Red Hair, DO Care!

Hair is pretty damn important to me. It may or may not be that important to you, but my hair really is my crown. I dyed my crown red the very first time when I was 18. I was still in high school and had to abide by the dress code, but really wanted my hair to be red! No, one simply does not “wait” for their high school days to be over in order to dye their hair. I was a senior who was ready for bigger and better things than the small world of high school and its drama. I had just gotten my braces off and went for the red hair that I wanted. But prior to the glamorous color I have been sporting for three years, I had to do a lot of research and preparation before changing my dark brown, borderline black hair to a burgundy red.

I haven’t had the chance to really talk about my hair color, but since I just got it redone this morning, I felt that it was the perfect time to share my hair story!

The very first time I dyed my hair was when I was 17. I got light brown highlights in my dark brown hair which is kind of weird now because my current boss has this hair color now. Anyways…before I could even dye my hair red, I had to make sure that I was fully aware of what I was getting myself into. As some of you may know, red hair requires a lot of maintenance if you want to keep the color fresh looking. When I say maintenance I am talking about the following:

  • Not washing it everyday. If you do this, your color will fade very fast and you will be very disappointed that your red hair dye is disappearing.
  • Becoming friends with dry shampoo. This is an alternative to regular shampoo and is a spray that will help you rid away with oiliness.
  • Using a colored treated shampoo that will be compatible with red hair. For instance, my mom also has her hair dyed, but it is blonde. She needs to use a purple shampoo so that her hair does not become “brassy” or look orangey after a while. Me on the other hand, would not want to use this shampoo because brassyness is not an issue for me and my red hair with hints of copper.
  • Get used to dark colored towels. No more white, or pastel colors and any light colored towels. Your hair dye will stain light colored towels.
  • Don’t go to be with wet hair if you have light colored bed sheets. Same issue as the towels, it will stain them.
  • Protect your hair from the sun. Sun could also fade your red hair. If you plan on being outdoors at a theme park or something all day, do not leave your hat! My red hair looked neon red after going to River City RockFest in my hometown all day. It was supposed to be burgundy…
  • Do not dunk your head when swimming in the public pools or anywhere where the water has chlorine in it. I miss swimming underwater, but I would miss my red hair more.
  • If not dyeing your own hair at home, depending on how bright or dark your hair is, will determine how often you need to get it redone at your salon. Red hair isn’t just a commitment, but an investment too.

I wash my hair every four days. This is about twice a week. I was used to washing my hair every day and getting rid of oil as soon as I got it. It was a shock in the beginning to wash it every other day and then progress from there. It takes time, but if you are dedicated enough, you will be able to get used to using dry shampoo as an alternative and train your hair to not produce so much oil so fast. I had to train my hair by not washing it everyday for about a year before committing to red hair dye.

My red hair was also a way of me to transform into the young lady that I wanted to be. I had gotten the braces off and went for the new hair color. I remember having my hair colored red about a week before prom. Since I wanted to wear a dress that would compliment my new hair color, I went for a peachy pink colored dress. I bring this up because everyone who didn’t notice my hair color prior to prom, seemed to notice it that night. I think certain colors make red hair stand out more. Maybe I will do a lookbook that consists of colored clothing that looks great with red hair.

I could rant about my red hair forever, but instead, I think I will show you some pictures of my red hair depending on where I was at the moment so you can see the difference in the shade of red my hair looks, depending on where I am at. This first image was taken earlier today and shows my hair color right out of the salon.


This next image shows my hair indoors. It obviously does not look red at all but I prefer it this way. I love that different lightings make my hair look different colors.


Do any of you have red hair? How are you liking it? Let me know!






National Thrift Store Day!

Instagram has made me aware that it is National Thrift Store Day today! I personally love to thrift shop and it has saved me a lot of money while also keeping me in style. Thrift Store finds have made their way to almost every single outfit that I wear. You can honestly find a ton of stuff at a thrift store and I really love the fact that when people compliment something I am wearing, that item or piece of apparel is almost always thrifted.

