Deed of the Week: Stop Making Excuses

Halfway through the semester and I am already pretty exhausted! I went out of my way to catch up on homework and school work so I could dedicate this weekend to working on getting some videos on YouTube up. I mentioned in a previous post that I am trying to learn how to video edit and film a little bit more because I want to branch out to YouTube. I figured that this would be the best time of the year to start a channel because of Halloween. This holiday gives me an opportunity to show my creative side with costumes and makeup so I figured, why not?!

I am going to hopefully release a costume video tomorrow and then a different one on Wednesday. This week’s characters are both Disney characters, one is a male character and the other is a female. I think you guys will know who the female character is if you are following me on Instagram. I am eager to show you guys what I have been working on and I hope you will all like what you see.

YouTube is one of those things that I thought would be interesting to do so I stopped making excuses and decided to just go for it. I want you to challenge yourself to set aside some time and think about something that you have always wanted to do, yet find yourself making excuses. Figure out what is preventing you and ignore those excuses and just go for it! If you needed some encouragement to get out and do something, this is it. What is something that you have always wanted to do? Take the first step this week and see how far it takes you and just keep going!

if you’ve seen the Bernie Mac show, you will remember when Jordan said the greatest simile which is, “Excuses are just like butts, everyone’s got one but they all stink!”

Stay stylish!


Outfits of the Week: Week 7

What a week it has been! So many things are happening in the world and I cannot help but feel pretty useless just watching the news on TV. We have the wildfires in California, we have many of our government officials in Puerto Rico trying to pick up what Maria left behind, we have the mourning from the Las Vegas shooting, and the Harvey Weinstein news that makes me sick. Then we have our own personal lives. Whether it’s work, school, relationships or setbacks, life is just happening and nothing is going to stop it. I could have easily curled up in a ball after enduring everything I saw on the news, hearing about my boyfriend’s car window being hit with a bb gun and needing to be replaced, getting frustrated at work, overwhelmed with homework and feeling like I may be spreading myself out too thin, but the quickest way for me to instantly feel better is the way that I dress.

I may be struggling and be under a lot of pressure, but as long as my outfit is okay, I will be too. Here are the outfits of the week!

Monday: Denim Vest: Thrifted, Tank top: Macy’s, Skirt: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: Dillards, brand is Gianni Bini


Tuesday: I did not get to take a photo of my outfit since this is the day my boyfriend’s car window needed to be repaired. 😦

Wednesday’s Outfit: Pink lace blouse: Wetseal, Denim: Express, Boots: Dillards, brand is Gianni Bini

This blouse received a lot of compliments. I used to work at Wetseal and the company unfortunately went out of business about a year after I left. I have heard that they are coming back, but have not seen anything yet! It was one of my favorite stores and it will be missed greatly. I wear these jeans so much because the distress in them is subtle and the was is unique. The boots are a great fit for this outfit because I did not want to wear black shoes, but still needed a neutral shoe to go along with my outfit. These were perfect!



Thursday: Dress: Fashion Nova, Jacket: Love Culture, Boots: Boot Barn by Dan Post


I hope you guys have a great weekend and enjoyed these outfits 🙂

Don’t be a stranger and stay stylish!

Forever 21 + Fashion Nova = Photo Shoot!

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog!

I had a successful photo shoot today and I wanted to show you all some pictures from today. I have been paying more attention to the fall trends, so it is no surprise that I have been seeing crushed velvet everywhere! Ah yeah, I finally got myself a crushed velvet top from Forever 21. I don’t really have anything crushed velvet to begin with, but man, that is about to change!


I am obsessed with this orange velvet top. It has an off the shoulder ruffle and the length hits me just like a crop top would. I paired this blouse with a high waisted, floral printed, corderoid skirt from Target and my tallest cowgirl boots made by the brand, Dan Post.

The second item I received today was a dress from Fashion Nova. I know I always gush about their pants, but I have been getting into their other clothes starting with dresses!


This dress was on clearance and caught my eye because I don’t really have anything yellow and I loved that the print was unique. I also had a vision that this dress would look great with my green jacket I got from Love Culture a few years back. The boots are the same as in the outfit before.

I hope I gave you all some style inspiration. These two outfits would be perfect to wear on the weekend. Fall fashion is seriously the best time of the year for fashion! Which outfit was your favorite? What is your favorite trend this fall? Let me know and stay stylish!


Deed of the Week: The Other Side, Social Media Edition

For the past week, I have been curious and worried about one of my favorite YouTuber’s relationship with her boyfriend. I have had my suspicions that her and her boyfriend have broken up and are no longer together. I have been looking at all her posts and have also looked at her boyfriend’s posts to see if either one of them will finally either confirm they have broken up or assure me and other fans that they are doing okay and that we are all crazy for thinking that they will ever break up.

While looking at the comments on both of their posts, it’s clear that many other fans are wanting to know what is going on within their relationship. I finally stopped and thought about what it must be like to be on the other side of this type of situation. How would you feel if you were famous through social media and kept being asked if you and your significant other had broken up? For starters, I would be annoyed as hell. Secondly, I would probably feel guilty for not saying anything, but also pressured to say something at the same time. Lastly, I would want fans to focus more on what I do versus my relationship status.

