Trends I Cannot Stand: Men’s Edition

Today’s blog is going to be a little different because I am going to talk about men’s styles I cannot stand! I got some interesting feedback from when I blogged about women’s styles I couldn’t stand so I am going to do a men’s edition. Before I begin, just a friendly reminder that these are all based on my own opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Counting down backwards….

#5 Tattooed Shirts…

Tattooed shirts need to go. I do not see the appeal in shirts like these whether it is worn by males or females. Tattoos are so cool, but I also think that people get tattooed in order to symbolize something that is significant to them. I think tattoos should stay unique and shouldn’t just be on all t-shirts so multiple people can be walking around, sporting the exact same tattoos. It kills me to say this, but even my favorite Latino rockstar, Juanes, sported fake tattoo sleeves on the cover of his album, Mi Sangre. Why Juanes? WHY? You’re too cool to be wearing something like that. Stick to sporting your own tattoos.

men's tattoo sleeve shirt Juanes

#4 Hipster Glasses– So the hipster glasses in my opinion belong on junior high kids who are participating in Nerd Day only. If you need real glasses, wear them and just choose frames you like. If you don’t need glasses, why put on fake ones? I remember when so many people started to wear these hipster frames out of the blue. This trend also goes for women too. I honestly feel very puzzled by the desire of wanting to put on frames without actual glasses in them. In my book, the only one who could pull off the fake glasses is…

men's tattoo sleeve

CLARK KENT!!!!  Clark Kent.PNG

#3 Socks and Sandals– As comfortable as they may be…please don’t. They completely dress down anything you wear. Even if the rest of you is put together, socks and sandals will ruin it. The gentleman would look so much better if he ditched the socks and sandals and went for a dress shoe. Even some Adidas sneakers would look better with

socks and sandals

#2 The Man Romper- Maybe I am just too old-fashioned, but I think rompers are kinda just a girl thing. Please do not hate me for saying that, I know anyone can wear whatever makes them happy. All I am saying is that I would not want to see my own man wearing something like that. Men can get the same look by wearing the same colored shirt and shorts, I get it, but a man in a onesie looking thing kinda just freaks me out.

Man Romper.PNG


Mud Pants -.- 

Mud Jeans

Yes, they are real. Google it. And let me know what you think of those three-digit prices these are selling for.

Mud Jeans2

Why? WHYYYYYY? In my opinion, this only looks hot if a guy is out there on the field working and earning real mud stains on his jeans versus just going to school with fake mud. First of all, you could probably re-create this look for a whole lot less, secondly, in the back side of jeans, it just looked like you crapped yourself. When did fashion designers ever think this was a great idea?

That’s all I got for you guys today. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on these trends.

Keep your man away from mud jeans and stay stylish!



The Colors Of My Closet

Do you tend to gravitate towards the same colors when it comes to clothing?

For a lot of women, it’s black because it is a neutral color that is easy to pair with anything and also gives women the look of appearing slimmer. Who doesn’t want that?

I am also someone who loves black clothing, but other than this color, my closet is made up of reds, pinks, and some blues. I have tons of dresses that are black and red. These two colors together are my weakness. I have so many black and red clothing that I have earned myself the nickname “Red” at work because I’m always wearing something red, and of course, my red hair! Red and pink are my favorite colors. Valentine’s Day is the best time of the year because these two colors are everywhere and I LOVE it!

I almost wore black and red today for my photo shoot, but I challenged myself to make things a little bit different. Instead of wearing black and red, I changed these two colors to pink and gray! Yes, I know they are the lighter colors of black and red.


I loved this outfit so much and the colors took me outside my comfort zone! These colors looked really well together and I was pretty surprised how nice this outfit came out.


Here were some things I did differently with today’s shoot that I normally don’t do….

For starters, I never trade black and red for a different look. Secondly, I never wear my caps backwards like this because I always felt silly wearing it like this. Lastly, I always photograph better on my “good side” which is my right side of the face, but I purposely looked the other way to see how my left side would be in photographs.


This outfit has become one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever taken photographs in. I would’ve never gotten such an eye-opening experience or better feeling if I stuck to wearing my usual instead of breaking outside of my comfort zone. I guess what I am trying to say is to give other colors a chance. If you want to stick to black, that’s great, but try to add in a color you’re curious about and give it a try!

Be colorful and stay stylish!

Purses…My Unhealthy Obsession

I already have my purses planned out for the rest of the week. Yeah, I switch out my purses every single day! I know, it seems crazy, but I love purses!