I have no shame in being a thrift store shopper. I am letting you guys know that I almost never buy anything regular priced when it comes to clothes, accessories and shoes. If thrift store shopping is absolutely not your thing, then I recommend that you find some re-sale stores in your area. Re-sale stores in my hometown are Plato’s Closet, Uptown Cheapskate and New To You. These stores buy and sell second-hand merchandise and these items that they buy and sell are usually name brand items!

If you are absolutely not a fan of second-hand clothing, shoes, accessories or anything like that, but still want to save money, I highly suggest saving money for those end of season sales. My favorite store to shop at when this happens is Dillards! I LOVE that store. If you do not want to wait until the end of the season to shop deals, log on to the store’s website and look at their sales and promotions to see if you get lucky!

I hope you guys are all having a great week and are completely aware that staying stylish does not have to be so pricey!

If you would like to see my top four favorite thrift store finds, starting with the frontal view of the summer dress I am wearing in the image below, please find me on Instagram @alamocitysara 🙂

Summer Dress



My First Photo Shoot

My fashion account on Instagram was born June 4th, 2017. Just five days after its birth, I did my very first photo shoot at a park. I had chosen three different outfits and of course, my boyfriend was my photographer. I decided to talk about this today because I know a lot of you may be fashion bloggers or fashion lovers who see a lot of people on social media looking flawless all the time and may wonder how a person could be so photogenic and great looking all the time.

I did my very first photo shoot on June 9th and had to find my strength to not run away from the camera. All my life I believed that I just wasn’t photogenic and that I could never stand in front of a camera. EVER.


On the other hand, people complimenting my outfits would spark a voice in the back of my head that would tell me that I should try becoming a fashion blogger. I always ignored it because I told myself that I would never be like the fashion bloggers or beauty gurus I see on YouTube or Instagram and that my pictures would suck and that no one would follow me, yadda, yadda.

Then I had to take my Portfolio and Professional Development class earlier this summer.

My professor wanted us to create a digital portfolio to display what we wanted to do as a career. Even though I am studying Communications, I still have no idea what I truly want out of it. It seemed like all my classmates were ahead of the game and soon I was intimidated by photographers who had their own work to display, journalist who had articles they had written and then there was me. I had nothing to really show for myself and I found myself waking up in the middle of the night believing that I wasn’t good at anything.


I then decided, what the hell? Who am I living for? Why am I here feeling sorry for myself? I am pretty great at dressing up. I know this may sound very arrogant, but sometimes you have to toot your own horn. It worked for me because soon I found myself activating my Instagram account, creating this blog, and taking pictures without running away from it!

The pictures you see in this post are all from my very first photo shoot. I did three different outfits and I felt super awkward and uncomfortable that I probably would have not been able to take decent pictures if anyone other than my boyfriend was my photographer. I felt silly doing certain poses or facial expressions because I was in a public place and I knew that out of curiosity, people would look from time to time.


I honestly look at these pictures and see a difference in how I take photos now versus then. I am more confident in front of the camera now-a-days. It took consistent work and motivation to try harder and I still have both great and not so great photo shoots still. There are just some days that your photos come out great and other days where a domino effect of bad luck just happens. I am glad I am able to share with you all some stepping stones to my fashion endeavor and I hope that this motivates you to overcome camera awkwardness or makes you feel better about your own pictures!

Share this blog with someone who may be camera shy or is stopping themselves from going after that dream the voice in the back of their head is urging them to go for!

Stay stylish!

Yes, I know this image looks like I am smelling my armpit! But cut me some slack, this was my first photo shoot and I had NO idea how to pose hahaha


Shoes and Sleep

I clocked out of work and vented to my boyfriend right away about how crazy work had been. I felt as though I was all over the place physically and mentally and kept kicking myself in the butt for failing to do a simple print job. I had to make 100 copies, laminate them, and cut them. I was so proud of myself for accomplishing it until my boss pointed out that they were supposed to be double-sided. What a waste of paper and a waste of time. I drove myself home and walked into a very warm house. It turns out that the AC had been off and that there was a lot of water due to the condensation building up. The pipe was clogged and apparently it had overflowed to the point where water was leaking out of the vent and into the hallway.

