Outfits of The Week: Part 6

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! It’s about that time where we reflect on the outfits worn this week so let’s get started!

Monday- This skeleton shirt is from Target and of course I was sporting a Halloween inspired shirt to kick off my week. Even though the weather here is all over the place, I am still trying to get into the Halloween spirit and get ready for fall. I paired this blouse with some faded purple pants and wore some grey shoes from Shoedazzle to top it all off.


Tuesday- For Tuesday I wore a burgundy skirt, also from Target, and decided to pair it with black tights, boots and blouse. Since red is my favorite color, I decided that I would wear red lipstick and a red rose necklace that I got from Hottopic several years ago. The skirt is a soft suede material and I love that the studded pocket detail gives it a vintage-y look to it. The necklace also looks like it would have been worn in medieval times, while the rest of this outfit was kept pretty modern. This outfit was my favorite one from this whole week.

outfitsoftheweek (2)Tuesday Outfit Closeup

Wednesday- You know I love my high-waisted jeans from Fashion Nova. I wore high-waisted jeans by them on both Wednesday and Thursday because they are the best pants ever! I wanted to look put-together yet stay comfortable on this day so I wore some comfortable flats and layered a skull kimono I got from Hottopic, over a simple black tank-top. Still in that Halloween spirit!

Wednesday outfit leaningWednesdayoutfitskulls

Thursday- Thursday is usually my most casual day out of the week as far as outfits go because this is usually my longest day and I cannot afford to have any wardrobe malfunctions interfering me. Simple does not have to be boring though! Luckily bright colored tops with lace detail can save the day! Now-a-days even sneakers are fashionable. I love these sneakers from Steve Madden. I have also worn them in one of my previous ‘Outfits of the week’ blog posts so I’m sure they look very familiar.


Each week continues to fly by so fast! I am pleased to say that I am surviving my classes and slowly but surely learning how to edit videos. I am very excited to see things come together! Let me know which outfit was your favorite!

Have a great weekend and stay stylish!


Things To Come

I’ve really missed blogging on here on a daily basis, but I know that this change was necessary in order for me to continue to grow in my fashion endeavors. Today’s blog is going to be a simple update on my whereabouts and I am currently working my butt off with being a full-time student and part time employee, but these things all make me want to try harder at being great at what I do and what I want to do is share my enthusiasm for fashion with others who feel the same way that I do. I am expanding my horizons by learning how to film and edit videos, become more comfortable in front of the camera during photo shoots, and just generally be more involved. I am doing these things on top of work, homework and studying, but just because this is challenging, it does not mean that it is impossible.

video editing

These goals are difficult and yes, I find myself getting frustrated when things do not seem like they are going well and I feel like no progress is being made, but great things do not happen overnight. I am still trying my hardest to be patient.

I am in the process of trying to learn how to film and edit videos so that I can start my own YouTube channel that revolves around fashion and who knows, maybe makeup every once in a while. I am using Halloween as an opportunity to recreate some costumes and makeup looks and I am pretty much filming the process so I can show you guys. I am planning on doing a total of 4 or 5 different characters so as soon as the weather here gets a whole lot better, I will be doing many photo shoots and videos. I really hope it all comes together in the end and I really hope that this endeavor will take me far.

I am open to any advice or suggestions any of you guys have when it comes to photo shoots, filming or video editing, I am all ears and it’s much appreciated. This is all I have for you all for now, as soon as I get the first video up, I will let you all know!

Stay Stylish and Good Night!

silver9 (2).jpg


Deed of the MONTH

Happy October everyone! I am beyond excited that my favorite month is here and I want to take an opportunity to give you all a quick deed of the week as we begin this new month and week.

This one is a little more personal as it has to do with keeping animals safe during this month, especially black cats. Black cats are often targets during this month. This has become such a big issue that many shelters will not allow any black cats to adopted during this entire month. So what if there are feral black cats? This is where you come in…

My deed for you this entire month is to look after black cats this month. You can do this by contacting animal care services or simply letting these cats be without disturbing them. You are able to also report any sort of animal abuse you suspect or completely know about to animal care services as well, so I encourage you all to raise your awareness on your local animal hotline this month. While we are having a great time celebrating holidays, our animals are targeted even more this month than any other time of the year. Please raise your awareness and have a heart for our stray animals who are out there. On a lighter note, I am happy and excited for this year’s Halloween and all of October’s festivities! What are you all going to do for Halloween this year?

Stay stylish!