As you can see, my Wednesday and Thursday bags are more tamed while my Friday and Saturday weekend bags are a little more expressive and stand out.

I currently have 17 purses. To some, this may be way too many, but I find myself looking at my next victims! Here they are…

  1. $19.99 and also comes in black! I like the pink one though!


2. $34.99 Rose purse, black or red, I cannot choose! Should I just get both?


3. Black Floral Bag $34.99


My three victims. You will be mine. I cannot wait until payday to snatch you all from the store. Hopefully you all will be at a discounted price!

That’s all I have for you all today. Do you like any of these purses? Let me know!

Have a good night and stay stylish!


Houston…They Have Some Problems, But You Can Help!

My heart is heavy for anyone who has been effected by Hurricane Harvey. I have mentioned this storm briefly in some of my previous posts, but this was before I saw the extent of Harvey’s destructive power. Many news stations have been constantly giving out information and footage of the aftermath that this storm caused in Houston, TX and I cannot imagine what my fellow Texans who have been hit hard by this storm are going through. Here in San Antonio, we had a lot of shelters open to those who were coming from Corpus. We also had fear from looking at the radar where the storm looked like it could be right over us any minute.

As you can see I am not going to talk about what I wore for my first day of school, but about how we can help those who were effected by Harvey. Not too long ago, I celebrated my cousin’s birthday on the 19th of this month and reunited with a family friend who is now in the Coast Guard. I bring this up because if any friends, family or yourself are in danger from this storm you can call the coast guard at any of the phone numbers below:

  • (281) 464-4851
  • (281) 464-4852
  • (281) 464-4853
  • (281) 464-4854
  • (281) 464-4855

Rescuers are asking for your cooperation in order to better help as many people as possible and even save lives. Emergency officials need more boats to help put people and pets in from their flooded houses and into safety. Boats, trucks and helicopters have all been used to free people from at least waist deep water. We can still help from home by making donations. Financial donations are needed in order to provide immediate aid to all those who may need it right now.

If you are able to donate financially, please visit Red Cross’s website:

You can also make a $10 donation straight from your phone if you text HARVEY to 90999

As soon as I find out more information about donating items such as clothing, electronics and household items, I will be sure to let you all know.

I am going to end my blog here. Please do not feel bad if you are not able to help out financially. Just remember to never take anything that you have for granted because it could be taken away in a second.

Be thankful, lend a helping hand, and stay stylish.





I Wear Too Much Makeup!

Do not judge me, but yesterday night I washed my makeup brushes after 5 months of using them almost every day and not washing them. Although I am embarrassed by this fact, but you really do not know how much makeup you truly use until you have to wash your makeup brushes!

I put makeup on daily and the only time that I don’t wear makeup is when I am planning on just being at home all day. I have had to step it up with looking put together with my job and my academic career, so I have broken my daily makeup routine to a science!

The makeup products I use daily are foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. When I have extra time, I do a winged eyeliner. I firmly believe that your makeup will only come out as good as your makeup brushes allow it to. For instance, my eyeshadow on my outer corner and crease did not come out that well until I invested in a blending brush. Anyways, after 10 minutes of rinsing and lathering shampoo into all my brushes, I was able to successfully remove all the makeup from them.

I washed the brushes using my shampoo and I was pretty shocked to see all the makeup that would come out once I rinsed. I also found out that if you put a little bit of olive oil and mix it with your shampoo, it will help clean out your makeup quicker than shampoo alone! I did not take a before picture of my makeup brushes, but here is the after photo.


How much makeup do you put on daily? How often do you wash your brushes?

Let me know and stay stylish!

Fashion Trends I Cannot Stand!

I am already experiencing cabin fever due to hurricane Harvey. This storm has all of south Texas defensive and staying at home. So far there has been strong winds and light drizzle here in San Antonio. I am sure the city is still in the “calm before the storm” phase and it is making me pretty anxious. I got tired of worrying and watching the news so much that I decided to give myself something else to think about for a little bit, which inspired today’s blog topic of fashion trends I cannot stand!

First one is clear shoes. Heels in particular, like the one in the image below.

clear heels

I personally do not find these to be flattering at all. The clear plastic straps over the top of the foot just look cheap and not classy. If you really want a shoe that will go with anything, but still looks classy, stick to the nude or black heels you own!