I was annoyed with the way my day was turning out until I saw that a box with my name on it was waiting for me on top of the dining room table. My shoes had came in!!!

If you do not remember or were not a follower to my blog at the time, I made a blog post titled, ‘Wants Vs Needs’ and explained how I needed some beige/nude colored flats. Well, they finally came in! They are from Nordstrom and are in the image below!


I immediately put them on and walked all over the house feeling better already. After I had lunch, I decided that I should give myself some relaxing time so I took off the makeup and then I got into some comfy clothes and slept for an hour. I always get made fun of for being a young person who naps in the middle of the day like an old person. Oh well, I don’t know about you, but I believe in beauty sleep. And also, I think it is healthy for a person to just unwind and nap after a long day!

I am already starting to unwind for my bed time right now. I got another early day tomorrow and hopefully it will not be as hectic as it was today.

Good night sleeping beauties. Stay stylish.


Building My Core & Confidence

You guys, I just finished a 10 minute workout video from YouTube fitness trainer Cassey Ho on her channel Blogilates. She released a video about a week ago titled, ‘5 Ways to Build your Core & Confidence’ and I have to admit that it was the hardest ab workout I have done.

I am talking about this today because I am the type of person who gains a little bit of weight and just doesn’t like the way that my clothes look on me anymore. Before I continue, please know that I am not body shaming or trying to preach on how we all have to live a certain healthy lifestyle. I am here to talk to you guys like the very honest person I am and a person who has real thoughts and feelings.

Earlier this year my mom sat down and talked to me and pretty much told me that she noticed that I was gaining weight. She told me this right when I was eating some leftover Chinese food from the night before. Hearing her tell me that she has notice weight gain in me, made me lose my appetite for my leftover food. I was speechless. I was hurt. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from my mom. Despite how shitty I felt inside, my poker face remained while in my mother’s presence. But once I got in my room, I started trying on some clothes in my closet. Unfortunately my mom was right. I did gain some weight. All the clothes that used to make me feel cute and stylish, just didn’t sit right on my body. They were too tight. They wouldn’t zip up. I was heartbroken.

To make my wake up call even more devastating, I snuck into my mom’s room and weighed myself. I’ll never forget it. I weighed 144 pounds.

I remember venting to my boyfriend about this and I’m not going to lie, I told him that I weighed in at 134 pounds because I did not want to hear the words coming out of my mouth that I was only six pounds away from 150 pounds. I am a 5 ft. 2 in. girl who has weighed 120 the most so when I saw that I had gained almost 25 pounds, my heart ached and my mind was just all over the place.

My fitness journey began shortly after my birthday back in January and although I have not stepped back on the scale, I am pleased to say that half the clothes that didn’t fit me a few months ago, are back to fitting me like they used to. I was using my resources such as the gym at my work and even the gym at my school. I was making myself lean meals and drinking lots of water. Any other type of beverage was for Saturday only.

My mom and I have not talked about my weight since, and as much as it really hurt me to hear my own mother tell me that I was gaining weight, it’s what I needed in order to have this healthy change in myself. So that ties me back into the video I mentioned earlier. Starting out Blogilates videos was very hard in the beginning. Even though they were only 5 or 10 minutes, I always found myself getting frustrated and wanting to give up. It seemed like I would take one step forward and two steps back, but if you are too afraid to fail, you will never succeed. 

Another thing that I started doing this year is lifting weights. Before I had no upper body strength and was getting tired lifting 3 pound weights, but now I lift 8 pounds. It may not seem like a big difference, but it is a healthy difference for me and my body. My stomach is getting flatter. My arms have gotten firmer. My running has remained steady and great for my heart. But most importantly, my confidence has escalated with the help of living a healthier lifestyle and my fashion endeavor.