New Blog Schedule

Hello everyone, I hope you are looking forward to the weekend ahead of us and will get some time to relax from the hard work you did all week. I have now completed week 5 of school and I have to admit, this was the hardest week yet. I struggled a lot this week and I ultimately found myself just being spread out way too thin. Even though I am happy with everything going on in my life and really do not have anything to complain about, I know that my mind cannot be all over the place all the time. As you guys know, I love blogging around night time when I am finally home after a long day and I get to sit down and talk to you all, but sometimes I find myself feeling semi-satisfied with my blogs because I know that my blog post can be so much better in quality. After giving this some thought, I am deciding to only post blogs on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

Hear me out, on Sunday I think it is still a great thing to give you guys all a little weekly challenge and I want to continue to do this. Plus Sundays give me an excuse to talk to you all before my week starts. Wednesdays are right in the middle of the week and my availability is at its highest on this day out of the entire week. This gives me time to really take time with writing out my blog. Fridays were chosen because I love doing outfits of the week and it gives me a chance to give you all something to read before you head right into the weekend. Even though I will no longer be posting every day, fear not because I will not go MIA and I will still post daily on my other social medias which are Instagram and SnapChat and you can find me at AlamoCitySara

Since the weather has been rainy and crappy, I wasn’t able to take outfit pictures this week, but I will still show you all the outfits once the weather clears up a bit. I am about 40 followers away from hitting 100 followers on here! Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog! I will talk to you all again on Sunday. Enjoy your Saturday in the meantime! Stay Stylish!

New Blog Schedule.jpg



Library Bliss

The rain in San Antonio has been consistent. It’s been the type of rain that isn’t harsh, but not dainty mist. I don’t think we have seen the sun since Sunday (no pun intended) and even though rainy days have always depressed me, I have been trying to keep my head up high and look on the bright side (again, no pun intended) and take time to enjoy this weather. When it rains, there is nothing like staying home and eating soup or drinking some coffee or hot chocolate in your pjs. But if you’re anything like me, you cannot afford to just stay home and relax. I have work and school and I am pretty much forced to leave my comfortable house and go out in the rainy world. These past four days have caused me to over-think my outfits, to feel sleepy all day, to crave soup, to wake up my allergies and yeah, depress me just a little.

I still wanted to take photos and wear cute outfits so when my boyfriend and I made our way to the Pearl Brewery in my town, we saw the little library inside Hotel Emma as a great and cozy area to take some photos. If I cannot be at home enjoying a book and coffee, at least I can make the best of going to the library and working on homework in a cozy area! We walked around and took more photos, and yes, we even took some outside! I will stop talking now and show you guys some of the photos!

Library BlissLibrarybliss3LibraryLibrarybliss

PearlBreweryLibrary Bliss2Library Bliss3Library BlissfulWine Blissful

Pearl BlissRainydayblissrainydaybliss2Rainydaybliss3rainydaybliss4

I hope you guys liked these pictures. I want to thank my boyfriend for being such a photographer trooper and willingly stand in the rain to take a few photos. Do not worry everyone, I made sure it didn’t take long and that he put on some dry clothes. Stay safe in the rain if you are also experiencing rainy weather. If not, then enjoy the sun for me! Stay stylish!




10 Things To Never Say To A Fashion Girl

Last night I vented to my boyfriend about how I just couldn’t figure out what to wear and how my room was a complete disaster and that nothing I tried on fit right, blah, blah! Since he is a guy who cannot relate to my feeling of wardrobe helplessness, he expressed that he couldn’t understand my feelings and couldn’t understand why I did not have the capability to, and I quote, “just pick something!”

Judging by the look on my face, he regretted telling me that. I remember sitting up and mimicking, “Just pick something?” Then more angrily, “Just pick something?!

At that moment I thought of the perfect topic to blog about which is *drumroll here*

10 things you should never say to a fashion girl

Here’s a list so check it twice before you even think of saying these words to a fashionista

1.”Just Pick Something” (sorry babe)


Let me break it down for you why you shouldn’t tell a fashionista this. We would rather be overdressed than show up somewhere looking sloppy. We do not like to look sloppy and we want to look gorgeous. I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate it if “I just picked” a hoodie and sweats with flip-flops instead of taking the time to look nice. While he wears his button-up shirt and cool kicks, I am pretty sure that he would not want to be seen next to a girl on campus that other students cannot tell if she’s another student or a hobo. No. Not going to happen. Therefore, I cannot and I will not, “just pick something.”

2.¬† “How do you have nothing to wear? You have tons of clothes!”

giphy (1)

Yes, we know we have tons of clothes. But trends are always changing and so is our desire to keep up with those trends. Is it such a crime?

3. “You’re going out in that?”

giphy (2)

It breaks my heart when I hear this and I know this statement goes both ways whether you look overdone or looking like a walking wardrobe malfunction. Either way, it’s pretty heartbreaking to hear this. If a fashionista takes time to get ready and walks out in a form fitting dress and tall boots with heels and her significant other or loved one tells her she needs to “tone it down” or “change into something else,” it sucks. I hate hearing this, even when I know it is for my own good. When I hear people say this, majority of the time the person saying it is someone who loves the person who just walked out to show off their dress attire. Words hurt more when the words come out of someone you love’s mouth. And it sucks even more when your really thought you looked adorable.