Secondly, over-distressed denim pants.

over-distressed jeans

When I see jeans that are just over-the-top distressed like this, I get the song, “Who Let The Dogs Out” by Baha Men stuck in my head because these jeans look like they got ripped by dogs! I cannot believe how much I am seeing jeans that look distressed like this. There is no way I would ever wear something like this, nonetheless pay good money to buy an item like this. I am just going to have to stick to jeans and pants that cover my legs. Moving on…

Fashion Trend 3, swimsuits that look too much like lingerie.

These swimsuits may seem appealing and cute to some women, but I just cannot stand them! I bet these swimsuits aren’t even suitable to handle real swimming. They look like they belong in the bedroom instead. I understand if you want to strut your stuff and look sexy on the beach, but can’t you do that in a cute swimsuit that is suitable for swimming as well? Couldn’t you strut your stuff and look and feel sexy in clothes, and anywhere? Yeah, perhaps. But can you go swimming anywhere you go? NO! You might as well enjoy a nice swim while you have a chance!



Fashion trend four is teeny tiny crop tops


I love crop tops, but only when I have a high-waisted pant, skirt or shorts to go with it. I cannot stress enough how much I and a lot of other women do not want to be showing our belly or mid section! Also, not every bottom in my closet is high-waisted! These tops are super cute, but just aren’t practical for me and my style.

Last but not least…..

Trend #5, body chains

body chain

I am going to just flat out say it…this trend has got me tilting my head in confusion the most out of all the trends I just showed you. I simply do not see the appeal in body chains. They are as cheap looking as the clear heels, and whatever happened to necklaces, earrings, bracelets and regular jewelry? On top of that, I really do not think these look good on anyone.

Well there you have it everyone, my top 5 trends I cannot stand! I do not see the appeal in any of these and I just straight up think they are all pretty ridiculous. This blog is just based upon my own personal beliefs and as a human being, we are all entitled to our own opinions. What do you readers think? Do you agree, or disagree with the trends I showed you? What are some fashion trends you cannot stand? I am interested in your thoughts!

Stay Stylish everyone 🙂




Today’s blog will be a continuation of my back-to-school theme, but will still be a little different. Monday I showed you guys a sporty look I created with the athletic student in mind and then yesterday I wrote my blog that had to do with taking care of business and placed an image of my business student look on it. Yesterday I talked about my personal struggle of realizing the STEM career field wasn’t for me, but that women of STEM amaze me every single day. Today, I will be showing you guys a blast from the past with some images of anything art related that I have done in the past because I am now channeling my inner art student!

I know that those who study art doesn’t just mean that you do art work. I understand. So I am also going to talk about my experience in my high school musical, Hairspray!!

This experience was definitely the highlight of my senior year and high school career. We had about a 3 hour rehearsal everyday after school from mid October thru early December. Throughout this time there was so many things going on in my life. First of all, I didn’t tell anyone that I was going to audition. Secondly, my ex was also auditioning and I was still not completely comfortable around him. Third, his new chick he had been talking to was the queen of acting at our high school. Fourth, I knew NOBODY. I made new friends during auditions, but none of them made it on the list, so I was back to knowing nobody again. Fifth, my ex and his new chick made the cut -.- and on top of all of this, my friend Ricky was in the hospital throughout this whole time due to his colon cancer returning.

My ex almost became my dance partner, which is why I thank God every day for my friend and dance partner, Rene.


Rene became my dance partner. He was a junior while I was a senior. He kept me strong throughout this entire production and I really couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

hairspray2Here I am pictured with all the other female, “nicest kids in town” and this photo was taken at the very end of the play when we all had to come out and bow. This was a very proud moment for me because I almost didn’t try out after seeing how many people were auditioning and my ex boyfriend. What made this play most important to me is that it was dedicated to my friend Ricky’s passing that same month. I forgot all about fear at that moment. I forgot all about my ex and his new girl. I forgot all about how I was way outside of my comfort zone and just went out there!

With that said, never be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You may end up having the best time of your life!



On a side note, Hurricane Harvey is causing some storms here in South Texas. It looks like my city is going to get hit pretty hard. Weather reports predict that we are going to get 8-12 inches of rain through Saturday and Sunday. My first day back at school will depend on the extent of the rain and of course, the aftermath flooding will cost. If I am a little behind on blog posts, please do not be alarmed, I am probably just going to be with my family or maybe just experiencing power outages.

South Texas followers, use your common sense and turn around, don’t drown! Stay safe, and stay stylish.