So my challenge to you all is to focus more on why you like a famous YouTuber, model, actor/actress or any other celebrity and to refrain from adding to the stress they may have on everyone wanting to know about their personal struggles. Remember why you have chosen to follow them and support them. Admire them for what they put out into the world instead of commenting a question or making a remark that will hurt them. I am going to work on this myself and will challenge myself along with all of you to not worry about a relationship that I’m not anywhere near associated with!

As always, thank you to all my followers who take time to read my blog and remember to stay stylish!

Find and follow me on Instagram at AlamoCitySara if you want to see a picture of me sporting a Pocahontas look! I even have a black wig on!


Outfits of The Week: Part 6

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! It’s about that time where we reflect on the outfits worn this week so let’s get started!

Monday- This skeleton shirt is from Target and of course I was sporting a Halloween inspired shirt to kick off my week. Even though the weather here is all over the place, I am still trying to get into the Halloween spirit and get ready for fall. I paired this blouse with some faded purple pants and wore some grey shoes from Shoedazzle to top it all off.


Tuesday- For Tuesday I wore a burgundy skirt, also from Target, and decided to pair it with black tights, boots and blouse. Since red is my favorite color, I decided that I would wear red lipstick and a red rose necklace that I got from Hottopic several years ago. The skirt is a soft suede material and I love that the studded pocket detail gives it a vintage-y look to it. The necklace also looks like it would have been worn in medieval times, while the rest of this outfit was kept pretty modern. This outfit was my favorite one from this whole week.

outfitsoftheweek (2)Tuesday Outfit Closeup

Wednesday- You know I love my high-waisted jeans from Fashion Nova. I wore high-waisted jeans by them on both Wednesday and Thursday because they are the best pants ever! I wanted to look put-together yet stay comfortable on this day so I wore some comfortable flats and layered a skull kimono I got from Hottopic, over a simple black tank-top. Still in that Halloween spirit!

Wednesday outfit leaningWednesdayoutfitskulls

Thursday- Thursday is usually my most casual day out of the week as far as outfits go because this is usually my longest day and I cannot afford to have any wardrobe malfunctions interfering me. Simple does not have to be boring though! Luckily bright colored tops with lace detail can save the day! Now-a-days even sneakers are fashionable. I love these sneakers from Steve Madden. I have also worn them in one of my previous ‘Outfits of the week’ blog posts so I’m sure they look very familiar.


Each week continues to fly by so fast! I am pleased to say that I am surviving my classes and slowly but surely learning how to edit videos. I am very excited to see things come together! Let me know which outfit was your favorite!

Have a great weekend and stay stylish!

Things To Come

I’ve really missed blogging on here on a daily basis, but I know that this change was necessary in order for me to continue to grow in my fashion endeavors. Today’s blog is going to be a simple update on my whereabouts and I am currently working my butt off with being a full-time student and part time employee, but these things all make me want to try harder at being great at what I do and what I want to do is share my enthusiasm for fashion with others who feel the same way that I do. I am expanding my horizons by learning how to film and edit videos, become more comfortable in front of the camera during photo shoots, and just generally be more involved. I am doing these things on top of work, homework and studying, but just because this is challenging, it does not mean that it is impossible.

video editing

These goals are difficult and yes, I find myself getting frustrated when things do not seem like they are going well and I feel like no progress is being made, but great things do not happen overnight. I am still trying my hardest to be patient.

I am in the process of trying to learn how to film and edit videos so that I can start my own YouTube channel that revolves around fashion and who knows, maybe makeup every once in a while. I am using Halloween as an opportunity to recreate some costumes and makeup looks and I am pretty much filming the process so I can show you guys. I am planning on doing a total of 4 or 5 different characters so as soon as the weather here gets a whole lot better, I will be doing many photo shoots and videos. I really hope it all comes together in the end and I really hope that this endeavor will take me far.

I am open to any advice or suggestions any of you guys have when it comes to photo shoots, filming or video editing, I am all ears and it’s much appreciated. This is all I have for you all for now, as soon as I get the first video up, I will let you all know!

Stay Stylish and Good Night!

silver9 (2).jpg


Deed of the MONTH

Happy October everyone! I am beyond excited that my favorite month is here and I want to take an opportunity to give you all a quick deed of the week as we begin this new month and week.

This one is a little more personal as it has to do with keeping animals safe during this month, especially black cats. Black cats are often targets during this month. This has become such a big issue that many shelters will not allow any black cats to adopted during this entire month. So what if there are feral black cats? This is where you come in…

My deed for you this entire month is to look after black cats this month. You can do this by contacting animal care services or simply letting these cats be without disturbing them. You are able to also report any sort of animal abuse you suspect or completely know about to animal care services as well, so I encourage you all to raise your awareness on your local animal hotline this month. While we are having a great time celebrating holidays, our animals are targeted even more this month than any other time of the year. Please raise your awareness and have a heart for our stray animals who are out there. On a lighter note, I am happy and excited for this year’s Halloween and all of October’s festivities! What are you all going to do for Halloween this year?

Stay stylish!