself. As I’ve said before, I am still very camera shy and awkward at times. My boyfriend can always sense this and he will constantly told me that I looked beautiful when we had a photo shoot on Monday. But I wasn’t feeling it and it showed in my pictures. I was awkward, my poses weren’t right, I felt that certain angles made me appear fat, the sun and wind were frustrating me…I felt discouraged. I felt fake. I just wanted to go home.


I still don’t really know why I got so hard on myself. I just felt silly and I really, really, really do not know how this feeling came to me all of a sudden. My boyfriend could sense that I really wasn’t into it, but he constantly told me I looked beautiful and that’s really the only thing that got me through.

A lot of girls get this wave of discouragement that leaves them second-guessing their every move. When you feel this way, think of someone who loves you and replace your judgmental attitude with their encouraging one. Why do our loved ones love us so much? Do you really think it has anything to do with how good our photos come out? NO! Through their eyes, they see the person you are. Your fashion sense is just a plus. Remember that.

Challenge yourself to look at yourself through the eyes of those who love you and do not be so hard on yourself. Even the most beautiful girl on your social media feed gets these waves of discouragement and has days where her beauty feels lost.

If no one has told you this today, you are beautiful.20170706_102754[1]



Things I Did Not Buy

Do you like this photo of my coffin shaped wallet? It’s where my money goes to DIE!

One of my biggest faults is that I find it hard to completely get over the things that I cannot change. The things that are just out of my control. The things that I just have to ‘let go’¬†and lay to rest. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was look at the shoes I bought the other day. I had been eyeing these shoes for two years. Two. Years. And they are finally mine! It seemed like they would never ever go on sale, but the day finally came and I was feeling lucky.

Although I would’ve loved to have my beloved black lace up sandals the second I saw them, I just didn’t like the price! First off, I never buy any clothes at regular price, but when I do, it’s because my wonderful mom or my wonderful boyfriend offers to split the price with me. But even then, I normally tell them not to worry about it.

However…I regret telling mom and boyfriend not to worry about it when I finally have the money, but cannot find what I wanted to buy. Honestly, a slap to the face would probably hurt a whole lot less than not being able to find what I worked and saved my money for. Okay, maybe not to that extent, but still, it ¬† S-U-C-K-S!

I have taken some photos of the things that I was not able to buy so I can share them with all of you. The image below are some high end products I did not buy. Too pricey!

Things I Did Not Buy


I regret not getting this taco purse so bad. I love Betsey Johnson, but I just didn’t have the money to buy this bag at the time. I know that there are Betsey Johnson products at Ross stores, but I never saw this bag there. I unfortunately never saw this bag again since the day I took the picture! As for the picture on the right, yes, those are Wonder Woman cuffs. They looked gorgeous on! But realistically speaking, I would only wear them if I was going to dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween or if I was going for that gladiator goddess look which isn’t very often. I had to wave good-bye to these too.

Things I Did Not Buy (1)

I did not buy this dress from Burlington or these shoes from Ross. I had rotten luck on both of these when I decided to wait just one more day when I got paid. I went back for the dress and it was completely gone. I didn’t even see it in other sizes! As for the shoes, they didn’t have my size anymore. Ladies, always get your proper shoe size! It will not be worth it to buy shoes that are a great price but too tight or looking like you stole Ronald McDonald’s shoes. Oh well, the hunt for hunter green shoes like these continues. I know I will find a great deal somewhere.

As for yesterday’s steal, it was worth the wait. They are comfortable and flawless and can spice up any outfit in my possession and I didn’t have to break the bank for them. I am a full time college student who only works part time so I cannot be constantly making purchases left and right. Can anyone relate?

Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day. How am I going to spend it?

Hello everyone. I just woke up and am at the part of my day when I think about what my day is going to be like more or less. Today is July 4th, Independence Day here in America and I am thankful for those who fought for this country back in 1776. I am wearing red, white and blue in order to be festive and will spend the day with my family.


My day consist of not having to be in the office today. Yay! Right now I am probably going to sit on the couch with my coffee inside my grumpy cat mug and just enjoy the sunrise. Then I am going to do my morning workout followed by some chores.

As for the more fun part of my day, my family and I are going to go to the mall! YAY AGAIN! Then I will head over to my grandparents house for some bar-b-que and most likely spend the rest of my day there. My family recently got rid of our old grill that we used for many cookouts in the past, so we are on the shopping hunt for a new one.

As for the fireworks, you are all going to think I am so lame, but I really just do not feel like making my way through overcrowded parks and staying up super late (for those of you who do not know, summer time in Texas does not get dark until 10 pm.) just for a firework show that barely lasts 20 minutes. The only time I get my fix for fireworks on News Year’s anyways.

I am keeping this blog short and simple today. If you would like to see more of my fashion and photos, please follow my Instagram @alamocitysara

How will you guys be spending your day today? I really want to know!



Searching For New Styles

Always on the lookout for the weekend and new style.

Good Morning everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend!


I am currently wondering about two things. First off, where the heck did the weekend go? (this explains my expression on the photo above) and secondly, I am wondering about which new styles I would like to try next. I am trying to really get outside of my comfort zone in order to recognize what trends do and do not work for me.

Being from Texas, I see a lot of cowboy and cowgirl inspired clothing, but never thought of really giving it a try until now. Before I get any further, I want you all to know that Texas does not consist of horses in every direction and everyone’s house looking like a ranch. I come from a big and busy city known as San Antonio, where there is a lot of buildings, activities and events from the community, tons of tourists, both indoor and outdoor malls and so much more. Needless to say, I love it here.

Anyways, this past weekend I decided to finally give the cowgirl look a whirl and I loved it! I felt so festive to my home state and I bought my first cowgirl hat! It’s these little things that really make my day. As for the boots, skirt and top, I got all these items from my closet. I’m trying to work with that I’ve got remember? My hat and boots are from a store named Cowtown Boots. I have also shopped at other stores such as Boot Barn, Cavendars, Texas Western Warehouse and Sheplers. I really think that a big part of me wanting to try this style of clothing is by looking at the way the older gentleman in my family dress. They look like they just walked off the set of the movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! Speaking of which, I found the soundtrack to the film and gave it a listen. When taking these photos, I played the tracks in my head to help motivate me to really feel like a fierce cowgirl.





I am slowly but surely getting the hang of modeling and overcoming camera awkwardness. I must say, these photos are by far my¬†favorite. I wouldn’t have ever guessed that I would feel so comfortable in cowgirl inspired attire. My snakeskin top was found at a GoodWill and I chose this print over the plaid print because I had had a dream about snakes the night before. I took it as a sign to sport that print instead of the traditional plaid. As for the leather skirt, I got it at Express when it went on clearance. My boots and hat are from Cowtown Boots like a said earlier and the brand for the boots are Dingo and the hat is from the brand BullHide.

Cowgirl Style


I will definitely wear this style more often. I will also try out other cowgirl inspired outfits and always remain a Texas girl at heart no matter where I will travel. I hope you all liked this look and remember that it is okay to get outside of your comfort zone to try something bold and new. You may like it more than you would have ever thought.

Have A Great Day!