4. “Aren’t you going to be cold in that?”

giphy (8)

Let’s face facts: even though the weather is going to get colder, you still want to wear skirts and dresses right? In my opinion, you should be okay if you have a trench coat jacket to wear whenever you’re outdoors. A few years ago I wore a high-neck, floral blouse with a blur skirt that hit me right above the knee with some flare to it and heels for Christmas. I was proud of myself for finding the perfect blue coat to wear over it. Once I got inside my grandma’s house, once I took off my jacket and sat down, she took one look at my outfit and asked me, “aren’t you cold in that?”¬†Because she is my grandma, I laughed it off.

5. “This item is sold out in your size…”

giphy (5)

This is a straight-up horror story. Period.

6. “Maybe this can be your Christmas/ Birthday gift”

giphy (7)

No. I want it now or as soon as pay day comes!

7. “Gift cards and money are the worst thing to give someone for their birthday/Christmas!”

giphy (3).gif

*spits out water in shock* Says who?? We can all use a little more money whether it comes in paper or plastic. I don’t see why these things are viewed as “thoughtless” gifts. Whenever I get these things, I know that the person knows that I am picky and a broke college student. They are doing me a big favor by giving me a gift card or money instead of buying me something that I probably wont use. I would like to know your opinion on this! Do you think gift cards and money are thoughtless gifts? Leave a comment!

8. “Oh, you must have a lot of money”

giphy (4)

A person’s closet builds up over time. Not all at once! Can fashion blogging get expensive? Yes! But so does smoking and drinking. So does musical equipment. So does automobile maintenance. So does sports. So does art. All hobbies come with a price whether it is financially or time consuming. We do these things by choice and no, this does not give anyone the right to assume we have all the money in the world. I assure you that a lot of us do not.

9. “You can never find anything good at the thrift store”

Yes you can! People get rid of great, quality items all the time! You just need to take the time to look around.

giphy (6).gif

10. “Maybe your outfit will finally catch so and so’s attention!”

I heard this a lot when I was single, but you know how us girls do NOT by $30 blushes to get a boy’s attention? The same goes for clothes too! Especially fashion girls who buy clothes because they want to look good for themselves!

giphy (9).gif

This marks the end of tonight’s blog. I added Dean Winchester GIFs because his facial expressions just kill me! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and learned something today. Good night and stay stylish!

What Happens When You Do Not Know What To Wear

If you’re anything like me, you struggle with figuring out what to wear in the morning. You wake up and fix your hair and makeup and have your look broken down to a science because it’s a similar routine. Clothes however, are not a similar routine. In fact, you probably do not want to dress similar to what your wore the previous day which is why you find yourself trying to figure out what to wear and having a hard time.

Personally, I hate my Tuesday schedule. I hate that I have to be up early and out the door by 7:30 a.m. I hate that I clock out of work and only have 30 minutes to drive all the way to school and frantically find parking and make my way to the third floor just to get to class. I hate that I have to take this 50 minute course that is mandatory by the university, yet feels like a complete waste of time. Instead of ranting on about how I hate my Tuesday schedule, but I think that the photo of my messy room explains how Tuesdays make me feel on the inside.

I am a human being at the end of the day and even though I love to dress up, there are days that I do not even know what to wear or where to start looking in my closet. Today was one of those days. I was rushing. My mind was going crazy. I started throwing all my clothes everywhere. I was running out of time.

Here is my advice for those days when you have no idea what to wear.

  • Keep it simple- Jeans and t-shirt are the way to go for simplicity, but you can still dress is up with a light jacket and some nice shoes.
  • Use your jewelry- If your clothes are kept simple, allow your jewelry to help you make your outfit more interesting. Another great accessory is hats!
  • Go for a dress! You already do not know what to wear and you’re probably frustrated. Do not make things more difficult by trying to match tops and bottoms, just put on a dress and simple shoes and you’re good to go!

These are my best tips on figuring out what to wear during those mornings where you find yourself frantically trying to put an outfit together last minute. One piece of advice that I have always gotten from others after telling them about not knowing what to wear is to put an outfit together the night before. For me personally, this does not work. Complicated, when I have tried this, I wake up the next day no longer in the mood for that particular outfit. I wish this piece of advice would work for me, but my complicated self just wont let it!

My Tuesday is now over and even though I was rushing and frustrated this morning, life simply goes on. I hope you all had an easier time this morning before you took on your Tuesday. I am excited to let you guys know that I have started my Halloween shopping! Can you believe this is the last week of September?!

What are you guys going to dress as for Halloween this year? Stay stylish!