I want women of all ages to know that they can find their strength when they hit rock bottom. I want women to know that they can jump back into being a healthier version of themselves whether it is physically, mentally, spiritually or any other way. I want women to not apologize for putting themselves first and wanting to be their own kind of Wonder Woman. If you really want something, you have to begin some type of journey for yourself.

I want to know what your dreams are and what you have done to reach them. And if you haven’t began your journey to your goals, what is holding you back?

Think about what it is you want out of your life and how you can become the best version of  yourself.

Build your core. Build your confidence. Stay Stylish.

4 Things To Remember Before You Begin Your Back-To-School Shopping Spree

Hello everyone, it is that time of year again when back-to-school shopping is becoming a priority on almost everyone’s checklist. Here are some simple tips on things every girl needs to remember before she begins her back-to-school shopping.

Number 1: Look at your closet to see what you already have

I know there are certain things that we just cannot seem to have enough of, but a lot of the times what our closet needs is balance in order to prevent you from feeling like you have a closet full of clothes yet not a single thing to wear. I am learning this better myself by trying to focus more on neutral pieces rather than buying something that is just simply colorful and eye-catching.

Number 2: If you are going to be trying on clothes, wear a nude colored bra and mid-rise underwear.

I know this seems weird, but don’t you just hate it when you try on a pretty white blouse and can’t get past the fact that your hot pink bra is just peeking through the fabric? With a nude colored bra, you do not have to worry about this happening on any top that you wear because it is see-through proof.

As for the mid-rise underwear, you want to wear this because you are probably going to be trying on different rise bottoms and you want to make sure that your underwear is not going to give you a hip-dip when trying on fitted skirts or that it wont be peeking out if you squat down while wearing your pants. A mid-rise, hipster type of underwear will help you decide on whether or not your clothes will work out for you.

Number 3: Think of things that you already have in mind of purchasing, and purchase those items first!

Don’t you just hate when what you want is no longer in stock? I know I do! If there is something out there that you really, really want, do not stop yourself if you know that there is a chance that the item can sell out fast or if a big sale such as tax-free weekend is going to attract heavy traffic in the store. Just go for it if you really want or need it!

Number 4: If you see something you like, think about how you can wear it with items you already have. 

I use this shopping strategy all the time. When I see something I like at the store or online, I ask myself how I would wear it with pieces I already have in my closet. The more you can use whatever it is you want to buy with items that are already in your possession, the more likely that it will be a useful asset to your wardrobe and will also help you avoid buyer’s remorse.

I hope you all keep this in mind when you go back-to-school shopping. If you haven’t already, look at my last blog post and see if the type of student you are fits in any of the categories. I could really use your feedback on a project I am working on.

Good luck with back-to-school shopping and stay stylish 🙂

weekend (3)

What’s Your Major??

Hello everyone! This blog is going to be targetted to those who are college students. I am going to make a back-to-school lookbook soon and I could really use your help! I am going to be doing four different looks depending on your major!

Here are the types of students I am thinking of and their majors…

  • Business Woman
  • Fine Arts Woman
  • Science Woman
  • Kinesiology/ Athletic Woman

I could really use some advice if you fall into any of these categories.

If you are a business student who has to do a presentation, what would you hope that others would think about you when they first see you?

If you are a fine arts student, how would you dress in order to express your individuality?

If you are a science student, what are the dress code requirements for those lab days that you feel that I should keep in mind?

If you are a student who loves to keep active during the school year, what are some easy ways to dress up your athletic wear so that you are not having to carry multiple outfits?

I am looking at filming this back-to-school lookbook which is something that I have never done before, but just thinking about it makes me so excited!

Here is my target audience best described….

Target Audience

Give me some advice ladies! It is your turn on giving me advice on how to stay stylish!